LAMH Recap: Carlos Confronts the Men About Scandalous Rumors + LaTisha Stands Firm

LAMH Recap Season 5 Episode 16 Recap
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During part one of the “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” reunion, past controversies are in focus. Mainly, the allegations Melody and Martell issued about Marsau. Much of the time during this part of the reunion focused on this as LaTisha and Marsau confront Melody. Melody stood her ground and is joined by Latisha’s cousin Keke.

LaTisha responds in kind with puppets that mock Keke and Melody’s dress from earlier in the current season.

Meanwhile, Melody clashes with Maurice and Maurice reveals how’s he’s going to retaliate regarding rumors being spread about him and his business. Interestingly enough, Kimmi stands behind Maurice and even explains what really happened at Credit 1 USA offices.

Lastly, Marsau’s solo trip to Africa is questioned.

Here’s the recap of the LAMH Reunion, “Part One.”

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    1. Right. All I will say is that the first part of this reunion was extremely dry. This show isn’t hitting like it used to. Happy New Year!

      1. I agree, especially the puppets that Tisha brought out. She denies the truth. Marsau is probably as bad as Martell, or worst. He treats her like she is beneath her, especially after that remark about “on the other side of the tracks” Wake up girl he told you what he thought. Her mother is living proof that
        that statement was correct. One las thing GET DESTINY”S a***off the show. She is boring as H***
        Sill do no know why her husband left her, after baby was born? And what is her story line ANYWAT???

  1. LaTisha knows her husband is and had cheated on her, and this year it will come out. She knows it will be hard for her to get another man.

  2. Carlos still didn’t bring the scott life out like they Me and Martell. This far from what people are saying about reunion is still not enough to keep me watching. Hey, say Keke is the only one that really stood her grounds. They said he act like he was afraid to really get on the scott. If I was Mel I would have walked out when Carlos ask Martell did, he question any about the last baby. Now how rachet is that. Why bring this child in this. If he would have done that to me. Someone would have to bring the captain in. I would have gone downside of him and came up the other side with his lying self. Mel should sept aside for 2 shows and let the scott do they then let Carlos see his rating go down to all time lowest. It bad to say but Mel fans is the reason the rating is down now. They more Mel fans than anyone else. Some people don’t want to admit it Mel is the show.

    1. Thank you, pure truth! Latisha git a few dollars and she is stuck on herself. She is a two bit dummy, period. She didnt need the dolls to make her look more stupid. That is automatic, more like her mom than initially thought. The apple didnt fall too far from.the tree!.

  3. It is so obvious that Latisha dislikes Melody as well as Destiny who really needs to be gone really nothing that she says is irreverent no character in pure hate so your husband cheated so did Mel’s husband time to let go bounce back or leave the show you have no purpose

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