NeNe Leakes Believes Her Feud With Kandi Burruss is One-Sided & Rooted in Jealousy?

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Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes had a contentious relationship on RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” OG and alum NeNe Leakes’ departure from the show was very controversial. Before she announced she was leaving, she was very vocal about the negotiation process. She was starting to feel like those in power were doing all they could to push her off of the show. The biggest red flag in NeNe’s opinion was producers wanting her to appear in fewer episodes. Although NeNe had a lot of issues with the producers, she went on to reveal she wasn’t happy with Bravo either. In her opinion, it made no sense that she didn’t have her own spinoff show considering her popularity. She said it was unfair that only one person was able to secure a show despite the massive success of RHOA. And she felt as if only one person was able to keep getting opportunities.

Since NeNe didn’t name who she was referring to, fans came up with their own assumptions. Kandi Burruss also made some assumptions of her own. And she thought that NeNe was talking about her. So she called NeNe out at the last reunion NeNe filmed.

RHOA fans also know that Kandi and NeNe have clashed over the years. However, they have had some good moments, too.

Despite their past blowups, Kandi still showed NeNe support after Gregg Leakes tragically passed away from cancer. So fans thought that they had gotten back to a good place.

Interestingly enough, NeNe did an interview recently. She was asked about her issue with Kandi. And NeNe said she doesn’t have the issue. It seems like she suspects that Kandi may be a little jealous.

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  1. NeNe, I think you got something there! I wholeheartedly agree that KB is VERY competitive – and quite extra too. We both know that she feels AC is always in her corner no matter what. But, the tides are changing! AC still has KB’s back but now he’s side-eyeing her every move. So sit back and watch the dynamics change. Buckle up! P.S. We miss you, NeNe, on the show. YOU ARE EVERYTHING RHOA! Your energy – good and bad – is unmatched! You bring it every time. P.S.S. Much love to Brentt. ❤

    1. I like NeNe but I have to agree. I don’t think Kandi is jealous and she doesn’t have any reason to be. Kandi is the longest running housewife. I think she’s secure about her position.

  2. No, NeNe and her fans are very jealous of Kandi. They believe NeNe is entitled to things Kandi receives but they don’t think about the fact that Kandi is a tremendous asset to RHOA & Bravo and she actually isn’t hard to work with like NeNe. NeNe was given a huge opportunity and blew it because of her nasty attitude. Time for her to move on with her life.

  3. Kandi was the first celebrity to join the show and she’s the most Atlanta. She knows everybody and gets all the good tea. I think she’s fine with not being on OG. No shade but being there first doesn’t really matter. And why would Kandi be the face of a reality show when we knew here beforehand? Kandi is a celebrity. Her brand is bigger than a show.

  4. So, nobody – not one person – is checking for NeNe? Seriously? Whatever… I’m through! Y’all so far up Kandi’s…

  5. Ok….Kandi was already well-known and established before the RHOA.. NeNe…is only known for the show!!! Jealous??? Where at?!!?…. Make it make sense Sus!!! U wouldn’t be known if it wasn’t for RHOA!!! Some people don’t think before they speak in these interviews!!!🤔🤔

    1. And besides Kandi had long money and long businesses. NeNe has none. People with NPD project like a mug. Those are the things NeNe really thinks about Kandi. Kandi is bigger than NeNe will ever be.

    2. I agree! I have always said this. Kandi is the reason NeNe isn’t on the show. Kandi always wanted to be the HBIC & she sneakily got rid of everyone in competition and she’s still can’t hold the show. It’s NeNe’s persona that she’s jealous of.

      1. You are so right @Tracey! No one else seems to get it, but you do. All they talk about is Kandi’s money and her Escape fame. With all that, you would think she could carry the show with no problems! Get a clue people!

      2. Kandi has a sweet personality and she is easy to get along with Kandi is rich and beautiful, plus she has hair
        .Nene is sooo jealous of Kandi its pitiful look how she is shaped that’s why she had a old man as a husband no young man wanted to be seen with her. She is not talented like kandi….she was also jealous of Kenya Moore because Kenya is smart and holds a title for being beautiful…She tried to go back to rhoatl but Andy Cohen said the answer was a no…she is a has been and nobody wants her.

    3. It’s NeNe’s persona she’s jealous of. NeNe carried the show and Kandi has always been jealous of that. It don’t have anything to do with money. The same with Phaedra & Porsha. She wanted to be HBIC & now she can’t carry the show.

  6. It’s so sad watching Nene and her fans grasping for straws now. Y’all are going out sad. Now y’all think Kandi is jealous of Nene’s stank attitude/personality and self-proclaimed HBIC title that got her fired. Kandi has actual accomplishments. All this talk of not being able to carry the show but Kandi made more money per season than the self proclaimed HBIC while Nene was still on the show. Nene was never the HBIC 😂. Ratings started dropping while Nene and Porsha were still on RHOA. So according to y’all’s logic, they can’t carry RHOA either. But if we’re speaking facts, RHOA is still one of the most watched shows on Bravo only second to RHOBH. If Nene was really needed, they would bring her back. Numbers are showing that she isn’t a necessity. Cope. 😍

  7. There’s a lot of history being rewritten here. NeNe was always my favorite Atlanta housewife, but I’m not about to lie or be fake on here because I like her. NeNe was jealous of Kandi and still is. She thought being an OG and the messiest on the show made her the most valuable to Bravo but Bravo saw Kandi as the bigger asset so she was paid more than NeNe and continues to get more opportunities. NeNe is a narcissist who still hasn’t learned that being the it girl on RHOA means nothing when you don’t actually capitalize on it because people don’t like working with you.

  8. Huh? How is Kandi the jealous one when we’ve been subjected to NeNe crying and throwing up about Kandi getting more opportunities and jobs than her for years? The math ain’t adding up. NeNe may be the face of RHOA to some people but what does that mean when she has no ownership? She was still fired. A big personality is cute until it’s not. It pays to be professional and business savvy vs. having a big personality and being a meme queen. If I had to choose a path, I’d pick Kandi’s over NeNe’s any day. Kandi out-earned NeNe on her own show and has been on every season since season 2. So she’s had the longest run. She won. Being the HBIC seems stressful and overrated. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. I don’t think Kandi is jealous of NeNe’s personality. NeNe’s personality only works in a reality television setting until too many bridges are burned. Kandi wouldn’t be as successful if she had NeNe’s personality type. Idk, but I always got the vibe from Kandi that she was secure with what she’s been able to do with RHOA. She’s used it as a marketing tool to build her wealth in ways most couldn’t imagine. I respect NeNe’s contribution but these comments from her make her sound very short sighted. Kandi’s main priority will always be the bag. She didn’t get along with NeNe because NeNe had this obsession with being the top dog and making everyone around her kiss the ring. Kandi never wanted to be the leader. There was no money in that. And there still isn’t which is why NeNe is where she is now – off the show.

  10. Kandi is not jealous of NeNe. And I say that as someone who has always preferred NeNe over Kandi. Cut the sh-t. NeNe needs to stop letting these interviewers make her look crazy. This is almost as bizarre as that interview NeNe did on the Real when she said that has never been called arrogant by anybody.

  11. NeNe’s lace front is on way too tight. What does Kandi need to be jealous of you for? Kandi is a whole freaking brand. She is a mastermind when it comes to marketing, what do you think has been able to offer her the best platform to do so? She has created multiple
    Revenue streams from this show. That girl is not bit more thinking about you. Her and Todd are thinking of more ways to earn that next dollar and how this show can help them do it.
    Did NeNe forget that their highest rated season was when SHE WASNT on it? I guess she completely forgot about that. Boo, you thought the show was going in the toilet when you left, it did not. It rated higher than it had ever before showing that your presence, Mrs OG obviously isn’t that important.

    You need to get over yourself, LeNethia and take some pages out of this NON-JEALOUS, NOT THINKING BOUT YOU ONE IOTA’S lady’s business guide. Jealous, please….more like your butt is delusional. Need to stop listening to “Insane in the Brain” because it sounds like that’s what you are becoming and Dr. Reid should have told you that instead of entertaining that foolishness that fell from those doctored lips of yours.

  12. NeNe is looking out for NeNe. How can you condemn Kandi for looking out for herself. NeNe use people to get information on how too increase her coins and don’t share it with anyone because she don’t want them to compete against her. Like Tanya Sams who she compared her closet.

    She is also upset because Kandi won The Mask Singer & got another spinoff for the OLG. She is jealous of Kandi. NeNe has had multiple opportunities & snubbed the other ladies because she thinks she is better than they are. She had better be humble. Her 15 minutes of fame is going to end soon with her stinky attitude. She is not a producer or executive producer of anything. Her girl Tamar is in the same frame of mind. If reality tv portrays them as Angry Black Women, they should stop acting like that. Actually, they feel entitled. There are a lot of Black Women who came before them who are extremely talented and don’t make the money they make. Example: Angela Basset, Loretta Devine, Halley Berry and Monique.

    In your mind you think you are the HBIC and you should get preferential treatment. Maybe you got away with it early on, but your entitled attitude has changed producers stance on your ability to compromise. You are not the first & won’t be the last OG to be fired. Vicki G. OC

    She had a lunch date with Ryan Reynolds and was surposed to be calling Tyler Perry (Madea). He changed his number on her. How embarrassing. She was looking for something free. Noticed Tyler has never cast her in his movies.

  13. You were only in 6 episodes b/c you are trying to get everybody to like you so that you so you can cont. to collect coins from various gigs. Corvid 19 closed your clothing stores & comedy gigs. Why is it that Tyler Perry is not offering you a gig? Because he has humble and respectful people working for him. He would never have the like of someone like you with your stinky delusional attitude working for him.

    NeNe did have a spinoff. Remarrying Greg who she treated like sh-t while he was sick and treated him like her slave! Nasty Attitude!

  14. Nene said no names so if it doesn’t apply, let it fly.
    Kandi shouldn’t’ve assumed anything from what Nene could freely say. It’s her perception.
    If anything, Kandi asserted herself into the statement. So are they going to continue stirring this pot with a rusty spoon or serve it up? They’re too old for this

  15. Andy Cohen shouldn’t have phadera parks off a show because of Kandi..kandi is like watching paint dry & if she paid herself the money she has,she couldn’t get a brain when it comes to her mom!! Run Todd Run!!Nene,Porsha, & Phadera is great tv, Kandi is not..(simple math)Nene will always be the HBIC!! Prayers to Brent!!

  16. I think NeNe’s stans are a great case study about how ridiculous stan culture truly is. To be a stan, you have to completely lie to yourself and others to defend someone you don’t even know who doesn’t actually give a crap about you. It benefits you in no way, but stan culture makes people like NeNe very rich with minimal effort. With that being said, no one can honestly sit here and take what NeNe said as factual. NeNe is the jealous one. Always has been. Even in this same interview, she became jealous when Larry said Sheree and Cynthia are beautiful. She threw shade at their looks like even though Cynthia was literally a model and one thing we’ve always given Sheree is her beauty. But stans are trying to flip this into Kandi being jealous of NeNe when all NeNe has ever done to Kandi is hate on her success. NeNe is very insecure. Y’all know this. We all know this. Let’s not pretend otherwise in the name of stan culture. We’re too old to stan.

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