LAMH Recap: The Gossip Continues + Marsau Comes for Melody’s Mother Vanessa, Again

LAMH Season 5 Episode 4 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” the drama continues. Vanessa and Marsau had a back-and-forth on social media. It began with Vanessa posting a photo of LaTisha wearing one of Melody’s “Team Wife” shirts with a comment LaTisha perceived as shady. In response, Marsau posted a photo that insinuated Vanessa and his brother Mark were an item.

Vanessa denies it was more than a friendship. However, LaTisha and Marsau say otherwise with Marsau making messy accusations regarding their relationship.

Meanwhile, Martell and Melneka speak about the rumor about their relationship. During this conversation, Martell reveals tidbits about their past as Melneka doesn’t appreciate the rumor coming from Melody. 

Martell also talks to LaTisha regarding buying back into Scholt. He gives reassurance that what happened in the past regarding rumors he spread about Marsau won’t happen again. Despite this, LaTisha and Marsau will keep a watchful eye on Martell’s behavior.

This leads to Destiny’s re-opening event for Madonni. Wanda is a vendor at the event. Despite not being invited, Melody appears. And she has a bone to pick with Wanda.

Here’s the recap for, “A Lowdown Dirty Shade.”

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  1. Only misogyny would have Marsau shaming a woman for paying his brother’s child support instead of being ashamed that his brother can’t pay child support.

    1. That’s what I’m saying! Marsau thinks he exposed Van but he exposed his brother a lot more. A grown man having a woman pay his child support is not a good look. Makes him seem like a bum honestly.

  2. I personally cannot stand Marsau. He is so arrogant and thinks he is better than anyone and its like he doesn’t respect women at all. Both of you are right about him putting his brother’s business out there to try and embarrass Vanessa. He obviously cares nothing about him because it looks like he has nothing, if a woman was paying his child support.

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