Destiny Payton Claps Back After LAMH Fan Says Melody Shari Put Her in Position to Win

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Destiny Payton and Melody Shari have moved on from their friendship.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Destiny Payton’s fallout unfolded as both women were still trying to process their divorces. Melody didn’t really like that Destiny waited to confirm that her divorce from La’Berrick Williams was final. Although it wasn’t the last straw, combined with overhearing Destiny’s conversation with LaTisha Scott, Melody started to question if Destiny was a real friend. As for Destiny, she had similar questions. And she said that she didn’t like that phone calls from Melody became less frequent after filming finished. However, Melody said she just needed a mental break. She also said she continued to contact Destiny via text messages.

Things probably worsened between Destiny and Melody after the drama that occurred at the MaDonni re-opening. Melody showed up. And although she spoke to Destiny once she arrived, Destiny didn’t hear her. This led to them exchanging words. Not too long later, Melody called out Miss Wanda. She took issue with Wanda questioning her youngest child’s paternity.

The chaos of the moment nearly led to violence between multiple cast members. Destiny has placed most of the blame on Melody. So it doesn’t seem as if she and Melody will be cordial anytime soon.

Destiny doesn’t mind engaging LAMH fans on social media. And she clapped back after one said Melody put her on.

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  1. Stop holding a grudge it will not get you anywhere.. it’s almost saying you ” ” Hate Melody.. I understand you not getting along but yall exchanged words at the reunion. But now Destiny is going way too far, Mel not making backlash comments. Mel don’t have yo name in her mouth every 10 mins ima say every ten seconds you got some hateful comments about Mel sounds like you want that storyline . You had yo moment when you “tried” to clapback but it didn’t work plus I heard that Distiney beauty supply don’t get much business maybe that’s why you so mad

    1. Destiny is evil, for every demon 5 blessing. She is getting evicted from her house and business for none payment of rent. She is a very bitter. Destiny will never win bring dirty

      1. From what we see on TV, both Melody and Destiny have been dealing with divorces. They’re probably too much alike. They’re both strong women. Hopefully they’ll be able to mend the fence. It’s ridiculous. Huntsville isn’t that big. Shame on them both. Didn’t Martell have an affair with Destiny at some point?

    1. Nobody Owe Destiny Anything. Destiny is SLOW. SHE IS CONTINUE DESTROYING HERSELF. It is almost as if she want Melody to lift her up to Heaven, like the Lion King. Melody took her Hand until she had to drop it for a Good Reason. Destiny, Help Us Viewer’s. Get Out Of Our Faces. You Have Nothing Coming.

    1. Why is she even still on the show,,,no storyline but Mel. Mel live in her empty head rent free
      I hope she do I not get renewed for next season. Frankly, I am sick of her

  2. Destiny is a truly bitter said person. Please pay Melody back her money since you are so ungrateful. You’re mad because Melody proved you were being lying. Melody is your storyline. Destiny is angry with her life

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