Kimmi Scott Calls out Maurice Scott’s Brother for Treatment of Melody Holt’s Mom

Kimmi Scott LAMH
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The Holts and the Scotts agree that children and parents are off-limits.

It appears in upcoming episodes of “Love and Marriage Huntsville,” the Scotts’ family members will take center stage. Specifically, Marsau Scott and Maurice Scott’s brother Mark Scott and Miss Wanda will have growing storylines.

During last night’s episode, Wanda and Scott came into focus. As a result of the altercation at Destiny Payton’s MaDonni grand re-opening celebration, Martell Holt and Melody Holt no longer want to be anywhere near Wanda. This comes after Melody confronted Wanda at the event for suggesting on social media that her youngest child wasn’t fathered by Martell.

Martell and Melody explained to them that they had enough of Wanda speaking on their children. They also reminded LaTisha during the dinner of a time Wanda poked fun at their children’s hair.

Despite this, and even Marsau agreeing with Melody, LaTisha still stood up for Wanda. She said Wanda was replying to Melody exposing that LaTisha’s father was in her DMs. Melody let LaTisha know she was responding to Wanda calling her a *** during a previous Facebook Live session.

Next, Kimmi brought up Mark and his social media antics. Kimmi called out Mark, saying he was out of control, and Maurice and Marsau need to stop him.

Maurice and Marsau both agreed that they couldn’t control him. In fact, Marsau says it’ll just get worse if they try and stop him from venting about his alleged past with Miss Vanessa.

In the end, all agreed that they need to let their family know that they have to stop the commentary on social media and that the kids are off limits.

Well, in a preview for the upcoming episode, Kimmi continues to call out Mark, Marsau and Maurice talk to Mark, and LaTisha talks to Wanda. However, it seems neither Mark nor Wanda is backing down.

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  1. Maurice.. Marsau and Latisha will never hold Mark and Wanda accountable for their actions!!! Maurice and Marsau wouldn’t want anyone disrespecting their mother the way their brother Mark has done to Miss Van and Melody!!! If I was Melody and Miss Vanessa….he would have been served with a cease and desist from my attorney!!! As for Wanda…..Lord have mercy…. Everybody don’t act that way here in Alabama!!! 😆😆

    1. @KoCo Jai,
      You are absolutely right!!! But if you remember the Scotts come across as chauvinistic because when they were talking about their family, they never mentioned their mother or sisters. It was all about the brothers.

  2. Tisha wants to give Wanda an out. However, it doesn’t matter why she was speaking derogatory about the youngest baby. Whether she said it indirectly or directly she was referring to the child as being illegitimate. There’s no reason to ever do that. Period. Finally, all of them need to stay off social media bc it’s obvious that they can’t control themselves and lose their minds.

  3. I’m sick of Wanda! A grown woman acting like a toxic fool! Why is she bringing that ratchet behavior to the show. Ain’t no fool like an old.fool!

    1. I agree with you! Ms Wanda needs to go and sit her behind down somewhere and stop talking about somebody’s children. They are off limits!!

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