‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Sam Landry Gets Evicted + Nova Ends Her Relationship with Dominic

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 12 Recap
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Hollywood and Aunt Vi are approved to become foster parents.

Aunt Vi and Hollywood receive another visit from their social worker who inspected their residence. They applied to become foster parents once more.

Miss Carmichael approves them to be foster parents in the state of Louisiana. This news relieves Vi and Hollywood. They then realize they can begin fostering a child in as little as 72 hours.

Meanwhile, Dominic gives an ear to Nova as she speaks about her Aunt Martha. Nova wanted more time to learn from her aunt. Despite this, Nova’s ready to meet Dominic’s closest friends and colleagues, which they will later on.

At Aunt Vi’s diner, Vi receives her contract for mass-producing her pies. But there’s a hangup because she doesn’t follow written recipes. So, she’ll have to get those written down for the company to use. Luckily, she approves the design of the boxes that include her face.

Ralph Angel meets Nova at her home and they talk about Aunt Martha and her land. Unfortunately, Ralph Angel doesn’t know much about his aunt as he sees pages from her journal. This leads them to talk about how they couldn’t live up to Earnest’s unrealistic expectations after the passing of their mom.

Blue returns.

Meanwhile, Hollywood passes out pamphlets for his school board campaign. But Prosper warns him that this campaign won’t be easy as his opponent will attack him during their upcoming debate. Ralph Angel and Darla still don’t see eye to eye about telling Blue about Chase. To make things more complicated, Blue is back home. The debate doesn’t matter for now as Blue and Ralph Angel hug.

Blue likes their new home, liking its coziness as compared to the large home of Darla’s parents. He also sees the door jamb from the farmhouse that was used to measure his height.

Meanwhile, Keke and Micah are at his place when his New York contact texts him. This leads to him telling Keke about his time in NY and the vibe he felt. It feels like home. Plus, it’s also outside of his comfort zone and Keke says “that’s where you should be.”

Billie and Prosper are at his house and Prosper learns she’s moving back to Chicago in a few weeks. He’s happy that she did come down as it helped improve her relationship with Prosper.

Hollywood seemingly wins the School Board debate.

It’s time for the School Board debate and Hollywood’s opponent attacks him. But Hollywood sits tall and stands firm in his campaign principles.

Things get tense when his opponent brings up his HS permanent record. He stays calm and explains his story in a tough speech. His speech gets a standing ovation from the audience.

Darla and Ralph Angel give Blue a tour of the Queen Sugar Mill. Blue tells his parents he likes farming. But this doesn’t relieve Ralph Angel of his worries about Chase.

Hollywood and Aunt Vi are one day closer to hosting a foster child and they are swiftly painting their spare bedroom. Aunt Vi’s nervous because they aren’t sure of the child they will foster.

Meanwhile, Dominic gets a tour of Aunt Martha’s home. He learns Aunt Martha’s father sent her away to Haiti because of her spiritual gifts. Nova’s eyes light up when they come across her mom’s room. Unfortunately, her key is unable to unlock the door, and this makes Nova sad.

Micah receives a job offer in New York City.

Later on, Micah learns he is matched with the Law Enforcement Accountability Project in New York City and lands a job with them. Micah’s suddenly nervous but Keke says she and the town will have his back.

But Micah feels he will let down his parents if he drops out of school to take the position. Despite this, he thanks Keke for inspiring him and she responds by hugging him.

As Ralph Angel is with Blue and Darla, Prosper calls him. They drive out to see Sam Landry being evicted from the land he purchased. This includes his father’s land. Ralph Angel then shouts out to Sam that he was the one that exposed him to the USDA.

Dominic and Nova Break up.

Meanwhile, Dominic introduces Nova to his colleague and boss Dr. Barnes. Dominic is then told by Dr. Barnes he’s been picked to lead a university project in Mali. This makes Nova sad as she knows this means he’ll be away for a long time. But Nova knows this is something huge with him.

She’s surprised when Dominic asks her to travel with him. She tells him that her path is in St. Joe’s.

Later that night, Billie texts and than call Nova to console her about an apparent breakup between Dominic and Nova. Billie invites Nova out for drinks but Nova’s busy writing about Aunt Martha’s porch poems.

The news about Sam Landry gets around.

The next morning, the Co-Op’s watching the news about Sam Landry. They then talk about the upcoming land auction. Sam’s going to use his friends to buy back the land at the auction. However, Prosper leads the co-op farmers to put up all they can to help.

Meanwhile, Micah calls Charley and tells her about the job offer. Charley isn’t happy about it and cuts the call short when Micah tells Charley he’s taking the job.

It’s the day Hollywood and Aunt Vi are to get a call and Aunt Vi’s nervous. Hollywood tells Aunt Vi that they just have to be patient.

Lastly, Nova leads a ceremony in honor of Aunt Martha. Nova and the women perform the homegoing ritual which ends with Nova in tears.

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