Dr. Eugene Harris Calls out ‘Married to Medicine’ Fans Amid Criticism for Selling House

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Dr. Eugene Harris and Toya Bush-Harris are hot topics on social media.

Married to Medicine” couple Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris have received much backlash from fans. This is because they sold their custom-built dream house. And many didn’t see this coming since the house included the two-story closet that Toya said she always wanted. Regardless, they said the decision to sell was a financial one. They wanted to take advantage of the seller’s market. The couple told fans that they were able to make a million from the transaction. So they don’t understand why fans and other cast members are shading them for their choice. However, it’s likely that their critics remember the financial turmoil they had years ago. Some aren’t so sure that the bad days are still behind them.

In fact, newbie Audra Curry made some interesting accusations. After Toya came for her abilities as a real estate attorney, Audra got even on a later day. She accused Toya and Eugene of lying about their million-dollar profit. And she accused them of having liens that haven’t been paid. Toya has accused Audra of lying.

In the meantime, some fans of the show continue to come hard at Eugene and Toya on social media. It’s clear that Eugene has finally had enough, too.

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  1. Even Funky Divena has come out and cosigned the talk about liens, etc. He said it’s a fact that both Eugene and Toya are lying and that it might very well come out on the show. Either way Eugene needs to stop acting so butt hurt and protesting so much. You chose to do the show, buddy so everything you do is for game. Funny how you’re only worried about people’s time when it applies to you and yours but not when the others on the cast are being dragged by the fans.

      1. Hi love, just been busy working. Forgot to have fun for a minute but I’m back commenting. So nice to see you here. I was hoping you would reply.

  2. I understand he’s frustrated but these clap backs aren’t a good look. It makes it look like their rumored money problems are true.

  3. If they wanna live “rich” good for them who is anyone to tell them. They are warm and cozy, okay! They are not in the mindset of wealth , and as the saying goes ” wealth wispers”.They want to flaunt at the detriment of others. They like to live for the now and clearly not for the longevity of their own family legacy. So I believe that’s what people were trying to convey to them, but common sense really is not so common (even with a degree). I do find it odd for eugene’s behavior to be this way, usually he will laugh it off. He is usually mellow. Sadly, homeownership is apart of public records. Anyone,
    a random person can pull house records up, especially since they flaunt their county amd and neighborhood. They are apart of a reality show and that’s the name of the game. So get over it and face your truth or own your lie proudly lol. Welp, either way I’m here for it to see where it would go 👀

  4. This right here shows how much influence and power Heavenly has with her YouTube channel and why Contessa had a right to be mad. Anything she says about people sticks and is parroted by her fans. They are really telling Toya to get a job like she doesn’t make more money than Eugene doing this show. How do you tell someone to get a job when they make more money than 99% of the people watching the show? Not to mention Toya’s book and skincare line is never shown on the show so it’s clear producers want Eugene and Toya to always have a certain narrative. Sure they move a lot. But they are still doing much better than the fans who are so obsessed with their decisions.

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