‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Kimes Says Toya Bush-Harris Handled Business at Reunion?

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Toya Bush-Harris is having an eventful season of “Married to Medicine.”

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes has an interesting relationship with Toya Bush-Harris. Before the show, they were acquainted because of their doctor husbands. Dr. Damon Kimes was the first person to give Dr. Eugene Harris a job in the emergency room. So they have a strong bond despite the petty feud that their wives have been engaged in for the last few years. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Heavenly felt the need to tell Toya about the cheating rumor. On a recent episode, Quad Webb threw a holiday party at her new home. Heavenly noticed who Anila Sajja was kicking it with at the event. And she alleged that the woman, Zaina, told people that Toya allegedly cheated on Eugene. It was also alleged that the man is from their neighborhood.

Heavenly decided to tell Toya about the rumor because she anticipated that it would come up. In fact, Heavenly suspected that Anila and Quad Webb planned on having Zaina put Toya on blast. So she gave Toya a heads up. And Toya wasted no time confronting Zaina and Anila. Both women denied having anything to do with the rumor.

Plus, Heavenly also didn’t hold back her thoughts on Toya’s altercation with Audra Frimpong. She said that Audra pushing Toya with her chest was wrong. And it’s what set everything off.

Well, Heavenly recently addressed the reunion that the cast filmed recently. And it seems as if she feels Toya handled her business.

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  1. I saw Quad as the pot stirrer of Toya having something to do with the robbery and it was totally malicious. I also think she invited Zaina because of the cheating rumor she was spreading about Toya. This season Quad gets the messy award.

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