‘Basketball Wives’ Drama: Jennifer Calls Out Malaysia + DJ Duffey Has Had Enough of Brandi

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Friendships continue to be tested on “Basketball Wives.”

Basketball Wives” returns in February, and fans probably remember that the season left off in a very dramatic place. Malaysia Pargo thought that she hashed things out with Brandi Maxiell. The former best friends admitted that their friendship didn’t hold up after Brandi was booted from the show years prior. Malaysia believes Brandi wanted to cool off from their friendship because she was angry about being fired. And she figured that Malaysia could have done something to save her job. As for Brandi, she just doesn’t think Malaysia was there for her when she needed her to be. So she assumed Malaysia purposely didn’t reach out to her after her father died to be cruel. However, Malaysia told Brandi that she really didn’t know her father died.

Even though they were able to have a productive conversation, Brandi decided she just couldn’t move forward with Malaysia. So it’s plenty of tension whenever Malaysia does come around the other women considering they seem to be tighter with Brandi than Malaysia.

One person who was nervous about Brandi and Malaysia possibly getting back on track was DJ Duffey. In a green screen interview, she admitted that she worried that if Brandi and Malaysia became close again, her friendship with Brandi would be put on the back burner by Brandi.

Brandi Maxiell and DJ Duffey have a blowup.

Well, it looks as if Duffey and Brandi will clash on the upcoming episodes of “Basketball Wives.” VH1 released the first glimpse of the second half of the season.

In one scene, Duffey and Brandi are arguing. And Brandi screams, “You are a ******* weirdo!”

Duffey then says, “Are you doing this for the cameras?”

In response, Brandi says, “Shut the ******* cameras off!”

Jennifer Williams calls out Malaysia Pargo in front of the group.

Malaysia’s decision to move on from Brandi doesn’t spare her from having drama with the other cast members. In fact, Jennifer Williams calls her out in another scene.

Jennifer tells Malaysia, “If you are real about the **** that you are going through, we would have compassion for you.”

Malaysia responds to this during another moment. She says, “If I don’t invite you to my business, don’t be in it.”

The rest of the video shows that the other women have some drama in their own lives they will be dealing with. Brooke Bailey’s marriage is on the rocks. She says, “My husband broke our whole family apart.” Duffey is also frustrated with her fiancé, “How you wanna be my husband but I express something to you, you’re just so quick to dismiss it?”

Plus, Brittish Williams is still worried about her future, “I am still facing federal fraud charges. I could go to jail. ”

“Basketball Wives” returns Monday, February 13 8/7c.


  1. I am sick of Jennifer…..she is doing way too much AGAIN…..why is everyone always coming for Malaysia???? Jennifer needs to focus on her man …..

    1. I’m with you. I don’t like it when people pile on one person like that. I forgot a lot of these girls were trying to make Malaysia their storylines the first half of the season. So annoying.

    2. I def agree! Jennifer need to stop cause if EVELYN comes back Jenn is gonna b or act like a sitting duck so she needs to RELAXXXX!!! N I pray Malaysia n Brandi work it out
      Duffy girl bye! N BROOKE N JACKIE R MY LADIES!!! Brook is absolutely GORGEOUS! Can’t wait til 2/13! Holla! ❤️

    3. You & I are in the same library.
      Jennifer rubbed me wrong waaay back.
      Malaysia should bow out gracefully from that sh_t show. That sister I’d always being interrogated. Why? Brandi.

  2. Jennifer gets away with her mean girl ways because people hate Evelyn more. But Jennifer loves to have a problem with whoever the majority doesn’t like because she’s a follower.

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