‘Married to Medicine’ Husband Curtis Berry Accuses Dr. Eugene Harris of Hypocrisy

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Dr. Eugene Harris isn’t necessarily a fan of Dr. Kiran Sajja’s humor.

Married to Medicine” couple Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris receive a lot of criticism for their real estate decisions. This is due to the fact that they have moved multiple times while filming the show. While Toya has shown proof that she does bring in multiple incomes, some people still believe money problems are at play. However, Eugene and Toya have denied moving due to financial hardship. In fact, they claimed they moved out of their custom-built home because they wanted to take advantage of the seller’s market. And they made nearly a million dollars from the sale.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t just fans with theories and speculation. Quad Webb and Dr. Heavenly Kimes have also accused the couple of having money problems. Quad even accused Toya of taking out a loan to pay for the swimming pool. And Heavenly has said multiple times that Toya “needs a job.” After fans repeated this narrative quite a bit on social media, a producer clapped back and confirmed that the show is one of Toya’s jobs. They also said that Toya is paid well to contribute to the platform.

Well, Heavenly and Quad may have thrown some shade in the past when it comes to Toya and Eugene’s real estate transactions. However, Anila Sajja and Dr. Kiran Sajja took things a step further with their Halloween costumes. Eugene wasn’t amused. However, Dr. Jackie Walters’ husband Curtis Berry accused Eugene of being a hypocrite.

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  1. Dora Max International is closed therefore, not understanding how Toya has multiple income streams. Also, having a wine club advisory gig will only provide souch revenue. The payments she shown were they for a consecutive year or just various months, honey, come with the W-2 and then we can talk. To the point of loneliness, will Toya cheat now that she is lonely in her marriage? Toya is extremely unhappy, she thought filling her life with material things and lavish vacations would fill the void she has for being purposeless. She says very inconsiderate things and expects kindness and compassion in return.

    1. You know we only see like what a hour on the TV what is being shown we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors everyone goes through something in life having compassion is something you need to work on it might be Toya today and you tomorrow honey

    2. Chile please. Are you serious? Which Harris bill do you pay that you are so invested in their finances. Mind your business. Dam

  2. I think it’s okay to make jokes if you’re willing to apologize for offending someone. Eugene apologized to Curtis without downplaying his feelings. Kiran should have done the same for Eugene.

    1. Kiran didn’t feel like he did anything wrong, so why apologize, although it would have been the right thing to do ..he Said what he said..no one wants a FAKE apology..that’s exactly what it would have been.

  3. These aged folks are so jjealous of Toya and Eugene. The youngest black successful family out of all of them. It took them twice the time to have what they have and their jealousy shows. Curtis is obviously still mad but should be mad at himself. And once Eugene apologized what was the point of bringing this up???then to say his feelings were benign is ridiculous. How do you want sympathy but don’t have any compassion. These old folks act like high school children and for them all to be educated they make me sick

    1. Why exactly would ANYONE be jealous of a couple that is constantly in financial ruin. They have 7 LIENS and RENTAL homes underneath them!!

      1. They aren’t in financial ruin and I think that ties into what Contessa said Heavenly’s outlook on everything is. Heavenly thinks all of the viewers are stupid and believe anything that is said. She can say anything on YouTube and people run with it. Proof of that is fans constantly saying Toya “needs a job” even though she makes more money doing this show than her husband and 99% of the people who say she needs a job. This is a job. Then Toya actually has multiple income streams. And if you’re a homeowner, then you know that you can’t keep buying homes if you’re in “financial ruin.” The house buying process is no joke. Toya showed proof of them making almost a mil from selling the house. Audra showed no proof of anything. If there were any active liens like Audra said, they would have been listed on the HUD statement Toya showed at the reunion. Y’all are being lied to. Always do your own research and utilize your common sense. Heavenly and Quad had me fooled for a while too. Heavenly is still one of my favorites but she does lie.

    2. I have not seen the show this year,but I do agree with you why do they care about toya Life, Leave her alone, nothing is wrong if she is Broke!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🍋

  4. Eugene would have been a hypocrite if when he realized Curtis was offended by his joke not to apologize. Kiran didn’t when he knew that he offended Eugene.
    Curtis and Jackie were waiting all this time to bring up comments made when Curtis cheated? Why?

  5. I see the dynamics at play. Jackie and Curtis aren’t over what Toya and Eugene said after Curtis cheated on Jackie a few years ago. So they are using that as a reason to side with Kiran and downplay the costume nonsense. But that’s pretty much what makes this show so insufferable and hard to enjoy most times, everyone is in an alliance and holding on to stuff that happened years ago. So this cast is pretty much stuck and it’s the same beefs every season. Adding Anila and Kiran to replace Mariah and Aydin will always be one of the worst casting decisions they could have ever made. This show could have been goated but people chose to hold on to stale beefs for way too long and pushed the wrong people off the show because you know, hurt feelings. Oh well.

    1. Jacky needs to address Curtis and not be mad at Toya for telling her what her husband had been trying to tell her for years.

  6. Dr.Sajja should have apologized to Eugene and really I feel like he was making fun of a some bad situations they might have been going through so it was really inappropriate, cause Dr.Sajja don’t know where he’ll go in life anything can happen.

  7. Eugene and Toya have been living above their means since the start of the show. Toya is trying to compensate for the way she grew up. It takes time to built wealth. If she Chantal nasty attitude, they might be able to hold on to something.

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