King Harris Denies Trying to Be ‘Gangsta’ After Arrest + TI Says He Can’t Help Him

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

TI said King Harris just has to learn some tough life lessons.

After King Harris’ legal troubles have become a hot topic in the media, many have questioned what TI and Tiny Harris are going to do about it. Many fans believe his recent arrest over a traffic violation is proof he’s on the wrong path. Well, TI agrees with that perspective. However, he took to Instagram to say he’s done all he can do. So he wants people to stop asking him to talk to King.

“Got a small request…stop hitting me and getting in my comments telling me what to tell King, okay? I know my son. Think I ain’t spoke to my son? Think I ain’t told my son, his momma, and his grand momma, his *** going to prison? He got **** keep this **** up, his *** going to prison. Ain’t no way around it, ain’t nothing I’ma be able to do about it. Can’t nobody stop it but him.”

He continued, “I’ve already had the conversation, I’ve already made my peace with it ’cause I know that energy. I was that energy, I know exactly how it’s gon turn out.”

Despite the current situation, TI still thinks King is a good kid. He’s just chasing the wrong things and people.

“I’ve already had that conversation with him, man. He’s a good kid chasing after the wrong ****. And I trust God to deal with it the way he sees fit…he don got all the whoopings. He got the punish…he on did everything as a child you could do to him. Now he gon have to go through it. He gon have to go through it and get through it. And nothing me, his momma, and no one else gonna be able to say about it, man. But I’ma love him all the way through whatever it is he going through.”

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  1. 54321 handcuffs for this lil big mouth ugly critter always calling somebody
    ugly and poor. Your parents have money but they still took you arse to

  2. Yes TI and Tiny as parents it’s hard to see your children going against everything you enforced in them as this point you place them in GODS hands they are his children as well. Keep your faith and keep praying over your children!

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