Candiace Dillard Bassett Confronts Porsha Williams + Gizelle Bryant Calls out Candiace

Photo Credit: Bravo

Porsha Williams rubbed Candiace Dillard Bassett the wrong way.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett was vocal about the criticism she received after she was assaulted by Monique Samuels. Some people felt like Candiace deserved to be attacked. She and Monique had exchanged words while the cast was visiting a winery. After Candiace asked Monique if she was going to drag her, the confrontation turned violent. Candiace didn’t put her hands on Monique first. Regardless, Candiace’s critics accused her of antagonizing Monique before the assault took place.

Interestingly enough, Monique had support from another housewife. Porsha Williams, a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” veteran, had formed a friendship with Monique over the years. So she was vocal about not agreeing with Candiace’s decision to involve the police. In fact, Porsha didn’t think that the altercation was that serious. In her opinion, Candiace was embarrassed about getting her “hair being pulled” on television. However, Gizelle Bryant strongly disagreed. And while they were speaking on “Bravo’s Chat Room,” Gizelle said the incident was much worse in person.

Gizelle also supported Candiace on the show during the controversial time. She refused to film scenes with Monique after the altercation occurred. Gizelle claimed that she feared for her safety. She even hired a bodyguard. In her opinion, Monique was too unstable to be around.  However, Gizelle and Candiace fell out while filming the current season of RHOP. And Candiace took issue with the accusations Gizelle made about Chris Bassett.

Candiace Dillard Bassett didn’t hold back while filming RHUGT.

Candiace’s tension with Porsha and Gizelle will play out on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” In a trailer for the new season, Candiace didn’t waste any time asking Porsha about her controversial romance with Simon Guobadia.

She tells Porsha, “Y’all became friends and two minutes later, you and her husband was dating.” Candiace added, “You stole somebody’s man.”

Candiace also calls out Porsha for supporting Monique, “You brought a statement from that raggedy *** ***!” As for Gizelle, she calls out Candiace for seemingly not acknowledging how much she supported her during the challenging time, “Cause you’re acting like I didn’t ride for you and I did!”

“Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” returns on March 23 on Peacock.


  1. Candiace is STILL reaching. Girl be quiet! Porsha’s right. Candiace was embarrassed because she got dragged on TV. Monique is no more raggedy than the one whom is calling her that. No sista is gonna let someone pop off in their face.

  2. Porsha is NOT gonna allow Candice to TRIGGER her I am sure her and Monique talked before the trip….Monique said to Porsha girl don’t let that LITTLE GIRL make you drag her in another country…SHE AIN’T WORTH IT!!!!

    1. I swear! That one there will not spare no expense to whoop her @$$. 😄 She is a Chihuahua that is all bark but no bite. She really needs to tread lightly.

  3. I’m a older sister and enjoy the housewives. But I would like to see Candice gone, I’ve never seen anyone so evil. Now Nene used to get in my last nerve. But Candice has a real bad mouth 👄 on her little a-s. Mo did what a lot of people, want to do.Kick her butt.

    1. With her Rudolph Nose self, she always tryin to check people as if she’s unchecked, act just like a child 🤸‍♀️

  4. Candumb is immature,unhappy and bitter she was jealous of Monique and Giselle looks good for her age Porsha not the one Candumb picking on Porsha b/c there is nothing interesting about her own life she can’t sing so wat Trina did a lil cameo w/her don’t mean she can sing Trina smart it was about the money and Chris be smart just leave Candumb and her miserable mammie!

  5. Candace is more mouth than common sense. She has watched Porsha, so she knew Porsha will throw them hands. Why is Candace still bringing up Monique, still dragging her name and character? Candace lost the battle and the war; let it go.

  6. None of them have anything going on in their lives so they are reaching back and pulling ish out of their a##’s hoping people will be intrigued. It has gotten old and they have beaten the ish out of those narratives. Just say No

  7. I agree Andy allows Candumb to bully these women curse them to the core and when she loses then she play the victim from a old fight then fake cry because she used to doing that for attention and shame on Andy for allowing her to say that to Gizelle ,Monique should have her lawyers sue Bravo and pay her everytime her name comes up because evidently she very important to these show storylines.

  8. Wish they’d fire her and bring Monique back. She was a true housewife. Young, funny, mom to young kids and a spitfire. Candice deserved the reaction she got. Monique told her over and over again to get out of her face.. Bravo behind the scenes could’ve and should’ve stopped it before it escalated. Monique was the best they had on this franchise.

  9. Monique ASSAULTED Candiace.
    FACTS ✔️

    Candiace is a Champion sparring with her WORDS, NOT FISTS.
    FACTS ✔️

    HW who cannot spar VERBALLY should be FIRED.

  10. Candiace is a Champion sparring with her WORDS, NOT FISTS.
    FACTS ✔️

    HW who cannot spar VERBALLY should be FIRED.

  11. Yes I agree Andy let’s her get away with insulting other women, Candiace spoke about Gizelle uterus that was so disgusting and all the other ladies said nothing Wendy laughed like she doesn’t have a uterus that is not becoming of a real woman

  12. I am glad sisters are calling out Candice for hateful evil witch she is. She picks on Giselle and the other light one because she thinks they won’t fight she has got them wrong. Neither one is an Ashley who she pulled a knife on or say something about their children children and she will feel how white privilege feels coming from a black woman like Robyn. Remember Robyn stepped to Monique. We light skinned black women have to be ready to fight on two fronts one black and the other white. You are both our enemies

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