‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Fans Are Worried About Kimmi Scott’s Health

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The drama on LAMH hasn’t slowed down any.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” may be in hiatus mode, but the cast members have stayed consistently featured in the headlines. In particular, there have been a lot of updates about Melody Holt and Martell Holt. Martell sued Melody for full custody of their four children. As it stands, the former couple both have joint custody. However, Martell said he takes issue with not being able to have a say so in who babysits when it’s Melody’s turn to have the kids. In particular, he doesn’t want Melody’s brother and his husband to babysit. So fans have accused Martell of being homophobic. They created a petition and are asking that OWN removes him from the show. Melody also believes that Martell is homophobic.

Well, another cast member who may have a major update to share on the second half of Season 4 is Kimmi Scott. And fans are really concerned about her health.

OWN has released another trailer for the second half of the current season. In one scene, Kimmi is asked if she’s told any of her friends her secret. After the trailer went viral, some fans are now worried that Kimmi could be battling a major health issue.

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  1. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I’m worried about Kimmi too. I don’t even want to type what it looks like is going on. Praying for her.

    1. I love kimm and what ever it is with God in her corner she will definitely will be fantastic, she beautiful with hair or without hair,she always has be a blessed and strong woman, so kimm just keep your hands in God hands and this shall pass. I’m praying for strength for you and your family’s,love you ❤️🙏 you are the best, Jackie Smith, please stay encouraged,

    1. How is him needing secs everyday disgusting? Out of curiosity, what is your age? I’m 44 my S.O. is 6 years younger than me and he wants secs everyday too. I chalk his appetite up to him being a younger man than me being a middle aged woman. So again, how is it disgusting?

      1. Kimmi I pray that God bless you and I know he’s the same today as he was yesterday and forever. I pray you are healed completely and have a quick recovery in Jesus name.

      2. It disgusting because she is sick , also he has no concern about her feeling. All them men on LMH are disgusting. If you’re a women and you’re have s-x everyday, it won’t be long before you box is wore out😂😂. Young or old. I don’t no anyone having s-x everyday

        1. lol!! it’s a V-gina where 10lb newborns are birthed from,not a punching bag, lmao!
          Anyway, prayers for Kimmie and her husband. And you too. God bless us all.

        2. Really? Women of a certain age have s-x daily and sometimes twice a day. If you love your mate and you both enjoy each other, clearly, there is no issue.

  2. Hello Kimmy, My name is Virginia I want you to know you are not alone in this fight against TNBC!! I was diagnosed in February 2022, I have been through Chemotherapy, a lumpectomy and just finished my 20 radiation treatments! I too had stage 2, thank goodness it was not found in my lymph nodes however, my tumor had a tail and left some bits on my pectoral muscle so in a week I will start another six months of chemotherapy but oral test time so I am sending you heartfelt wishes and prayers and if you ever need someone to talk to you please reach out to me I live in Cape Cod Massachusetts but that doesn’t mean I’m not far away from a phone call or a text. God Bless you My Pink Sister!💖💕💗

  3. Kimberly, you will beat this! Just always say “by His stripes I am healed, in the name of Jesus”
    Stop thinking about it because our Heavenly Father, Jehovah Rapha is with you.
    You are my favorite on the show because you bring such wisdom yet strength. I enjoy the show a lot because it is still less drama than other shows an it’s more about life itself! You guys keep up the great work and Kim just know your fans like me are there for you and consistently ask our Lord and Savior to Bless you and family.

  4. Kimmi please focus on your health and healing we are praying for you , keep up the positive energy GOD got this

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