Dr. Eugene Harris Sets the Record Straight After Latest ‘Married to Medicine’ Episode

Married to Medicine Eugene Harris
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Dr. Eugene Harris defends Toya Bush-Harris.

On last night’s “Married to Medicine,” Dr. Eugene Harris had a spa day with Dr. Damon Kimes and the other husbands. Eugene has a vulnerable moment and admits he’s tired of emergency medicine. The pandemic really made it so he no longer enjoys being an emergency room doctor.

Later on in the episode, Eugene met with Damon and flatly said he was exhausted from his current role. Working in his current role really has him stressed and is affecting his marriage. Toya’s shown meeting with her life coach and speaks to her perspective of Eugene’s work stress affecting them.

After the episode aired, many people had opinions about the episode. Some expressed that they felt Toya is a huge source of Eugene’s stress. However, Eugene says otherwise. In a post to Twitter, Eugene said that Toya is not a stressful wife. He then told the fans to stop jumping to conclusions. 

He tweeted, “Let’s set the record straight… I have a stressful JOB, not a stressful Wife! @toyabushharris was my God-sent wife. Stop jumping to BS conclusions and watch the show #Married2Med

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  1. Eugene has said since Covid he has been enjoying his work life. He has said that the stress of being a front doctor in the ER has been getting to him. Working on Covid patients, worrying about catching and the hours have effected his joy of ER medicine.
    None that includes his marriage to Toya.

  2. It’s very clear that Eugene is stressed ( yes maybe from work with possibly some issues at home adding to the stress). Of course,the man that he is, he’s not gonna tell all that’s actually going on. Just my opinion, I don’t see Toya doing anything financially to contribute to the marriage. She’s just constantly spending his hard overworked money and putting him down. I mean ” does she have anything going for herself” cause I don’t see it.

    1. Toya doesn’t do this show for free. She makes money by being on this show. So she does contribute to her marriage financially, and she may even bring in more money than Eugene because one of the producers said Toya is paid very well to be on this platform. Toya also wrote a book, has a skin care line, and now she has a new venture regarding wine. She definitely works. I’m not sure why people still say she makes no money. Is it because Heavenly told this lie for the last few years?

  3. Eugene has said his stress comes from the pressure of working in the ER during the pandemic!! While he may have some stress in the marital relationship I think it isn’t about Toya not working! His working so many hours daily puts a strain on the marriage! I believe Eugene is ready for private practice! Toya not having an outside job doesn’t seem to bother Eugene!

  4. I think its brave that Eugene admitted to being tired of medicin since the Pandemic hit. As a medical practioner his words resonates with me. And its backed by facts. So many doctors are diversifying or pulling out of medicine because of the unending stress, hazardous work hours, psychological negativity and death that the Covid-wave brought with it. We need to advocate for better work life balance for all staff in the medical sector. Because if the doctors are sick or not pracitcing we all suffer from it. God bless you Euguene and show you the outlet you are searching for.

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