‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Multiple Cast Members Fired After Controversial Altercation

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

On the recent episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Ceaser isn’t happy to find out about the major blowup that was set off by Young Bae. After she throws her drink in Vanity’s direction, it actually hits Krystal in the face instead. This sets her off. And she returns the energy, resulting in Bae’s ear being cut by glass. 

The explosive moment upsets the producers. They stress that the cast was told that violence on the show is no longer allowed. And bad choices can get the show canceled. 

After Ceaser has some time to think about his next move, he decides to cool off on his business deal with Rok and Krystal. And he tells Krystal, Bae, Tatti, and Vanity that they’re fired. 

Here’s a recap for, “Later Gator.”

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  1. No fighting huh? Yeah definitely a new rule. This season has been so interesting to watch, especially since we know how it ends. Some of the comments and reactions of Caesar has shown him in ” extra Boss Mode!!” It’s as if the producers want us to feel like he deserves to be let go because of the way he’s been flexing and going hard on his employees. It would seem that all Three Black Ink cities are experiencing internal conflict. It just makes you woner: “Where do they go from here?” or ” Is this the End?” I know both of those were popular songs back in the day, wasn’t my intention though, I swear( Oops another one)😂😂😂

  2. So you’re firing the best 2 artist you got for something you have been doing since season 1 and have participated in many himself including 2 on 1?

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