Marlo Hampton Believes Kenya Moore & Kandi Burruss Needed RHOA?

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Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss are done with Marlo Hampton.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton became very emotional at the recent reunion. She isn’t on the best terms with Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss. And she said that they treated her like she wasn’t good enough to share the stage with them. Marlo also said her childhood traumas made her insecure. When it took so long for her to secure a peach, she questioned if she was even good enough. So she lashes out because she is hurt.

Neither Kenya nor Kandi were moved by Marlo’s emotional moment. In fact, both felt like Marlo’s speech was very rehearsed. And they also don’t think that Marlo was held accountable at the reunion. This may have been one of the reasons why Kenya told fans she didn’t like the reunion. She would later describe it as “tame” during an interview.

Marlo has already said quite a bit about Kenya and Kandi on and off of the show in the last few months. But it’s some comments she made on the After Show about both ladies that had fans talking on social media. She expressed that it really bothers her that people are constantly asking how she makes her money. And she took some more jabs at Kenya and Kandi while she clapped back.

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    1. That’s right Marlowe speak up they just mad that you are calling them out on their mess Marlowe boost those ratings up on that boring show

      1. Marlo isn’t boosting any ratings and she flopped at the reunion (yet again). It’s hilarious watching you all try to pretend like Marlo is NeNe all of a sudden. LOL. Don’t worry, Porsha will actually be the one to save the show next season.

      2. How much Marlo pay you to right this. If show boring how you know what’s going on….imjs….ppl talk ish watch sho thing say boring but steady watching it

        1. Your grammar and spelling is confusing 😕
          People don’t realize Mental Health problems, and Marlow is going through just that.

      3. Marlo will say anything if it means camera time. Kandi isn’t JUST Xscape, Kandi 7s the writer of 8/10 songs in your tip 10 favs of all time, if not , ALL 10. Kenya has owned homes before RHOA also, California being her last before moving to Atlanta I believe if I’m not mistaken. Marlo used her poor nephews for a storyline just to throw them away after she was done, but one of those ladies pulled her aside and told her she would be ostracized beyond repair if she left it as that. She didn’t word anything wrong how do u word that as strongly and matter of factly as she did? U dont, periodt.and I’ve seen a majority of these housewives not building houses and dressing as nice until they got Andy checks, but the Atlanta housewives ain’t had that luxury, they had to show theyselves worthy I guess cuz if you remember Greg said he had had to buy everything in the beginning so Nene could fit in. Where every other branch of rh is building a house episode 1but I never paid attention until Marlo because she acted so heand new i4 was ovipys, so was the nephew storyline. Now she done came out and said all that mark my word, 1, if not both of them will let it be known

  1. Marlo was completely out of her element and definitely undeserving of being apart of the RHOA franchise, there is NOTHING about her that fits the demographic for the show. Even moreso, being given first chair is even more insane, her camera time was a viewing displeasure. The only stage she deserves a seat on is a Jerry Springer episode… Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

  2. I disagree with the comments thus far. I think they don’t like that Marlo isn’t bending and can hang with them. Marlo just might be the realest one of the whole bunch.

  3. Marlo is a liar. Kenya owned a home in Cali before RHOA. She sold the house and moved to Atlanta. It was in the news years ago when the house sold. She’s been in multiple films that grossed over a million. She also makes money in multiple ways like booking other gigs and a very successful hair care line sold at CVS and prior to Sally’s. Kandi had a mansion before RHOA. With or without RHOA, Kandi would have still had a mansion and wealth because she worked for it years before we knew who Marlo even was. Marlo does this stuff because she is the most insecure woman on the entire cast and always has been. She knows everyone else has more accomplishments and it truly bothers her. She is also not a great housewife. On her first reunion with a peach she did nothing but cry and deflect. She also doesn’t know how to read either, so she loses all of her arguments and it’s boring to watch. I guess people are so desperate to have NeNe back that they are trying to hype up her former side kick this season. The season is not good. And Marlo and Sheree certainly did not deliver or earn those first chairs. If we get the same exact cast next season with no changes, it’s going to be another bland season. Some people need to come back next season.

    1. Marlo is definitely ghetto. I don’t feel sorry for her. She feels she’s entitled. She never deserved the peach.

  4. need psychiatric help. I can not understand the reason she is so evil. Marlo and Sheree are not good representative for women or young ladies. Marlo isn’t mentally capable of raising her nephews. I pray that she seek mental health care.

  5. I’m Just So Confused Why Would She Have A Peach She’s Not A Housewife, But Clowning The Actual Housewives.Girl Take Several Seats You Been Talking Big Sh-t Towards Kandi And Kenya This Season. Sheree Not A Housewife Either So Why She On The Show Or Have A Peach. If You Not A Housewife They Don’t Need To Be On The Show Period.

  6. Marlo I applaud you for being as mentally stable as you are. I suffered childhood abuse. Please stop sharing your experiences with the woman on the show, get a therapist, I used to be just like you. I went into therapy, it works wonders….it will give you a different outlook on life….you are beautiful outside, real beauty comes from within 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Prayer changes things.

  7. Marlo’s thinking is so weird to me!

    (1) Marlo talks about Kandi and Kenya’s relationships. Yet, she’s never had one (at least not a public one).

    (2) Marlo talked about Porsha’s “cosmetic touch-ups”. Yet, Marlo bought a whole new face that is not an improvement and a hair transplant.

    (3) Marlo says the other ladies “need” the RHOA job. Yet, she is the only one who waited 10 years to get the job the other ladies already had, and is also the only one with no obvious other talent/skill/experience/trade for earning legitimate income. And, what’s wrong with needing the job, anyway?!

    (4) Worst of all, to insult Kenya, Marlo said that even Kenya’s own mother did not want to be around Kenya. Yet, Marlo was bounced around foster homes, ran away, and committed a violent crime while Kenya was being raised by a loving grandmother and father, going to college, and making national history, as the first black Ms. USA.

    Maybe it’s all an act. But, if it is, Marlo should leave RHOA and go capitalize on her acting skills.

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