Candiace Dillard & Wendy Osefo Hint at Colorism Issue with RHOP Fans?

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The upcoming season of RHOP is highly anticipated.

Hours ago, “Real Housewives of Potomac” was a hot topic on social media. Bravo released the trailer for the upcoming season. And it appeared as if Season 7 won’t suffer from a shortage of drama. In fact, there are multiple feuds viewers will see unfold in the new episodes. While many already have a lot to say about the accusations made about Chris Bassett, other explosive moments include the blowup between Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton; as well as Karen Huger’s rageful moment with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. In both scenes, it seemed like the cast members were just seconds away from coming to blows.

Interestingly enough, there were rumors about Mia and Wendy’s incident months before the trailer dropped. And some RHOP fans believed that Wendy was the one who threw the drink. So they bashed Wendy for the incident on social media. However, the trailer showed Mia throwing her drink in Wendy’s face.

Well, Wendy had something to say about all of this. She didn’t hold back after one RHOP fan said that a lot of the fans are saying that Wendy deserved what she got. Neither did her good friend and “Real Housewives of Potomac” cast member Candiace Dillard.

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  1. Just stop Wendy. People assumed it was you because you act so nasty and miserable half the time. Mia doesn’t come across as nasty. And as a dark skin woman I’m not saying colors and does not exist some people just don’t like you

  2. I believe there is colorism at play because the things that Ashley can get away with Candice can’t. Ashely and Robyne do SOME of the same nasty stuff !

  3. I mean I guess we’re supposed to pretend like Robyn and Gizelle aren’t the two most hated on the entire show. And Wendy started to build a fanbase by falling out with both of them. About half of the fan base hates Ashley as well. And I find that if you hate Ashley, you love Candiace. Every cast member has haters. With that being said, people ignore the bad things their faves do every day. That’s why you shouldn’t take reality shows so seriously. Everyone is biased. So just enjoy the entertainment.

  4. SIGH….not the color issue again. Come on you knew who and what the Green eyed bandits were about when yall both came on the show. They have stank attitudes and aint loyal to nobody..not even each other (Gizzy). Just stop it with this foolishness,,,(not saying colorism is foolishness but how many season we gonna ride that horse Bravo?) but hey, I guess if thats how you both get your coins….sheesh

  5. Whew chile! Let’s stop crying wolf about colorism because this is not it. Wendy and Candace have historically had problems with people on the past seasons . They even teamed up with the green bandit to push Monique to the limit and have her our. Monique even warned Candace that they will do the same. FUNNY. HOW. IT. IS. NOW. Now rumors about Candace’s marriage and wendy is still the target. They were so hateful to continue to spread mess that was not even true and Candace even teamed with with messy charisse, but now it’s on them it’s a problem. Girl bye👋 Candace has been in a physical conflict on every season but she has gotten a pass with those crocodile tears. Mia has not shown to be a problem.Mia may mix up the conversation or boast about her businesses, as she should, but Mia only send when someone come for her. Try again with the colorism. Don’t be like OG. See where she is. You can’t be saying inflammatory things that are not true without consequences. So get big mad 😅

  6. If you have not experienced colorism than you can not speak on it. It shows a lot on how some people are treated within the race on the show. Why can’t we US and be ok with it? Did they call Robyn aggressive? Or Ashley? It’s sad, because you see some more happier than others, and it’s not about how you look either.

  7. I call bull crap. She’s just in overall nasty human being. Because someone calls you aggressive does not mean that it has to be associated with the color of your skin. You can make all kinds of snide remarks and throw all kinds of digs. But, when you seem to look for reasons to share your offensive remarks, but have no justification, it is what it is. Deal with it. Karma is reality.

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