Kendra Robinson Calls out Karlie Redd + Addresses Cheating Rumors About Yung Joc

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Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc’s relationship is a hot topic on LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Yung Joc decided to marry the love of his life, Kendra Robinson. However, the current season shows that other cast members had their doubts ahead of the wedding. One issue, in particular, is there was a lot of gossip going around before the couple said, “I do.” Spice’s friend Meda had a lot to say about Joc. She alleged that she has been hooking up with Joc on and off for years. And she alleged that their latest fling took place back in 2020. When she was asked if she knew about Kendra, Meda said she didn’t. She went on to say that she didn’t know about Kendra because she doesn’t watch the show. Nor does she have cable.

Spice shared the gossip with Shekinah Anderson, and it eventually got back to Sierra Gates. Meda also told Karlie Redd herself when they met at Spice’s house. Since Sierra was in the wedding, she wasn’t sure about how to handle the situation. But she ultimately decided not to tell Kendra what had been alleged because there wasn’t any proof that Meda told the truth.

Well, Kendra addressed all of the drama during a recent interview. And she didn’t hold back her thoughts about Meda’s accusations and Karlie’s behavior at Joc’s bachelor party.

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  1. Kendra is very pretty. And I agree with Lay Lay. It is obvious a lot of these people say and do things for TV time. But I’m still giving Joc the side eye.

  2. I can’t believe all these ole hens clucking about Joc now that he’s picked the one he wants to marry. He didn’t pick not one of them yet, they’re laying all their sorted pasts with him down in the dirt. Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

  3. Hol’ up…I want to know about the alleged new baby Momma…does Kendra not know? It seems to be publicized…everyone is speaking on it.

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