‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Sam Landry Drops a Bomb on the Bordelon Family

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 1 Recap
Photo Credit: OWN

On the “Queen Sugar” season premiere, the Bordelons are greeted with a bright future but must deal with items from the past that almost tore the family apart. 

The family comes together for the christening of Baby Tru. However, the warm moment is interrupted when Sam Landry stops by to reveal a major development. The Landry family has a plan involving Parker to make one final play for the Bordelon farm.

Meanwhile, Ralph Angel’s co-op gets a major co-sign, and Charley’s campaign is going strong.

Lastly, Nova gets an offer for the movie rights to her book about the Bordelon family. She’s torn because the offer could end up rehashing past family trauma from the release of the book.

Here’s the recap for, “And When Great Souls Die.”

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  1. This show is my life blood since I am finishing a relationship novel after being inspired by Nova and this series. I am a farmers daughter from the Midwest so this series touches my roots and my heart. I love Queen Sugars roots being female and want to congratulate everyone for a FABULOUS and professional achievement. . Love Janis Joyce Nathan
    PS watch for Suzanne’s Secret Dance : Is it DNA or destiny?


  2. ouuuuu MsCoCoMango …wouldnt that throw a Mack truck into the whole situation!! I know his bbaby is by a black woman,,,but i think its gonna be their mother!! and Parker is their half-sister!! We shall see!

    1. I was thinking them same thing, that Parker maybe their sister. But Sam is low down and very dirty!! He is So determined to not let them have ownership of their own property that’s not right at all. But he is going to pay for what he has done to them. I see that happening.

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