‘Baddies West’ Star Rollie Pollie Makes Messy Accusations About Tommie Lee

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Tommie Lee is having drama on “Baddies West.”

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” veteran Tommie Lee hasn’t been on the show in years. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from asking for producers to bring her back to the platform. Regardless, Tommie has said that she has no desire to return. She was no stranger to feuds and chaotic moments with other coworkers. However, it’s her feud with Joseline Hernandez that really left a bad taste in her mouth. Tommie was arrested over the situation. And Joseline accused Tommie of trying to run her down with a car while she was pregnant. Tommie still isn’t over any of it. So she became visibly upset when someone played Joseline’s music while she filmed “The Conversation” on Zeus Network. She filmed the show opposite Akbar V. They had an altercation in a recording studio years ago.

Fast forward to now, Tommie is on the current season of “Baddies West.” She’s not only a cast member. But she’s also an executive producer, just like Natalie Nunn. Earlier in the season, Stunna Girl, another “Baddies West” cast member, attacked Tommie. And Stunna claimed that she was just getting Tommie back from trying to throw a drink at her at the auditions.

Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee had an altercation.

Well, now Tommie is on bad terms with Natalie. Hours ago, footage of Tommie attacking Natalie recently went viral on social media. Natalie posted the clip on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “Say no to drugs kids…make sure you subscribe to this Saturday fight. AIN’T NO KNIVES IN THE RING. AIN’T NONE OF THAT. ALL THIS 190 pounds I promise is gonna rock your entire ****! AIN’T NO SNEAKING AIN’T NO HAIR PULLING!! You’re absolutely about to get your teeth knocked in. Say bye bye to your fake teeth sweetie @thezeusnetwork.

The clip can be viewed here.

Natalie and Tommie will face off in a boxing match via Zeus Network. It goes down on Saturday.

Tommie hopped on Twitter to address the altercation with Natalie. She wrote, “I came in telling them I no longer wanna work with this network and I’m currently a CNA, but I learned that an outsider was speaking on my business and that only happens when an insider told them. Get your tickets. #****gotreal #tommie**** #bestscrubsintheworld”

Rollie Pollie called out Tommie Lee.

Interestingly enough, Tommie’s other “Baddies West” costar Rollie Pollie had some strong words for her, too. She told Tommie, “Yes, it was. Y’all got up out of there. And while we was tryna get up out of there, we got attacked by three different ******* from the back.”

This turned into an argument. Tommie responded with, “That’s y’all problem…” Rollie refused to back down, “No, it’s your problem! And you never have no faults so you can go somewhere with that ********.”

Tommie followed up by asking, “Who don’t have no faults?”

Rollie clapped back with accusations, “You don’t! You don’t! You don’t, I know you don’t cause you always drunk or high on some ************* perc or something! The **** is you talking about?!” She continued, “It is your problem! Learn how to conduct yourself like a woman in ******* public, *****!”

Check out the clip here.


  1. So at this point Zeus must have a dope boy on payroll cause they seem to make it a requirement to be an addict of some sort. Smh

    1. This the entertainment world. You would be shocked at how many people are addicts. People you would NEVER suspect.

  2. Listen Tommie Leeeeeee. Yooooo u up like that . U not probably going to respond to me but u don’t know how much I looooved u strait bullet. Years from love hip hop Atlanta. I know my words ain’t going to do nothing but u don’t like no hear me but listen love u regardless and ima leave my comments to myself. U heard ima let u feel me out cause that sh-t on a cement burning ima leave it at not saying no more cause u don’t deserve anything except what u gave me and is guns up raise up and serving. Loooove u keep it smoking

  3. I guess Tommie ain’t get the memo but being a EP means nothing over at Zeus. It really just puts a target on your back. And Rollie will fight anybody because she’s not scared of any of them. I respect that about her.

  4. Tommie has been dragged literally and figuratively since this season started. Zeus employees are clearly built differently and not playing with her over there. Chile…

  5. Wait….Did Tommie say she’s a CNA?!?!…. Hunni…if I walked into any medical facility and she’s working there…. it’s a HELL NAW for me…. I’m gonna shake a bone and get the h-ll on!!! ✌🏿

  6. Tommie is a drug addicted child abuser….why would you be fighting a girl younger than your own child & to talk about Chris browns baby because your high means getting dragged meant nothing to you….I think it’s time you grew up and say no to drugs & alcohol at this point….I can’t even feel sorry for you bcus you know wat it is…SMFH

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