‘Married to Medicine’ Newbie Audra Curry Puts Toya Bush-Harris & Dr. Eugene Harris on Blast

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Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris continue to receive criticism for selling their dream house.

Married to Medicine” is back for another drama-filled season. Months before Season 9 premiered, fans heard a lot of rumors about what happened during filming. And the biggest rumor was that an altercation took place between cast members. While no one would confirm or deny this, many fans suspected that Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe may have been the ones who got physical. However, the trailer for the season showed at the end Toya Bush-Harris mushing newbie Audra Curry. This apparently took place at Quad Webb’s holiday party. And fans have been wondering what could have led to the heated moment.

It’s possible that Audra and Toya just didn’t hit it off after their first meeting. Things eventually escalated, and after they spent more time together, the gloves came off.

In one scene that will play out on a future episode, Audra actually puts Toya and Dr. Eugene Harris on blast about selling their dream house they had custom built. Eugene and Toya have been receiving criticism from fans. However, both claim they only sold the house to take advantage of the seller’s market. And they told fans that they made a million from the sale. So it was a good financial move.

Audra clapped back at this and she told Toya as well as the others that this isn’t accurate. Since she’s a real estate attorney, she did her own research. And the moment left the rest of the ladies speechless.

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  1. Wow! I don’t know what Toya did to get on Audra’s bad side but I hate that Eugene is always dragged into her beefs.

        1. Right she needs to help her husband and get a job if she wants to try and keep up with the Jones!!!!

  2. Audra seems cool but I’ll reserve my opinion on her until everything plays out on the show. Toya is messy and mean at times. But sometimes newbies start with her for storylines. And that’s lame to me because she’s an easy target.

    1. Dang why does everyone use the Harris’s as their storyline to join the show. Gene said he’s happy, Toya’s everyone on and off screen should mind their own marriages or lack thereof. MESSAGE!!!

  3. It seems something was up after all with that home. I wondered how a person living such lavish lifestyle but have broke down computers for their kids to work on. Toya didn’t know what she was doing when her kids had to homeschool, so why not hire a tutor for each. Toya was not able to monitor their work so why not have a person setup that could. Then to do all that hoopla for a dream home . Girl make it make sense. I hope toya know when you get a home it’s public records including any liens. Toya is so scared of living a modest life I think it’s hurting her kids. I hope all these illusions are worth it. Eugene is a fool to that’s why he is constantly dragged into the foolishness. They will continue to live messy and the viewers will just be here for it all 😅

    1. I don’t think either of them come from money and unfortunately, they have not invested the time to learn how to build wealth so living a flashy life might be more important to them than their kids computers.

    1. Well the show is Toya’s job and she makes six figures. I think the issue is it doesn’t matter how much money she’s bringing in if she’s going to spend money so frivolously all the time.

  4. Some of us tried to tell the Toya stans that the math wasn’t adding up. But they told us we’re ignorant and don’t understand real estate investing. I don’t know if Audra’s information is correct, but I really want Toya and Eugene to win and really stop this obsession with trying to have some luxurious lifestyle they can’t afford. I think Toya and Eugene both make six figures. That’s great and it would go much further if they weren’t trying to live like celebrities. They are the flashiest couple on the show and it’s like they feel like they have something to prove. It’s too expensive to keep up with the Joneses. You build wealth easier when you live below your means anyway.

    1. Toya and Eugene also tried to say that fans just don’t understand how real estate works. We understand it very well. Quite a bit of us own homes and investments. And we know interest rates are much higher now and buying a home in this market after selling one means your profit won’t be that great. Now they are renting a house in the same neighborhood, correct? And a new custom built house? Common sense is saying something in the buttermilk ain’t clean.

    1. Seven Liens thats why they stay broke. Robbing peter to paul. Stop keeping up with the JONES and pay your bills. Toya get a job,everybody working but you.

  5. Toya…Toya…TOYA!!!!…Ok..u built your dream home…had custom made furnishings and everything else just to go and sell it!!! Something in this milk ain’t clean Hunni…This lady has been literally moving around since I’ve known her to be on this show…With all of that,that will make people wonder what’s really going on!! Poor Eugene…just working himself to death so that his wife can keep up with the Joneses. Sometimes u can’t live above your means… And now u right back to renting! Make it make sense to me

  6. Until Eugene and Toya figure out why they feel the need to try to look wealthier than they actually are, they will keep moving.

  7. Eugene needs to put on his big boy pants and tell Toya no.She seems obsessed with living a certain lifestyle no matter the cost or the strain it puts on her family.Why would this lawyer feel the need to call Toya out? If they’re not borrowing any money from them why do they care.

    1. My thoughts exactly! There financial standing isn’t taking anything from her unless she holds a lien.

      If I were one of her clients I would be looking side eye at her. You mean to tell me, you let some one of any stature get to you enough that you would take your valuable time to research them and try to destroy them because you are upset………

      I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but there is absolutely no way I would use any of these women in a professional capacity.

  8. Eugene accidentally revealed that they had to move due to financial problems already on last season reunion. He mentioned something about the other doctors living in the area making “a million” and he wasn’t due to the pandemic. They just didn’t expound on it. Go back and listen. Toya trying to keep up a façade but Eugene slipped up.

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