Yung Joc Claps Back After LHHATL Fan Says Kendra Robinson Has Low Self-Esteem

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Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc’s relationship is a hot topic.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Yung Joc is having another eventful season. As we reported, Joc and Kendra Robinson have been dealing with a lot of rumors. However, it was confirmed that Joc had a baby with another woman. Kendra said that accepting this fact hasn’t been easy for her. In fact, she was devastated. However, she said that Joc impregnated the woman while they were on a break. So she didn’t feel the need to move on from Joc. Interestingly enough, when Kendra explained the situation to her mother and brother, her story wasn’t quite the same. And she told them Joc “stepped out” on her and conceived the child. But they were moving forward and decided to get married anyway. Kendra’s loved ones were not happy about the news.

In fact, Kendra’s brother said he would have told her to run from Joc had she told him back then what was going on. And when Joc had a conversation with Kendra’s mother, she broke down in tears. She wanted better for her daughter.

On top of the baby news, Joc was also accused of messing around with Spice’s friend Meda Montana while he was with Kendra. This led to some major on-screen blowups between Kendra and Meda.

To no surprise, LHHATL fans have been very vocal about all of this on social media. And Joc clapped back when someone said that despite being extremely educated, Kendra has low self-esteem.

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  1. Do I think Kendra settled and has low self esteem? Yes. But it’s interesting that no one is noticing that Meda’s self esteem is also at the bottom of the trash can. I’m embarrassed for both of them.

    1. Thank you! Like Kendra is being dragged left and right but Meda was sleeping with Joc during his first marriage! She’s messy!

    2. Oh girl I’m with you. Meda is trying her hardest to rile Kendra up but plays victim when Erica and Bambi clock her on her bs. She’s extremely college educated just like Kendra but bragging about being some rapper’s booty call for over a decade. I cringe when I see other women defending her like she’s somehow not in the same goofy box as Kendra. They are both playing themselves.

  2. It ain’t judging, it’s being real. Joc knows d-mn well it’s pathetic that a black female attorney with no kids married him and tolerates his cheating like he’s the last man on earth. Men have higher standards than women. Women are coerced by society to lower ours.

  3. I love young Joc, but he’s a male h-e and he should be nobody’s husband, I really believe that young Joc will never change, Kendra knew what Joc was like, you can’t change any one, and marriage will never change anyone, Joc is just a hoar. JOC GRABBED Karyle’s butt when she came out of the cake at his bachelor party. I don’t know how Kendra can call Joc a good husband, it hasn’t been long enough. Kendra also said that Joc was a good provider, Kendra is delusional she’s the one that provides everything, she just needs to admit she messed up, by marrying Joc, she needs to stop putting her dam hands on Joc, if he hit her, he would have been in jail, Kendra is too emotional and ghetto. Young Joc is one of those men, who will never be content with one woman.

  4. I hate to see a Black Attorney with ZERO self esteem. Where is the embarrassment? Multiple Baby Mamas but she still loves dude?

    I love myself too much to allow this to go down!

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