Toya Bush-Harris is Tired of ‘Married to Medicine’ Fans Saying She Needs a Job

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Toya Bush-Harris doesn’t regret selling her dream home.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris is used to dealing with criticism. She and her husband Dr. Eugene Harris are receiving quite a bit of it for selling their dream house. Eugene and Toya decided to get a custom-built house after paying off a huge tax debt. Toya was elated when she was able to see her vision of a 2 story closet come to life. And she was happy to join their neighborhood’s tennis club. Well, turns out the couple thought they could do better. They confirmed they were selling the house at the Season 8 reunion. Plus. they will have another home built in April 2023. The lot has already been purchased.

Well, fans have been calling out Toya and Eugene on social media. Regardless, both have defended their decision. They said they had a great opportunity to make a lot of money during the seller’s market, so they took it. Both are tired of the backlash though. While Eugene is tired of hearing critics blame Toya when it comes to him working long hours, Toya is tired of people saying that she needs to get a job.

In fact, she recently reminded people that “Married to Medicine” is her job.

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  1. Leave this people alone. Eugene took a stand to take care of his family the “Old Fashioned Way!” Thumbs up Eugene. People sometimes sling negative because “Perhaps” they wished that was happening for them.
    I’m not mad at you Toya! Be that ” Stand-up Wife* and phenomenal mother! Follow your dream honey!

    1. I think this is Heavenly issue with Toya. Toya was the girl that Heavenly wanted to sit with but couldn’t:-/
      She resents that Toya did what she couldn’t. She had to trap her husband as she puts it lol. I say this because why do so many other people care about what one man does for his wife.

    2. People are saying she need a job because you can clearly see he is under a lot of stress he even admitted, that fact.Toya apparently loves an extravagant life style. If you see your husband suffering emotionally about his choices of income, than why not do something to make his load lighter, or live a less extravagant lifestyle.

  2. They need to get off Rita’s back. She is getting a very healthy paycheck from Bravo. Heavenly tries to put Toya down any chance she gets. However Toya is living her life and we’ll. Have the people talking about her wish they had her life. Toya live your life unapologetic. Shine Ms. Lady

  3. Do they think that she is doing the show for free?
    Toya has my vote, if I could do it I would and so would they. Heavenly. Didn’t Toya write some children books or something like that?

  4. They all have talked…… A lot !
    Time to build up and stop tearing down. They bashed Quad, about her marriage to Gregory. Toya is married to medicine. But she could do something while the boys are in school. Heavenly needs to STOP bashing people marriages. Damon needs to shut her down.

  5. People need to mind the business that pays THEM. Anyone that has something negative to say about Tonya & Eugene Smith’s finances, are just mad because they don’t have it like that. Let them live their best life…but with the money that they seem to have, Eugene should definitely pay for a personal trainer so he can get rid of his big a-s lady hips. No cap, he’s built like an egg & I commend Tonya for “taking one for the team”! 🤣🤣

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