‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Damon Calls out Heavenly & Contessa + Contessa Goes Off

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Kiran receives a recap of the Vegas trip.

Anila and Kiran discuss the trip to Vegas. And Kiran tries not to make a big deal out of Toya saying that she would swap husbands with Kiran because it looks like he has a long *****. He feels it was inappropriate for Toya to complain about Eugene’s ***** in front of the others.

Toya and Eugene aren’t happy that their son was accused of stealing a toy from another child who lives in the neighborhood during a sleepover. They don’t feel it was racially motivated. But they aren’t comfortable with their black child being accused of doing something he didn’t do. 

Eugene and Toya have tension.

For Toya, this just reminds her why she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. She doesn’t trust most people with their children. She and Eugene clash a little after Toya says that she feels Eugene works too much. And doesn’t always get to spend enough time with the family. Eugene makes it clear that he does spend time with his kids. But Toya still thinks he works too much.

Heavenly gives Jackie a sad update about her mother. She’s ill and it’s time to make plans for her hospice stay. 

Kiran and Anila move forward with asking Anila’s parents to move in to help with the children. And Kiran’s list of rules is balked at by his in-laws. 

Contessa calls out Heavenly and clashes with Damon.

Simone and Cecil invite the other couples to their home to talk about their relationships since they are working on a relationship book. Things go left when Damon attempts to call out Heavenly and Contessa about their fallout. He feels both are wrong. But Contessa gets upset after Damon says their situation is BS. The comment made Contessa feel as if he was taking Heavenly’s side. Heavenly has already accused Contessa of making a big deal out of nothing in regard to her YouTube comments. 

Contessa tells Damon that Heavenly crossed the line. And she wants Damon to refrain from lecturing her because Heavenly is the issue in the group. 

This leads to Heavenly and Contessa arguing. Heavenly accuses Contessa of not respecting Scott or Damon, and Contessa isn’t having it. So Damon says it’s time for him and Heavenly to leave. 

As for Contessa, she wants Damon to save his lectures for Heavenly. She’s over it. Interestingly enough, when Jackie invites the ladies to get an “Oh Shot” to help with their libido issues, Quad tells Contessa that Heavenly’s mother is dying. So that’s why things probably went left at Simone’s house. 

Contessa then calls for all the ladies to say a prayer for Heavenly’s mother. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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  1. Why is Quad there?
    Shes phony and dramatic. Is she truly friends with anyone or is it because her show was cancelled.
    Anila, just takes air time

  2. A lot of people praise Damon but I think he can be patronizing to women. To start off his speech saying that men all get along and don’t say anything mean to each other is a lie and s-xist. We just saw Kiran talk crazy to Eugene because he felt like it. I mean Damon talked crazy to Aydin and tried to fight him. Men absolutely do fight and talk crazy to each other all the time. Also, saying that Contessa and Heavenly’s fallout was bs was dismissive of Contessa’s feelings. It wasn’t the right word to use. If someone is hurt, respect it. That’s it. Don’t downplay it. I’m not sure why people don’t understand the concept.

    Damon speaks to Heavenly like a child. Contessa doesn’t have to be okay with that when he attempts to do the same with her. I understand some black women like that kind of treatment, especially religious ones. But it needs to be understood that we all don’t feel that way. I have a father already. I don’t need my husband or anyone else to be my parent. It’s something about Damon and Heavenly’s marriage that I just do not admire or envy. It’s very umm…misogynistic. And it explains why Heavenly acts the way she does. My opinion: she has a lot to say about the other women because she can’t be as expressive at home.

    Damon can do as he’s been doing and check his wife since that is the arrangement they have. But he does not have a right to check someone else’s wife. Contessa is not Heavenly. He needs to respect that. And let them figure out their issues if they choose to. They aren’t children and do not require his input.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    1. Well said. When you’re a black woman who has agency over yourself and you don’t subscribe to the outdated and misogynistic standards of marriage, you’ll see plenty of red flags with Damon and Heavenly. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go because a lot of our sisters thought it was cute seeing Damon telling women to be quiet and seeing Heavenly sitting in the car like a child in timeout in fear of angering him. One sister even gushed because he still opened the door for her after talking to her like she was his child. I couldn’t help but cringe at the tweets last night.

  3. I was really surprised to hear Damon speak up because he usually allow Heavenly to act out & say anything out of her mouth. When he does try to redirect her, she doesn’t pay him any attention.I actually feel embarrassed for him at times. What makes him think his wife saying all of those awful things about Contessa’s marriage was BS. Oh honey she defintely crossed the line. The things she says are hurtful. It would’ve taken me sometime before accepting an apology from her because when she apologizes, she doesn’t mean it. She turns right around & does the same thing again & double down with it!!

  4. I think Damon can’t lecture anybody as long as he’s married to Heavenly. She is the meanest cast member there. Heavenly does foul stuff, apologizes, then repeats. I don’t blame Contessa for shutting it down. Don’t act like you’re full of wisdom when your wife is messy for pay and social media popularity.

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