LHHATL Recap: Meda Exposes Kendra + Erica & Sierra Clash

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Meda has more to say.

Meda catches up with Shekinah and Spice. She says she didn’t want to tell Kendra that Joc pleased her orally back in 2019. But the last time they did things the old fashion way was around 2017. So it’s not that she switched up the dates. She was just trying to protect Joc. Regardless, she states that Kendra knows about her. And one time while they were at the same event, Kendra told Joc she wanted to leave because being around Meda made her uncomfortable. In Meda’s opinion, she is the one who will always have Joc’s heart. Kendra is just intimidated. 

Sierra and Eric are back from New York. After their house was robbed, Sierra decided it would be best for them to just sell their new home. Eric is upset and he just feels as if Sierra refuses to hear what he has to say. He doesn’t want to move. 

Scrappy thinks Bambi should let Kendra handle her own drama.

It’s the day of Spice’s fashion show for her clothing line. As Bambi and Scrappy are en route, Bambi asks Scrappy if she should confront Meda at the event. She feels obligated to say something since she’s the one who told Kendra about all of the gossip. However, Scrappy tells Bambi she should back off because Joc told Kendra everything already. So Kendra has to be the one to approach Meda. 

Shekinah and Karlie have been asked to split the hosting duties of the fashion show. When Meda models an outfit on the runway, Shekinah grabs the mic and labels her as a woman Joc is in love with. Scrappy, Bambi, and others in attendance think Shekinah is being messy for no reason. 

Meda claps back.

After the show wraps up, Bambi and Erica try to confront Meda along with Sierra. They ask for her to clear up the last year she was with Joc. Sierra says Meda said 2020. Meda says she never said this and producers flashback to the scene of Meda saying the last time was in 2020.

Meda says none of this matters because Kendra knows about her. So Kendra played all of them when she acted like the information was fresh. She tells them that they can give Kendra her trophy for acting like she didn’t know what Joc has been up to.

In a green screen interview, Erica says Meda can use every prop possible but it won’t change how dumb she looks. Karlie jokingly says she’ll accept the award since Kendra and Joc aren’t there.

Erica and Sierra call each other out. 

More drama happens after the event wraps up. Sierra calls out Erica and Bambi. She doesn’t feel like they were really there for her when it comes to the robbery situation. They did FaceTime Sierra to check on her, but Sierra doesn’t feel like that was enough. Meanwhile, Erica feels like Sierra wasn’t there for her when her house was robbed. And she was pregnant at the time. So Sierra could be a better friend as well. 

Sierra storms off and says she needs some time away from her friends. 

Safaree comes by the house to check in on Erica. They are going forward with the divorce. And Safaree says that it hurts a lot. Erica agrees. Both promise that they won’t ever hate each other.

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  1. They are starting to mock Kendra now,from Karlie accepting the award to Shekina saying what she said. Meda may have had dealings with Joc, but she is flip flopping with her timelines

    1. Her timeline doesn’t add up because she is trying to protect him. Kendra admitted on a different clip that she knew about her… I don’t even know what to think of this show anymore LOL

  2. Who in the world said that Kendra has to let a bunch of hens know her business. What she know, knew is nobody’s business but hers & Joc’s. These women including Meda doing too darn much. If she wants to hide what brings her shame from the world than they should respect that & stop being so nosey. Most of them have enough drama of their own. Mind your on beeswax.

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