RHOP Recap: Mia Assaults Wendy + Wendy Calls out Gizelle & Robyn for Their Hypocrisy

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the Miami trip goes left. It starts after Peter tells Mia he has beef with Wendy. And it’s because Wendy approached him about opening up a Nigerian lounge. However, she seemed to pull back from the project. This is shady in his opinion.

Mia puts Wendy on blast about the accusations made by Peter. Wendy isn’t interested in talking to a man who has a problem with her. And she says Peter needs to talk to Eddie. She goes on to tell Mia that she and Eddie don’t get down like her and Gee. This sets Mia off. She throws her drink at Wendy. Mia eventually hits Wendy with her purse, too. 

Robyn and Gizelle empathize with Mia. They say they feel bad for her and this doesn’t sit well with Wendy. She reminds both that they were against violence when Monique attacked Candiace. So they are being very hypocritical. And since violence isn’t a no-no anymore, she’s on her way to the rental to snatch up Mia.

Here’s a recap for, “Beef is Served.”

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  1. Robin and Giselle are full of sh-t. Mia clearly assaulted Wendy and they have the nerve to pacify her bs. If the shoe was on the other foot they would’ve handled things differently. Especially when Robin used to antagonize Monique. I can’t believe they are pacifying the screwed behavior Mia has been displaying. Look how she treats her best friend that’s the only one that tolerates her . Mia got angry at Wendy’s comment because it may have some truth to it

    1. They need to make a show with Carlos’s help for the rachet girls show with Gezelle, Robin, Mia, wanda, and Ashley. I forgot one the last liar they added. I like forgot the Scotts Now that would be a show

    2. Agree! Horrific! Violence against women/ friends is disgusting! Mia is a bully, instigator, ANTAGONIST, and liar! As is Robyn!! If this is acting , shame on all @ Bravo for scripting such toxic behavior like violence between women instead of authentic genuine empowerment of women, sisters and friendship!

  2. I’m sorry but as much as the ladies run around screaming “Protect marriage!” Wendy was WRONG for taking shots at Mia’s husband who had nothing to do with what her and Mia were discussing. Didn’t Wendy act like she wanted to fight the green eyed bandits when they halfway mentioned her husband last season? Wendy is as much of a hypocrite as Gizelle and Robyn.

    1. You’re not going to condemn Mia for assaulting Wendy twice? Are you serious?! Wow! Wendy was assaulted before she said anything about Mia’s marriage! She dragged the marriage out of anger for being assaulted. I’m starting to think Candiace and Wendy were correct when they said the fans and cast are colorist. There’s no other reason you watched the same episode and only condemn Wendy.

    2. You’re entitled to your opinion boo but I just don’t see how Wendy deserved to be assaulted multiple times. They all talk about each other’s marriages. That doesn’t warrant assault.

    3. I totally agree with you. Wendy can’t have it both ways. She is quick to insult others marital status, screaming at people for mentioning her husband and yet she does the same and even worse. Mia is out of order, yet her husband isn’t there, still Wendy made all sort of accusations/speculations about them. It was very low and very dismissive of others, and they all see that in her. She is difficult to work with and can’t control her bad language for a professor aka adjoint teacher. She is getting fired for sure and she wants that because she is doing it to please her mom not herself. Her anger should be addressed elsewhere, and she should stay focus on the topic of the conversation. Typical Monique case portraying a happy life yet we can all see the smoke from far.

  3. They did Wendy so wrong and it’s f-cked up. I’m glad Ashley and Karen said Mia was wrong since Gizelle and Robyn wanted to act brand new. They certainly won’t be beating the colorism accusations this season. I’m a believer now.

    1. I’m so sick of the double standard. How dare they allow Mai to show such anger towards another woman. You see the colorism in front of your face. I’m so disappointed will not be watching period.

    2. Yes!!! They did Wendy and Candice wrong!! Colorism is alive and thriving @ Bravo! This is a very toxic environment and atmosphere. Women should be spiritually and emotionally LIFTING each other up! Supporting one another! Bravo needs to fire Mia and Robyn!! They do NOT enhance the show; each of them is incredibly unhealthy and toxic with regard to their mouths and behaviors!

  4. Mia needs to go, she is untamed and unrestrained. Plus, she is boring and has no storyline. She tries to treat everyone like crap, but she knows to watch her tongue with her geriatric husband. I truly hope this clique mentality and overt mean girl spirit is addressed and dealt with come reunion for all parties (i.e., Robyn and Gizelle).

  5. I feel as cold as Karen is treating her if she had anything on Karen, she would have told it. Then she would not be flooding around trying to find a story line. Gezelle, Robin Mia needs to go and join Carolo rachet show. Carlos could have a good show if he would get Gezelle, Robin, Mia, wanda and Ashely. I always use small w for wanda, because that is her brain size.

  6. Mia was the one who talked about her s-x life with Gordon, she put a lot of info out about what they like to do in the bedroom, and once again Wendy only spoke on this once MIA, got started with her, if you have skeletons and I know about it, leave me the HELL alone or I am telling it, Wendy didn’t start it but she finished it

  7. Mia makes up stuff! Peter wasn’t mad at Wendy. She told him to check his text. They just talked about doing a business together that’s it! As for Robin, please give her something to do! Giselle needs to go home and raise her kids! Cheree (I think thats her name)looks like a sweaty stuffed sausage! Ashley lied on Candice’s husband as did Mia and Giselle. These women are dangerous and need to take a page from the GRAND DAME! P S. I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SHADY PETER !

  8. This whole episode was full of shadiness on all sides from the ladies, but I can honestly say I was very disappointed at how Mia called herself checking Wendy over a business transaction with Peter that had ZERO to do with her like she was doing a little bit to much ! Like she did all that to start an issue and Wendy checked her and finished it. Now to my next point, I’m disappointed in both Gizelle and Robyn but not surprised and here is why the whole time the bickering with Mia and Wendy was happening the green eyed bandits were co-signing everything Mia was saying Wendy is their new target, she is the new Monique even though as I said that was not Mia’s battle to fight because Wendy having a contractual issue with Peter wasn’t stopping her bag ; Mia wanted a damn moment that’s all. The fact that Mia got physical and threw a drink although Wendy just gave her energy back only using words and they thought it was ok because Wendy “is antagonizing” gtfoh with that because they had such a issue when MONIQUE got physical with Candece; Gizelle and Robyn didn’t feel safe then , had security at meet ups and at the reunion! Yes the green eyed bandits are being hypocrites and shady, had I been sitting at the table I would’ve called them out on their BS. Wendy didn’t do anything but stand her ground Mia thought she was gonna punk her and it didn’t happen!! #StayinyourlanemamaMIA

  9. Mia should have gotten her ass beat. She was wrong for sticking her nose in someone else business. Wendy doesn’t need to contact Peter to let him know what she’s doing. That’s not her man. Nene said it best. Peter still acting like a batch. Robyn and Gazelle are fake snd hypocrites. I also believe they are colorist and jealous. Jazelle how are you going to talk about somebody’s pockets how do you talk about anything you’re the stupidest woman in the world. Wendy you should press charges against Mia since she wants to act like the she man she is prescharges go ahead.

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