Marsau Scott Continues to Defend Miss Wanda’s Paternity Doubts Amid Feud with Melody Holt

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Melody Holt’s beef with Miss Wanda has escalated.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Miss Wanda caused a stir on social media. Weeks ago, Wanda told her supporters she had paternity questions. And she wasn’t convinced that Martell Holt fathered the youngest Holt kid. She said Martell needed to demand a paternity test be administered. Wanda believes Melody stepped outside of the marriage, too. So she thinks it’s possible Melody had the child with another man. When this got back to Melody, she was livid. She told Martell what was said and it was decided she’d be the one to confront Wanda. Melody made the choice to confront Wanda at Destiny Payton’s MaDonni re-opening.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to turn into an argument. Wanda didn’t appreciate the way Melody approached her. And she accused Melody of putting her fingers in her face. As for Melody, she said that this is the second time that Wanda has said something negative about the Holt children. Melody was referencing the time Wanda told her supporters that she believed the Holt children would become jealous of LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott’s children’s hair. And she thought her grandchildren had superior hair.

While some LAMH fans feel like Wanda took things too far, Marsau has been defending his mother-in-law.

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  1. That’s OK one day that old witch is going to say something about or too the wrong person and that person is going to be the wrong one.

    1. Exactly!!!! Somebody is gonna forget she’s the age that she is..they can’t continue to uphold her in her foolishness… someone got to hold her accountable for her mess!!!

      1. Actions like this is the reason I stopped watching. It started out as a positive representation for Black Folk snd now it’s a representation of anything for a $.

        1. Marsua just deflecting from the fact SCHOLT is getting sued for fraud because he was not licensed to work. He better worry about his outside child he has with Tisha cousin that they still denying. And as far as Wanda, her day is coming. Someone gonna work her over

          1. Why is the paternity of the Holy child Ms. Wands concern? She is ALWAYS in the mix. She’s too old & makes herself look so ignorant! I feel so sorry for her daughter. It has to be embarrassing‼️ An OLD LADY acting like Ms. Wanda is just shameful! I know Tisha loves her mother but she needs to listen to her husband &stop defending Ms. Wanda🤬

    1. They think this will make them Relevant and it won’t show is ghetto anytime you got people fighting in front of kids and oh yeah this is not a show I’m gonna watch.

    2. Marsau ain’t tihs!! He’s siding with Wanda to keep Tisha at bay. Defend the mother in law to keep my wife from thinking how I am making a complete fool out of her. Martell would have whooped his behind.

  2. I think they are trying to push Mel off the show. Same thing Married to med did to Mariah. I don’t think Mel will be on the next season – why would anyone want to talk in such a toxic environment and toxic people? Good thing she’s making her coins elsewhere.

  3. That female Wanda is better she’s low class and she’s really poison to the whole show she don’t make it look good she makes it look better OK I can’t call her a lady because she is not. If LaTisha was a real woman her Mammy wouldn’t have to fight her battles. That nasty person makes the whole show look ratchet she is horrible.

  4. Once again why does Wanda care. It is none of her business. Wanda needs to stay in her lane and put all of that energy towards her daughter. Teach her daughter to get a back bone. Latisha husband knows how to talk in circles she would believe it. Wanda dip on that side of the track

    1. Wanda is too old to be acting this way she should be more positive roll to her family and others She is wrong for what she did if Marsaui ant Latisha supports it they wrong too.

  5. Marsu knows there is no way Ms Wanda is right for talking about the Holts kids. Paternity test is The kids are old enough to see this.She is most definitely “Out Of Pocket” and Ghetto. I believe Ms Wanda is jealous of Melody as well as Clueless Latisha. Melody is sharp, classy and continues to rise to success inspite of the divorce. I love seeing Martell and Mel co -parenting working out. However,it was very embarrassing seeing them arguing back and forth like that. Mel may God continue to bless you and your family. Y’all have been through enough. Ms Wanda Needs to GO!!

    1. Show will lose viewers due to actions like this. If started out as a positive representation of Black professionals. That changed thanks to the show encouraging typical rachet behavior. HOW EMBARRASSING.

  6. Ms.Wanda is a very toxic and very ghetto and I wish they would just remove her from the show. It is enough drama without her character interference. She is totally out of control and absolutely not a plus for the existing cast. Carlos! Let Wanda go……

  7. That old woman needs to find people her own age and be with instead of her daughter seems that she has no one else to be with.She wants to open a food truck. Find someone in the same as you and make friends with them and stay out of your daughter’s friends business.

  8. My family an I stopped
    watching this show. Carlos King is the biggest sh-t starter!
    Wanda is a little.younger
    than myself an she is no one that I would ever
    converse with an I hate
    to say the biggest
    ghetto snipe I’ve ever
    seen. I guess this behavior sales right
    Carlos. So much for the
    successful positive
    images of black folks.

    1. It’s definitely Crazy, especially from what it started out to be… It’s a shame that Carlos didn’t do it differently. I pray he doesn’t think we are watching to see what Wanda (old enough to call her that) does next, we’re not…. I’m disgusted everytime she enters a scene. She also makes Tisha more unlikeable and weak. Marsu is fake as kcuf… We all know he knows Wanda was wrong. He seized the opportunity to “create”, a moment. Him and his brother looks corny, l@thm. The Scotts envy the Holts…I thought Carlos was going to show a higher level of integrity, ethics, hard work, and maybe an occasional (real) beef, yes! Not this Jr. High school bs. The direction he is taken the show is unattractive. We saw this many times over…We still watch to see Martell and Melody Holt. They need to let their wombs heal, keep their difference quiet, and support one another genuinely out loud. They are the real ones…Carlos cutting deals with folks that are trying to publicly destroy the original creators. Greed, Envy, & Ratchet!

  9. Wanda need to worry about her own daughter cause she looking like a dingy middle school girl. Melody is beautiful and smart and LaTisha envy’s that and so does Wanda. Wanda just need to worry bout running her food stand truck or whatever it is. Marsau just wants to make sure he get them lil coins back they loaned her to buy the burners for the food table. Marsau cheating on Latisha and she knows it. She just act clueless.

  10. Ms. Wanda needs to mind her own dam business, I don’t know why Carlos King hasn’t fired Ms. Wanda, Marsau’s kids look nothing like him, so does that mean he’s not their father absolutely not. Ms Wanda has made the show so ghetto and a lot of people stopped watching it.

  11. Wanda is never about making peace in a situation. She needs to be put off the show.Latisha is clueless and believes everything Marsau tells her. He is controlling and doesn’t even like Wanda so what is his motive for taking up for her? Strange 🤔

  12. I detest Wanda and I’m not even a Mel fan. The fact that Wanda thinks she’s being cute is even worse. They should get rid of that ignorant sea witch and focus on the others tearing each other apart.Martel is the most disgusting man and a prime example that the way someone acts can ruin what would’ve been a handsome man. Poor dumb Sheree is so clueless she doesn’t even realize she’s being used

  13. Take Wanda ,Bumpy Face Tisha and her cheating husband off. Also through Destiny in the trash where she belongs Used to like her. Can’t stand her anymore. A real disappointment for Black People

  14. Marsau your defending that piece of trash mother n law of yours to cover your dirt. Cancel this show Please !!!!!

  15. Wanda needs to go!! Who attacks a person from behind? A hoodrat does.. Wanda, Latisha and Destiny are jealous of Mel

  16. Andy Cohen condemned bullying, but Carlos King welcome it. That’s all this show is about.., bullying MEL! The entire Scotts and Wanda are not what represent black families .

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