‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jennifer Makes Messy Accusations About Malaysia

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer is still fuming over Malaysia hanging up during her recent FaceTime call with Brittish. And considering their troubled past, Jennifer decides that it’s time for her to get even. She does so by making some messy accusations during a conversation with Brittish. She alleges that Malaysia moved back to Los Angeles because her Atlanta home was foreclosed. 

Jackie is still thinking about the fact that some of the other women think she’s been meddling a lot because she’s bored at home. This comes as Doug has to travel a lot as a coach. In order to get to the bottom of things, Jackie calls for another ponderosa. There, she’s able to get Brooke and Brandi to open up about the things Jackie does that bother them. However, the night goes left after Jennifer puts Malaysia on blast. 

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 15.”

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  1. Jennifer is so TACKY we all know she not about that life. Jennifer runs that mouth and when somebody check her she plays victim….I love Malaysia for not going across the table like Evelyn on that a** shows growth…I love Malaysia and Buffy building a relationship…but I hope Malaysia not leaving the show she can’t let those women FU** with her bag…

    1. Exactly 💯. Jennifer Williams is Messy ASF. She lucky Malaysia change her life, because if Malaysia had jumped that table after her, none of those ladies will have helped her A$$. None… Brandi was done warning ⚠️ Jennifer DUMB A$$..

  2. Malaysia should had told her to mind be business and stop worrying about my life .I’m against violence but I would had love to see Jennifer get pop in the mouth.

  3. Jennifer acts as if she is so sophisticated but she is low class for doing that. She never knows what’s in store for her in the future. We all at some point go through a rough patch
    She forgot she recently dated a man who was just convicted for murder.

  4. Jeniffer was so wrong trying to bring smoke nah that’s not smoke that’s some dusty bullsh** she pulled. Trying to make a good impression on her next victim. I hope she got that tooth fixed Evelyn use to speak of funky breath. She is just wrong

  5. Jennifer is trifling. I hope it made her feel better if it’s true . You don’t kick people when their down. Karma is a b-tch and ill be happy to see her get hers.

  6. Jennifer is a trifling b**** she should remember how it felt when Evelyn disrespected her and her husband throw the drink in her face She’s just trying to be relevant with her bad breath That’s why she can’t keep a man and she’s the only one don’t have kids As for brandy she was never really a true friend to Malaysia cause people go through things she has her issue just like Malaysia has her issue and she’s just been vindictive because She thinks Malaysia didn’t help her to save her job When Shawnee fire her But she should remember that Malaysia did bring around after even though Shawnee and Evelyn didn’t want her around Malaysia has her kids to support without her exhaustion so she needed our job besides brandy is self righteous and boring as h***. I hope Malaysia don’t leave. She showed class and maturity. ps. they should bring back Evelyn.

  7. I’m so sick of Jennifer with her stinking breath always telling lies about people just to stay revelant.All she does sleep around every time u turn around she has a new man and nobody stays with her old ass.This one is gonna dump her soon then she’ll really have something to talk about.I’m so proud of Maylasia for not reaching across the table on that hoe.Keep ur head up Maylasia God got u hunny and he will see u through.Leave her to Evelyn!

  8. WELL WELL Everyone is mad with Jennifer because she told Malaysia business lol. Where was that energy when they all ganged up on OG period I do it feel sorry for Malaysia not at all she definitely not an Angel she has done wrong herself. Malaysia Shauna Evelyn and those other two side kicks was terrible to Everyone. KARMA IS REAL…

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