‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Simone & Contessa Call out Anila for Robbery Theories

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On the latest episode of “Married to Medicine,” the ladies don’t waste any time when it comes to breaking down all of the rumors. Quad is offended that she’s been accused of sleeping with her married contractor. She says this never happened. She took a lie detector test to prove her innocence. After Toya points out that it also wasn’t okay to accuse her of sleeping with her neighbor either, Quad admits this was also wrong. However, this does nothing to end the iciness between her and Toya. In fact, Toya claps back at Quad with receipts of her own. 

Anila is put in the hot seat about being robbed. Since wrapping up filming, Anila’s house has been broken into twice. She took a lie detector test to prove she didn’t stage the robbery. But Contessa and Simone aren’t letting her off the hook for questioning if Toya had something to do with it. They say that it’s not cool for anyone to accuse another cast member of a felony. And Quad is called out for running with it. As for Quad, she has no regrets. 

Here’s a recap for, “Reunion Part 1.”

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  1. Again what Quad did accused Toya of knowledge of the robbery is slander. And it could destroy her family bag. Why is Quad on the show. She don’t like no one on there

  2. 1. Where was Quad’s heat for Heavenly after Heavenly admitted she said Quad sleeps with married men? Or Simone who also said Quad slept with the contractor.
    2. Quad never showed how she paid for the 2 million dollar house, quarter million renovation, furniture, and landscaping, the show being her only income source.
    3. Toya pulling out pay stubs from 2 other jobs. ( Does this prove that Toya makes money? 💰 🤑 💸 🤔)
    4. Anila has been robbed 2 times since filming ended? She may want stop posting when they are home.
    5. Quad and Anila with lie decector test and no one really cared.
    6. Toya saying Quad need to stay out the mirror telling herself people are jealous of her.
    7. Andy being shady about Heavenly talking about the others and asking Quad how could he afford house, renovations, landscaping, furniture for inside and out with just the one source of income.

  3. Hope, I totally agree with you. It’s SLANDER and Quad, need to be held accountable for this (now this will hold up in COURT) not her lie detector test she took 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  4. These women have not changed. All they did was make Toya the new Mariah. Funny that Quad wants people to take her lie detector test seriously but when Mariah took multiple drug tests from one of the most reputable facilities in the country, Quad said the negative results weren’t reliable. Meanwhile, lie detector tests are nowhere near as accurate as the drug tests Mariah took. Quad can talk about people’s marriages, finances, homes, etc. but as soon as she gets it back, she plays the victim. This show is so hard to enjoy. I’m tired of watching this cast and the double standards that have been going on since Season 1.

  5. This season and this reunion so far is just okay. Don’t know Quad personally but she seems like she has very low self esteem she hides behind a huge ego. There are a lot of Quads out here unfortunately. And they need therapy and someone to guide them away from their delusions. Quad wants a pat on the back for being a single woman and taking care of herself like an adult is supposed to.

  6. I re-watched the show from season one, I did miss quite of bit however, I did not missed that nothing has changed with regards to the fake sisterhood for pay. None of these women, not even, Jackie and Simone have a true friendship at least not after the Heavenly debacle. Although, early on the show may have had some elements of entertainment, but now it is a straight tear down, very hard to watch. You must really are dependent on a Bravo paycheck to have sold your soul in such a way. Was not a fan of Mariah, but after revisiting the show my opinion has changed to some degree, she told the absolute truth about every single person.

  7. Not Quad trying to downplay Toya making well over 6 figures from a couple of side gigs and endorsements. Her fans look crazy too laughing at Toya bringing in $13,000 in a month from two hustles. All Quad’s fans must be millionaires and I missed the memo. Anyway…I think Quad needs to leave Toya alone. Her real issue is Simone and that’s been the case for years. I’d respect Quad a lot if she ever had the same kind of smoke she has with Toya with Simone. I won’t hold my breath though. Quad always lets the doctors play in her face.

  8. I’m kind of relieved Mariah is no longer on this show. They treated her like trash and pretended she was the problem. Now look at them all turning on each other. And Mariah still collects her EP check without having to deal with the nonsense anymore. Good for her.

    1. Mariah is also listed as Concept-by towards the end of every episode, she gets paid for creating the show but I don’t know if she receives a check as a Executive Producer.

  9. If you ask me, all of them got problems except Jackie. She always trying to bring peace to the group but things just don’t have a good feeling sometimes. And that’s where they should draw the line as far as friendships are concerned.

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