Marlo Hampton Feels Kenya Moore Crossed the Line with Comments About Nephews

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Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore’s feud is back on.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore are back on bad terms. Their truce from last season didn’t last long. On the recent episode, Kenya broke down why she can’t have an actual friendship with Marlo. She said Marlo likes to talk behind her back. Although Kenya was willing to forgive Marlo for taunting her about her lack of a relationship with her mother, Kenya wasn’t going to tolerate Marlo accusing her of lying. Marlo didn’t believe it when Kenya said she was too sick to make it to a surprise get-together for Sheree Whitfield. So Kenya is done trying to have a cordial relationship with Marlo.

Another issue Kenya has with Marlo is that she feels like Marlo is too quick to hit below the belt. Even Marlo admitted she was wrong to taunt Kenya about not having a relationship with her mother. And she wishes she could take the moment back.

Interestingly enough, Marlo feels like Kenya crosses the line on the upcoming episode of RHOA. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to shame Marlo for sending her nephews to live with her younger sister for 30 days. And Marlo is not having it either.

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  1. How selfish of Marlo. A day or couple of days for a break but not a whole freaking month. The boys are already dealing with abandonment issues with their mom and Marlo is adding to their trauma. How you’re going to dump this on your sister who already has multiple children living in a small apartment. Throwing a couple of dollars can’t fix everything. Theirs no 30 day break in being a parent or “Munty”. How committed were you really to this process. I hope this isn’t all for a Peach.

  2. Wish I could have a 30 day break sometime 😪. Those boys are wrong ones to use it on, they have been in a sense abandoned by their parents. This could have a negative affect on them. Marlo came into parenting with pre teens so she may not realize how much damage she maybe doing.

  3. Marlo went low when she talked about Kenya’s relationship with her mom. She acts like NeNe. AND SHES DOING TOO MUCH..I like drama but Marlo is trying too hard to go after Kenya. It’s really forced. Kenya should pay her dust!

  4. Marlo is the best! A few Seasons back she went after Kenya about her mother not wanting her and now she believes that Kenya has “crossed the line” … mmm …. okay. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones Marlo.

  5. I can’t believe i am standing up for Kenya but i am FAIR…the NERVE of Marlo to say someone is going below the belt when she ALWAYS hit BELOW THE BELT…I hope the nephews don’t get bullied after classmates see the episode because us adults remember how MEAN kids can be….

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