Tammy Rivera Responds After Someone Seemingly Shades Her for Staying with Waka Flocka

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Tammy and Waka have been through it all.

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka have been very open about their relationship. It’s gone through many ups and downs. For Tammy, her biggest issue with Waka is the fact that he wasn’t faithful in the past. Although she did leave him for this in the past, ultimately, they decided to work on their marriage.

However, Tammy has never denied that the infidelities were very hurtful. Going through those times wasn’t easy. And she was in a very dark place at the time.

Nowadays, they are in a much better place.

Tammy still receives criticism for staying with Waka.

On “What The Flocka,” Waka even said that he believes that the dark times that consisted of him cheating on Tammy made her a better woman.

He stated that him stepping out of the marriage and entertaining other women made Tammy a “beast.” And taking him back after he cheated was an embarrassing thing for her to endure but doing so made her stronger.

Tammy disagreed. And she said that “beating” Waka’s “a*s” made her stronger.

Regardless, it’s clear that both are in it for the long haul. And they seem to be happier than ever. Regardless, Tammy still receives criticism for not ending her marriage. And she’s just about over it. So when one of Tammy’s social media followers attempted to shame her for making the decision to stay with Waka, Tammy responded.

And she made it clear that she has no regrets about her decision.

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