LHHATL Recap: Meda Exposes Kendra + Erica & Sierra Clash

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” everyone is still trying to process the accusations made about Yung Joc. And people are questioning Meda since she went from saying she last hooked up with Joc in 2020, to telling Kendra it was actually 2016. However, the truth is they did mess around back in 2019. However, Meda claims all Joc did was please her orally. 

Meda didn’t want to get into the specifics about what happened back in 2019 because she was just trying to protect Joc. But she is annoyed with Kendra. Her issue is she doesn’t like that Kendra pretended to not know about her in front of the other women. At this point, Meda feels like Kendra used her as a sob story. So she’s ready to call out Kendra now. 

Plus, Sierra and Erica have some tension because both feel like the other hasn’t really been supportive enough. 

Here’s a recap for “Graci Under Fire.”

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  1. They are starting to mock Kendra now,from Karlie accepting the award to Shekina saying what she said. Meda may have had dealings with Joc, but she is flip flopping with her timelines

    1. Her timeline doesn’t add up because she is trying to protect him. Kendra admitted on a different clip that she knew about her… I don’t even know what to think of this show anymore LOL

  2. Who in the world said that Kendra has to let a bunch of hens know her business. What she know, knew is nobody’s business but hers & Joc’s. These women including Meda doing too darn much. If she wants to hide what brings her shame from the world than they should respect that & stop being so nosey. Most of them have enough drama of their own. Mind your on beeswax.

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