Michael Darby Shows up to Candiace Dillard Bassett’s Performance to Cause Drama?

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Candiace Dillard Bassett is not here for Ashley Darby or Michael Darby.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Candiace Dillard Bassett and Ashley Darby have an interesting history of feuding. They have clashed since Candiace’s first season on the show. At times, their issues have even spilled over onto social media. In fact, Ashley and Candiace have both taken issue with each other’s tweets. However, a glimmer of hope of peace between them occurred during last season’s reunion. Nicki Minaj called Ashley out during her hosting segment. She accused Ashley of intentionally coming to the cast trip with the plan of causing drama with Wendy Osefo. As we reported, Gizelle Bryant asked Ashley to talk to Wendy. She believed Wendy got work done due to cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo.

Gizelle figured Ashley would be the right person to talk to Wendy about these things because Michael Darby’s time on RHOP has resulted in a string of controversies.

After Ashley told Wendy what Gizelle theorized, Wendy decided it was time for her to go straight to the source. And her blowups with Gizelle and Robyn Dixon were one of the biggest moments of the season.

Regardless of her past issues with Ashley, Candiace still attempted to defend her to Nicki. And she told Nicki that Ashley still had to show up to do her job despite just giving birth to her second child. Ashley appreciated this. And she hopped on social media to show love to Candiace. This most likely is why Candiace and Ashley went on to film a friendly scene together at Candiace’s house at the beginning of the current season.

Despite the friendliness of their hangout, Ashley still chose to confront Candiace with messy accusations about Chris Bassett. She did this in front of the rest of the group. So Candiace is once again back to thinking that Ashley is a “vindictive *****” that she will never be able to trust or be friends with.

Interestingly enough, Candiace has also clashed with Michael Darby. And he may have popped up to one of her performances to disturb the peace.

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      1. I’m glad Candice ego too big for this franchise her husband not off limits she talks about all these women men granted nobody wants Chris because they share a brain she controls his movements Candice bitter and unhappy and don’t need kids she not a mother figure Michael not part of tht franchise so yes go disturb the peace because Candice jealous of Ashley and she a bully on the show there I said it!!!!!!

  1. I’ll always be mad at Ashley for flipping on Candiace after they made up. I can honestly say Candiace and Chris have tried to bury the hatchet multiple times and Michael and Ashley kept choosing violence.

  2. I don’t like it but Candiace did call this man a r-pist and she said he blows a male escort so she nor Chris can clutch pearls when he chooses to match her energy. They all need to stop speaking on each other at this point.

  3. Chile…now that I think about it, the season has been a little dry because Michael isn’t there to bring the shenanigans we’re used to. Now the only source of chaos is Mia. If they end this next episode on a cliffhanger and don’t show what happened with Mia and Wendy in full, I’m going to have an attitude.

  4. It’s so many want to be on this show. Wendy and Candace is the reason I watch the show. This show is getting trashy. I’m so sick of Giselle and her side woman. When you have nothing going on in your life as far as a man it’s so easy to keep shit going on. It’s so wrong to have Mai throwing things on another woman and it’s all right. This is the second time she have displayed such anger towards another woman. There worst then kids. I’m so embarrassed period. Mai have problems due to her mommie issues. Wendy ,Candace and Karen I’m crazy about. Bravo your making a fool out of these housewife for a show. What make it so bad they will disrespect there womanhood for ratings. It’s so sad they get caught up in trying to be relevant, that all their self respect means nothing. Ladies all your mess will come back to play sooner than later.

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