Sheree Whitfield Claps Back at Kandi Burruss for Shading Her Romance with Martell Holt

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Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield have been shading each other.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield is in an interesting place with Kandi Burruss. Kandi thought they were on great terms until she started watching the current season. She paid close attention to a certain conversation Sheree had with Marlo Hampton. They were discussing Sanya Richards-Ross’ choice to only invite Kandi and Kenya Moore to her blog photo shoot. Marlo felt like Sanya was just “clout chasing” for more social media followers. She felt like Sanya invited Kenya and Kandi only because they have the most followers out of the cast. This bothered Marlo. So she began to rip into Kandi and Kenya.

During the scene, Marlo said that both women are ****. She accused Kandi of having to date men below her tax bracket. And she alleged that Kandi wasn’t good enough in the bedroom to keep a wealthy man’s interest. While Marlo was saying all of this, Sheree agreed and even nodded her head. So Kandi was caught off guard. And she’s been returning the shade in her interviews as well as her YouTube videos.

Kandi was asked about Sheree and her relationship with Martell Holt while she was on “Watch What Happens Live” recently. And she got a little shady. Well, Sheree clapped back.

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  1. Interesting how she’s calling Kandi a sugar mama when she’s technically a sugar mama to Martell and was dating a man in prison. Shut up Sheree 😒.

  2. Sheree can clap back all she wants but she has been looking like a fool for over a decade. As it stands, Kandi is in a much better position in life, love, and business than Sheree. Pairing up with Martell for anything is a sure way to end up with egg on your face and public humiliation. It’s not a coincidence that Melody is doing much better since leaving him. Sheree needs to sit down and stop bragging about this fake relationship. It’s embarrassing.

  3. Whether this is a stunt or not, does Sheree not realize how absolutely ridiculous she looks with this Martell mess? They love to drag Todd all day everyday but Todd is a much better choice in a partner than Martell. Todd met Kandi and helped her grow her wealth massively. He puts his family first too, something Martell has never done. Martell is also a user who drains the people he has access to. All he does is cause trouble. Marlo and Sheree need to find some more material. They keep dragging Kandi about Todd when neither of them have ever had stable relationships.

  4. She by She-Devil needs to have several seats. Kandi is married & has the funds to start AND COMPLETE her house. Took Sheree a quarter of a century to get her clothing line off the ground & to complete her house. And she went from dating an ex-con to a man who’s a known cheater & knocked up his side chick while his wife was about to give birth. She’s dumber than a 20 pound sack of stupid. Girl BYE✌🏿🤣

  5. LOL. Sheree likes to play obtuse. She can’t compare herself to Kandi when she’s been fired multiple times. Kandi wondered how she finished the house because there were times when Sheree was unemployed. We’re supposed to believe she’s good at saving and investing when we just saw her make dumb decisions with She By Sheree, which also took forever to even come out? Sheree has never been about her business. And the fact that she’s faking a relationship with Martell lets me know she hasn’t changed.

    1. If Sheree was fired, Bravo wouldn’t have her back on the show. Fired people don’t get rehired. Bravo only uses Sheree when they need her. She’s put in Bravo’s recycling bin and they pull her out when they need to use her, that’s why she comes and goes on the show. Sheree is what you call a “standby” or “fill-in” cast member! When Bravo gets desperate that’s when they call her!

  6. Sheree needs to take a look into the mirror and figure out some of mistakes before bringing this s–t on TV. Sheree tells multiple lies and you can tell she is lying because she is always talking all over the place.

  7. Marlo & Sheree…the clapback needs to come back for a re-do. They’re irritating but they ain’t hurting Kandi’s feelings.

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