‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Multiple Cast Members Fired After Controversial Altercation

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Bae’s actions cause chaos. 

The episode begins picking up after Bae throws her drink in Vanity’s direction. It ends up hitting Krystal, so Krystal goes all the way off. Drinks start flying back at Bae, and she receives a cut on her ear from glass. Security is able to restrain Bae, Krystal, Vanity, and Tatti. Producers remind cast members that there is a no-violence policy. And bad behavior could get the show canceled. 

Bae realizes she really messed up.

Ceaser is furious when he learns of the blowup. In a green screen interview, Tatti admits she feels as if Bae overreacted. And this is not what she needs since she’s still on probation. As for Bae, she says she didn’t intend to hit Krystal. She takes accountability for setting off the night’s drama by throwing the first drink.

Ceaser cools off on the deal with Rok and Krystal.

Krystal tells her father she hasn’t signed the contract to become Ceaser’s business partner because it’s less than the 33% he promised. So he wasn’t truthful when he said they would all own the Black Ink New Jersey shop equally. 

After Krystal expresses some doubts about the contracts, Ceaser tells Rok that the deal is now off the table. The violence that took place recently can hurt the show. So Ceaser doesn’t want to open up any new shops at the moment. He feels his staff may be out of control. 

Rok doesn’t think any of this is fair. And he doesn’t feel Krystal should be punished when a drink was thrown at her first. Regardless, Ceaser is not changing his mind on this. Black Ink New Jersey is officially on pause. 

Firings take place.

Bae explains herself to Ceaser. She says she didn’t mean to throw her drink at Krystal. It slipped. Regardless, Ceaser says Bae disappointed him the most out of everybody. And she should know better by now.

Ceaser calls another staff meeting. He’s been thinking things over since the blowup happened. And he’s decided he wants Draya and Nychele to work at the Brooklyn shop full-time. But he fires Tatti, Bae, Vanity, and Krystal. 

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  1. No fighting huh? Yeah definitely a new rule. This season has been so interesting to watch, especially since we know how it ends. Some of the comments and reactions of Caesar has shown him in ” extra Boss Mode!!” It’s as if the producers want us to feel like he deserves to be let go because of the way he’s been flexing and going hard on his employees. It would seem that all Three Black Ink cities are experiencing internal conflict. It just makes you woner: “Where do they go from here?” or ” Is this the End?” I know both of those were popular songs back in the day, wasn’t my intention though, I swear( Oops another one)😂😂😂

  2. So you’re firing the best 2 artist you got for something you have been doing since season 1 and have participated in many himself including 2 on 1?

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