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‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Ralph Angel Disappoints Darla + Nova’s Protest Meets Little Resistance

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 3

Photo Credit: OWN

Ralph Angel’s frustrated.

Mrs. Parthena’s eviction has Ralph Angel in the dumps. Darla tries to cheer him up but it doesn’t seem to help. Meanwhile, Micah shows off his first NFT sale to Keke and his professor. His professor advises him to not let the money get to his head. When he walks off, Keke asks about his dating life, including if he was dating his friend Isaiah. Keke suggests she could be Micah’s wingman but Micah says they weren’t an item and he isn’t gay.

At Vi’s restaurant, Aunt Vi and Darla receive disappointing news when they meet with Mr. Rollins to discuss distribution plans. Although he’s retiring, Aunt Vi convinces him to stay on and help with two pieces of pecan pie.

Meanwhile, Nova returns home to tell Dominic about her plans to protest on the Bordelon farm. Dominic impresses Nova with ideas to help.

At the co-op, the farmers meet to discuss the eviction news with Billie. After a rousing speech from Billie, she and Prosper are shocked to see Billie’s estranged husband Vince walk in. He hugs Prosper and exchanges an awkward hi with Billie. Vince explains how he ended up finding her and why he came down. He’s frustrated with not hearing from Billie for the past six months. 

His questions remain unanswered because she storms off as Prosper looks on.

Ralph Angel frustrates Darla.

The next day, Nova’s planning her protest and her family is planning the protest. Nova also called her former lover Chantal to help. Meanwhile, Prosper is on another date with Sandy and learns more about her former marriage. Sandy is a widow.

Aunt Vi and Darla are still talking about their meeting with Mr. Rollins. Darla feels it’s a great idea to sell pies at a local farmer’s market with the Co-Op. Ralph Angel meets with Trinh. Trinh was able to cut a deal for Ralph Angel and the Co-Op for a storefront.

Darla walks over as Ralph Angel tells Trinh he doesn’t think Darla gets what it takes to uphold and maintain their family’s legacy. This puts Darla in a sour mood as he was venting to Trinh about his doubts about Darla. She doesn’t appreciate Ralph Angel venting to Trinh about her.

At Prosper’s, Prosper talks to Vince and Vince wants answers from Billie. Prosper gives Billie sound advice. He tells Billie to go with her heart. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel vents to Hollywood about what occurred. Hollywood lets Ralph Angel know Darla wants to be his partner. Venting to her to an old flame wasn’t a smart move.

Aunt Vi also asks Darla to accept money for helping her. She tells Darla that she has great business sense so she shouldn’t doubt herself. The conversation causes Darla to get emotional as Aunt Vi lets her know she is an amazing person and that she’s thankful to have her help.

Back at Nova’s, Chantal reads Nova about pushing her partners away. She tells Nova to let her guard down and be herself around Dominic, flaws and all. It’s at this time, Dominic walks in and is introduced to Chantal.

The protest meets little resistance.

At Micah’s, Keke is over and he’s showing her new photos that Zane didn’t like. During their conversation, he decides to sell his black history photo collection as NFTs. And back at home, Ralph Angel apologizes to Darla for his actions at the farmer’s market. Darla accepts the apology and tells him she’s not jealous of Trinh.

Billie hears from Vince regarding his frustrations being iced out. Despite this, Billie still doesn’t give him answers. Meanwhile, Dominic expresses his concerns about Nova not opening up. But she tells him he knows more about her than anyone else ever has.

It’s finally the day of Nova’s protest on the farm. It’s a ring shout and Nova has the local news along with, Prosper, Sandy, and the entire Bordelon family there. Aunt Vi’s proud of Nova. But as the protest gets underway, Sam appears followed by deputies ready to stop it. However, they walk away without causing a disturbance.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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