Gizelle Bryant Spills Mia Thornton’s Tea to Karen Huger

Photo Credit: Bravo

Will Gizelle Bryant and Mia Thornton remain on good terms?

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant appeared to side with Mia Thornton when it came to her altercation with Wendy Osefo. In fact, she agreed when Robyn Dixon accused Wendy of antagonizing Mia. Wendy was in disbelief. She reminded both that they took the opposite stance when Monique Samuels assaulted Candiace Dillard Bassett. And Gizelle was so disturbed that she refused to be around Monique. Robyn also stopped filming scenes with Monique. Monique departed the show only on good terms with Karen Huger and Ashley Darby. So Wendy accused Robyn and Gizelle of being hypocritical. However, Robyn doesn’t think the two altercations can be compared.

Well, one has to wonder if Gizelle will stay in a good place with Mia considering her actions on the upcoming episode. Apparently, the girls’ trip to Miami has piqued Gizelle’s interest in Mia’s close friendship with Jacqueline. Mia told Gizelle that she and Jacqueline did something that isn’t usually done in friendships. Mia told Jacqueline to sleep with her boyfriend at the time. She wanted to prove how great he was in bed.

On the next episode, Gizelle tells Karen all of Mia’s business. And she reveals the messy theory that she has after her conversations with Mia and Jacqueline.

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