Erica Mena Calls out Kendra Robinson After Yung Joc’s New Baby is Confirmed

LHHATL Star Kendra Robinson
Photo Credit: VH1

Questions arise regarding when Kendra Robison knew about Yung Joc’s infidelity.

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” stars Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc’s marriage is in the spotlight and under the microscope this season.

Despite having a beautiful wedding with the cast and friends present to witness the union, rumors were swirling regarding Joc’s infidelity. 

A few things were revealed this season. First, It was revealed that Joc messed around with Spice’s friend Meda. Meda revealed to the ladies that she had an on-and-off relationship with Joc for years. However, what got their attention was Meda’s claim that the last hookup took place back in 2019.

So the group began to wonder if Joc cheated on Kendra with Meda throughout the years. While all of this was being gossiped about, Joc and Kendra were preparing for their wedding. And Kendra had no idea that she and Joc’s relationship had become such a hot topic for everyone else.

Secondly, It was revealed Yung Joc got another woman pregnant and welcomed a new child while engaged to Kendra. 

Kendra appeared to be shocked when Bambi and Erica Mena told her this was rumored in a blog. And despite the rumors, Kendra recently revealed she and Joc are happily married. Plus, Kendra knew about the baby before the blogs did. But she didn’t leave Joc because he impregnated the woman while they were on a break.

Interestingly enough, in an upcoming episode, Erica Mena calls out Kendra.

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  1. Kendra doesn’t owe any of those hens jack, what or when she knew is also none of their business considering they were all so pressed to spill the beans. Did it not occur to any of them she was simply embarrassed by the situation. Meda needs to get over herself cause all she did was make herself look cheap. Knock it off girls, Kendra doesn’t owe any of you a front roll seat to her life. Grow up.

    1. Right!! I 100% agree with this. They don’t tell everything going on with them. Do they?? 🤔🤔Why us Erica Mena even on the show? No 1 cares about her and Safaree..

  2. Erica needs to stay out of other people’s business and take care of her kids her and Bambi with all those kids she got I’m trying to be nice because they are not my favorite and people shouldn’t be running her mouth about anyone

  3. Even though this is a tough situation for Kendra and Joc to be in, especially still being newly weds. I 🙏 that her and Joc can work things out if they really ♥ one another and truly believe they can work through it together. It takes 2! Me, personally ally I would never marry anyone who has 8 plus children. God bless Kendra.

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