‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Raq Makes Another Tough Decision

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It’s a new start for Howard. 

Raq and Howard meet up. Howard says having a near-death experience has changed his perspective on life. Now he wants to spend his time righting his wrongs. And Kanan “can’t shoot for ****.”

Howard plans to tell Kanan that he is his father. He’s determined to form a relationship with Kanan. Plus, Howard lets Raq know he saw Scrappy talking to detectives. So he’s most likely a snitch.

Worrell switches sides. 

Famous is kicked out of his mother’s house when she finds a young lady in his bed and suspects he stole money from her to buy drugs.

Nicole’s mom tries to push the police to go after Jukebox over Nicole’s death. However, Burke refuses. And she says Jukebox isn’t responsible. 

Worrell is offered a job by Raq. She tells him Unique won’t be able to recover so Worrell may as well make money with her crew. He reluctantly agrees to this. 

Famous receives some good news. Lou will get him back in the studio if he stops smoking and writes more music. 

It’s about respect for Scrappy.

Scrappy is upset about Worrell’s new place of employment. He tells Marvin he should have been the one to get the role Wordell will now have in the organization. And he feels disrespected seeing the person who took his other eye working for the crew he’s made so many sacrifices for. 

Cartier “Duns” Fareed comes to Lou’s studio. Turns out his artist management group is working with Zisa. He proposes a single deal with Lou and Lou accepts. Crown isn’t confident about this deal.

Unique’s baby momma tells him she saw Raq at a bodega. And the look Raq gave her made her fearful. Meanwhile, Raq tells Marvin and Lou that Scrappy has to die. Lou refuses to pull the trigger. 

Scrappy departs. 

Unique visits Deen, hoping he’ll get some assistance to get back on his feet. However, Deen doesn’t want to help. He’s been working with Raq. And he doesn’t believe there is room for any competition. This infuriates Deen.

Jukebox locates her mother with Burke’s help. One day she watches her mother leave her house from a distance.

Jessica leaves New York for her new job in LA. 

Worrell burns his bridge with Unique when he tells him he’s working for Raq. And Raq kills Scrappy after Lou and Marvin make him think he’s actually getting Worrell’s job. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Raq is the coldest thang smoking and fo sho she ain’t joking she’ll kill for a thrill or some dollar bills ain’t no love for her Mama and her man is a pistol and she’ll use it in a dime cause if it ain’t about money it ain’t on her mind Raq is the coldest thang smoking

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