‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Ashley Goes Off After Don Says She’s Not a Good Wife

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On the recent episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Don and Ashley attempt to move forward from their recent blowup. When it comes to their marriage, both have different reasons for why it’s not where they want it to be. Don wants Ashley to be more encouraging and uplifting. Ashley wants to not feel like she’s number two in Don’s life. So Don suggests Ashley attends a therapy session with him. 

The therapy session doesn’t go well. Ashley is hurt and upset when Don says she’s a good mother, but she’s not a good wife. Despite their issues, Ashley claims she’d never say Don isn’t a good husband. And the sting is too great for her to accept his viewpoint. So they argue in front of the therapist. 

And Draya travels to New York to meet her biological father and other family members. However, she is stood up by some of her relatives. To make matter worse, her meeting with her dad doesn’t go well either. He tells her he couldn’t find her. But his excuses don’t sit well with Draya.

Here’s a recap for “Hey, I’m Walkin’ Here!

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  1. Personally, I think Draya shoulda left finding her Father alone.
    Don & Ashley shoulda never got married. Ashley hasn’t totally forgiven Don for his transgressions. Don doesn’t feel supported by her.
    Honestly,they’re a fake family. Their truths were revealed in therapy.
    Now someone needs to make a conscious decision to fight for the marriage or flight from it but leave the children out of it.

    1. I agree with Don and Ashley. I think she was happy that he finally “chose” her. I think she just wanted to show Charmaine she won. He doesn’t need to be married to anyone. He wants a woman who is a fan not a wife. Ashley needs to move on.

  2. Men like Don are interesting. He was a serial cheater. I think he even cheated the day before their wedding. And he eventually had a baby on her. Ashley stayed and even loves on the outside child, but Don is sitting up here now saying she’s not a good wife because she gives their small children more attention. And he acts like he’s ready to separate. Oftentimes men will not show the same amount of patience and loyalty women do. That’s why I don’t like the ride or die concept. It’s not reciprocated by men.

    1. Well said Shannon. I think it’s really terrible for him to sit on TV and say she’s not a good wife after everything he has put her through. She stayed and he’s giving her his two butt cheeks to kiss anyway. And that’s how it usually goes. He could at least have more patience with her like she had with him all those years. I didn’t like this scene. Don experiences some growth and now he’s looking down on Ashley like he wasn’t a mess for a very long time.

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