Chris Bassett Claps Back at Backlash over Candiace Dillard Bassett’s Reunion Comments

Photo Credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard Bassett’s friendship is over.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans have a lot to say about the reunion. Candiace Dillard Bassett is furious over the accusations Gizelle Bryant made about Chris Bassett. Gizelle said that Chris made her feel uncomfortable at the previous reunion. She said Chris approached her about needing to talk in private. He wasn’t happy with how things were going at the time. But Gizelle didn’t like that she was speaking to a married man alone in her dressing room. As the season progressed, the accusations increased. Gizelle eventually accused Chris of groping Ashley Darby’s friend. She later said that she misheard. Regardless, Chris said that the damage had already been done to his reputation when this was addressed at the reunion.

Gizelle did apologize for saying that Chris was acting like a “sneaky link” and it seemed like he was trying to see if something could happen. However, Candiace was unmoved. She felt the timing was too convenient. But what bothered Candiace the most is Gizelle didn’t understand the difference between Chris actually doing something versus Gizelle having her own feelings about the situation itself.

Candiace Dillard Bassett addressed colorism at the RHOP reunion.

In Chris’ case, he and Candiace do not feel like he did anything wrong. And Gizelle waiting to discuss this until filming began was dirty. At the height of her annoyance with Gizelle’s lack of understanding at the moment, Candiace went off.

She said, “You are a garbage individual. You have no soul. The fact that you would sit up here and act as if are the victim, you are the reason that women cannot come forward with sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations. Because you sit up there with your privileged, white looking *** and think you can say whatever the **** you want to say. And no one is going to bat an eyelash.”

Candiace later added, “Your proximity to whiteness helps you to be able to sit up here and tell these lies!”

Chris Bassett said more on Twitter.

Wendy Osefo stepped in to tell Candiace that her words could imply something she doesn’t intend after their colorism conversation. However, Candiace stood firm.

She said to Ashley and Gizelle, “Within the conversation, there has to be room for the argument that someone who looks like me making accusations about sexual misconduct is not often taken as seriously as someone who looks like you or you. That was the point I was making. Did I say it in a way that was inflammatory? Yes. Am I sorry? Honestly, I am not.”

Candiace continued, “I have a level of vitriol and hurt directed to this person for the way that she has chosen to conduct herself that you could not maybe understand.”

Well, some fans agreed with Candiace’s comments. Others were outraged.

A Twitter user wrote, “Now Candiace…you are married to a white man. There’s a 99.8% chance your kids will be the same complexion as Gizelle. So basically, white-looking. I’m curious to know what you will teach them about how to navigate the world being white-looking & privileged.🤔 #RHOP”

In response to this, Chris tweeted, “Wow????? really? So because SHE has said she experiences colorism within this group…she can’t marry a white man?? And whatever children we have, she will be able to educate to NOT be and act like some of these women do towards the darker skinned ladies…come on man.”

Another Twitter user tweeted Chris about not understanding why Ashley and Gizelle didn’t understand Candiace’s point, “Wow. That was intense. Candiace was 1000% accurate. How come I understand exactly what she’s saying but g and a can’t? And…You are so decent.”

Chris replied, “They do…they just choose not to admit it for fear of being judged more harshly. It’s easier to play dumb.”


  1. So now the argument is a dark skinned black woman should cease to ever speak on colorism again if she marries a white man. It’s the same argument stupid a-s black men make on Twitter when Serena speaks out against racism. People turn into complete idiots when racism and colorism are topics.

    1. True Candiace is absolutely correct in everything she said, those ladies Gizzelle,Ashly,Robyn and Mia are disgusting. They only want light bright women cast on the show, they only tolerate Charisse

      1. Charisse got a big payoff from her ex-husband, Basketball Player-Eddie Jordan.

        That’s why she’s not worried about any of them.

        1. Charisse did not get a big pay off. She was fighting for one which she didn’t get. That’s why she never finished her Champagne 🍾 room.

          1. Trina,
            I stand to be corrected. I didn’t confirm nor have I confirmed after your response that you state strongly. In any case, I don’t think she’s hurting but I don’t know her story and I can’t count other people’s money.


          2. Her champagne room was completed. She got 50/50 which has been stated on the show and reunion.

        2. She’s sitting pretty and Messy as well lying on Karen, for what a storyline, boo girl. Did she get contact Peter, to open her Champagne & Wine bar???? She stated in Miami, I do have the Money (thanks to her ex-husband)

      2. Your comments are so ridiculous and ignorant! They are all black females and were due respect even from a grand-standing hypocrite like Candiace. Bravo, please fire that woman. She thinks some how, that she can insult and berate the women with no consequences. She would not be missed. And btw, Gizelle would wrap intelligence around you 10x.

        1. I totally agree and why is it only colorism when it’s a light skinned person doing something to somebody dark. But not colorism when the darker ladies ie Candace says ignorant comments to the lighter girls. Y doesn’t it work both ways. This words just seems like a word that causes more divide in the same race/culture

          1. Well yes. Colorism is about the prejudice and discrimination of dark skinned people, not light skinned people. By definition, colorism means:

            prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

            You can’t both sides the colorism conversation like you can’t both sides the racism conversation. So ask yourself why you’re trying to disrupt the discourse.

      3. That is so far fetched. Can they not like her simply due to the fact that she has a vile mouth? Just because she’s sake skinned doesn’t mean ppl aren’t allowed to like her. It’s not always about Race!!

      4. What Candiace, was saying is “TRUE” dark skinned women have it harder than light skinned women, even as today 2023, her wording just came out WRONG. Regarding Gizelle, Robyn, Mia they truly LIE on Karen, to take the HEAT off of them.

  2. What Candance fails to realize it’s not the color of her skin that makes people criticize her or colorism it’s the fact that she goes low and has absolutely no shame in what she says. She talked about Ashley’s miscarriage like it was a joke and now Giselle’s fibroids which are not a laughing matter. I have lost all respect for her and him for defending her foul a-s comments both of them are despicable AF.

    1. But you haven’t lost respect for Gizelle, Ashley, and Mia who have said and done much worse. That’s colorism. PS, she didn’t make fun of Ashley’s miscarriage. That’s a complete fabrication.

      1. Amen! Staying Anonymous! Amen!

        That’s my sentiment. All of them have hit below the belt. Every last one!

      2. She did, I believe at one of Monique’s Pool Party
        I’m Dark Skinned it’s her mouth for me

        1. Yes she did say Talk about Ashley and her miscarriage and Gizelle’s fibroids that’s why she’s struggling to get pregnant now.

        2. You’re incorrect also. Rewatch that episode. Candiace came for Michael’s authencity at Monique’s rainbow baby party. And given what we know about Michael now, it was an astute question to ask.

      3. People have the ability to just not like someone.
        Her mouth already got her popped once. And that had nothing to do with colorism.

        1. This isn’t relevant to anything Candiace is saying though. Candiace never said no one should dislike her. She said the light skinned women do the same or worse offenses as her, but you all and her co workers judge her harsher. That is due to colorism.

        2. I think people are choosing to forget that part because it’s 💯FACTS. So, thanks for reminding them.

        3. Her fan club forgetting tht part b/c thy don’t like the light skinned women,I stopped watching because they are an insult to women period has nothing to do with color,I didn’t know this was rachet tv so at first didn’t know what it was about in my mind hey they have given educated women a platform I’m thinking they can build and network I’m seriously thinking we was about to blow up ,if only thy knew how thy look at was my sister’s house and she watching this crazy thy allowed a few dollars to have thm on tv insulting each other thy have husband and children,like really I’m a lawyer every move I make I’m careful anything come out they mouth for $$$ hopefully these rachet shows end soon I rather see their families and business grow.

      4. Yes she did she was was laughing and making snarky comments about Ashley and Michael showing emotion about losing a baby. You not acknowledging that is your version of colorism

        1. Candiace never made fun of Ashley having a miscarriage. What she did do is question if Michael was being real during that scene because she understood how calculating and shady he is as a person. And given what we know about Michael now, I don’t think it was wrong to question him. Michael is not a good person. But back to colorism, here’s the definition:

          “prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.”

          So no, Candiace was not being colorist.

          1. So does that make her a racist or just ignorant. And if someone keeps following up with conversations but doesn’t acknowledge what she does does that make them just as ignorant

          2. Melody, The definition of racism: the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.

            So, no. No one was being racist in that situation.

            The definition of ignorant: lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing.

            That’s subjective. I think Candiace was being shrewd about Michael’s obvious lack of character. You feel she’s being ignorant and insensitive because you feel Michael was truthful in that moment. No wrong answer there.

            However, bringing up Candiace’s character or lack of character when we’re talking about colorism specifically is the equivalent to bringing up a black man’s past when we’re discussing a moment in which he was a victim of racism. It’s irrelevant. Let’s stay on topic.

          3. They all have said terrible things about each other. Candace took it way too far. And she knew she did. If there was a problem within group with colorism then Wendy would have felt the same.

          4. I’m glad you know how to google. So if Candace talks about light skinned black or whites it’s okay because she’s dark skinned and they couldn’t possibly know how being a dark skinned person feels. And experiencing the loss of a child no matter what skin color or what they’ve done does not excuse ignorant behavior or statements. This just gave her another reason to show her true colors. If god ever decides to give her dwindling uterus a child may he be as light as gizzelle Ashley or Robyn so she can see that black is black and they all have had it rough at some point and time. And no need to response since you’ve obviously have made up your mind and so have I. Can’t be aggressive and then play the victim s

          5. X,

            There is no IF, there is a colorism issue. Wendy feels the same way which is why she also said there is a colorism issue. However, you insinuating that every dark skinned person must agree that a particular incident is colorism for it to be colorism is the equivalent to a white person saying something isn’t racist because a conservative black person said it isn’t racist.

          6. Melody,

            The conversation we’re having is about colorism. Colorism is the prejudice of dark skinned people. Now, for some reason, you do not want to stay on topic. You can read past posts where we all discussed Candiace’s past offenses. But I will not allow you to sway me off course. Back on topic, Candiace correctly pointed out Gizelle’s light skin privilege. She said Gizelle looks like a white woman and there’s a privilege that comes with that which is why she’s taken more seriously when she makes accusations. Now Candiace saying that made you angry. However, Ashley Darby said the exact same thing about Gizelle in season 1. Gizelle also agreed and said she could pass as a white woman. Here’s the link:

            So why are you so offended by Candiace saying it? This is what colorism is about. No one is saying Candiace is a saint. What we’re saying is you and others judge her more harshly for the same offenses the light skinned women make. Just be fair.

          7. Staying Anonymous!

            I Concur! And, Wendy did state at the reunion that she believes there’s colorism as well.

            I’m not sure which show Melody Lebron was watching.

          8. No everyone is saying it’s not her skin color but her mouth and I’m tired of hearing niw that’s it’s dark skinned vs light skinned

          9. Melody,

            Actually, no. Everyone is not saying it’s not her skin color. Which is why I and many others are saying it is.

          10. Yea she did say that she didn’t think Ahley wasn’t being real about it when she gave her speech. I just can’t understand why it’s so easy for some people to keep overlooking that as well as all of the other vile things that she does. The same people who are outraged about the “colorism” that apparently happens with the show are the same people who keep making excuses for her vile behavior.

          11. Gia, I watched that scene recently. Candiace doubted Michael’s sincerity during the speech, not Ashley’s. Either way, you know that’s not relevant to the colorism discourse for a couple of reasons 1. I and others on here dragged her for it, you did too I’m sure because the social media backlash was strong. Candiace was held accountable on the show. Candiace also apologized to Ashley.

            2. You bringing this up now while we’re discussing colorism is the equivalent to white people bringing up a black man’s past when we discuss the injustice he faced from police officers. Candiace’s past actions are irrelevant because colorism like systemic racism is never excusable.

            All we’re simply saying is Candiace receives more backlash for the same offenses Ashley and the other light skinned women make. That is colorism. Keep in mind Ashley has said and done horrible things as well. Michael too. But you didn’t mention any of that. Imagine working a job and you make the same bad decisions as your coworkers. But you’re the only one ever reprimanded and no one ever forgets what you did but your co workers have a clean slate every season. It sucks to experience. You don’t have to like Candiace or Wendy to understand these points.

    2. No, what you fail to realize is Candiace’s point is you all don’t keep the same energy when it’s the light skin women doing the same things. And she’s absolutely correct.

    3. Preach preach preach! She goes way too low and that shows how immature she is…. One day she will get what’s coming to her and be outed like she tries out her cast mates! They gonna being Monique back to whip that muskrat tail! She is so obnoxious and low down with no class!

      1. How is Candiace pointing out that Gizelle is light skin and taken more seriously statistically when it comes to sexual assault accusations more low down than Gizelle lying about assault? You truly believe Monique would approve of the nonsense you typed on here? She just agreed with the points Wendy made about hypocrisy and colorism in the group. Imagine hating Candiace so much that you deny obvious colorism even when you claim to stan another brown girl who was also a victim of colorism. I’d never give a stranger that kind of power over me.

      2. And, what’s your name; Candiace?

        What’s the difference in what you’ve written vs what Candiace have said?

        Nothing! They both hit belowbthe belt.

    4. I agree with you. Candace doesn’t know when to stop. At this point, she starting to look like a bully because she’s steadily going to have to Gisele with all these low blows and she knows to see you he’s not gonna do anything about it. My question is will she do that too Mia or even Monique??

      1. No, she isn’t starting to look like a bully. Gizelle is an actual bully with a track record of attacking multiple people and marriages. But it’s Candiace you’re calling a bully. I’m sure you’ll deny colorism is an issue as well. Smh!

          1. Candace is gonna get her butt beat again. And someone is gonna smack Giselle in the mouth. Both of them should watch out😏

    5. I agree with you and I had at one time stood on her side but she showed me tonight she has a totally nasty, different side of her and by the way she has no soul.

    6. And what you fail to realize is it’s the color of Candiace’s skin that makes people criticize her more than the others. That is the issue here. But for some reason you guys keep trying to spin this into a different conversation.

    7. I agree. Candace is reckless in her words and it makes unappealing. Her verbal aggression is the same as physical aggression. Also, pitting light skinned women against dark skinned women is shameful.

      1. If Candiace’s verbal aggression bothers you so much, why aren’t you equally offended by Gizelle, Robyn, Mia, Ashley, and Karen’s verbal aggression? They have all said and done the same things.

        What Candiace actually did was point out Gizelle’s light skin privilege, the same thing Ashley did back in Season 1. Why is it an issue when Candiace does it? Because she’s dark skinned? You do know that Gizelle has said herself that she could pass as a white woman? So if Ashley and Gizelle have already said the same things you’re angry at Candiace for, do you understand why colorism is something we need to address a lot more?

    8. I get why Candace is angry nobody ever holds the bright bulbs of the ground to there wrong doings, Robin, Giselle, Mia, Ashley
      Giselle has been nasty to Karen since season 1 nobody says a word Robin been lying about Juan since season 1 Mia been lying since she started the show Ashley just been dumb since she started on the show

    9. I totally agree with you because when she said the comments about Gizelle uterus. I so wish G would of said something about her scramble eggs. Yes I know that low but Candiace has a ghetto mouth and in the ghetto the number 1 rule if you going say some fowl stuff you better be able to back it up with your hands if you say it to the wrong person. When Monique gave her the hands so was all teary eye. Learn to shut your mouth sometimes and yes it freedom of speech but just be respectful.



    1. It’s definitely not colorism. Gizelle has three beautiful daughters that are brown skinned like Candiace that’s probably why she set there like this is bs, because all that was nonsense. Candiace has been the least liked on the show since she came on and almost got fired. So, she needed something to turn that around. The same way OG did on Basketball Wives and in the end how did that work for her. Sue Gizelle for what???? because she said Chris made her feel uncomfortable. As any women should feel if a married man, that has been drinking ask to speak to you in your room just to complain about his wife. Come on now. Friend or not I would feel uncomfortable. And why would he ask Gizelle in the first place shouldn’t it have been Robyn. Remember, Candiace looks up to her like a big sister. If you think he should sue from the rubbing comment, Gizelle, Mia, and Robyn all had something to say about what they thought they heard from Ashley’s mouth. Since when is repeating something that you thought you heard a crime???? Gizelle gets attacked the most out of all these ladies, even about Jamal who’s not even on the show but she keeps her composure and stays unbothered. Yet, you say one thing negative that has anything to do with Candiace or Wendy’s life and they take it to the extreme. So it’s not the color of their skin, it’s their smart a*s mouths and rude a*s behavior. Let’s focus on the real issue which is Chris’s sneaky behavior. It’s weird how no one is asking Why did he slide into Ashley’s messages after the club to say her & her friends should have gone to his spot. My husband (manager or not) would have NEVER contacted one of my friends especially one that I don’t like I repeat don’t like to tell her about something going on before or after the fact. The real question is WHY did he ask Gizelle to go to her room in the first place? Then he LIED and said she asked him. Then had the audacity to LIE again saying she was laying on the bed with only her robe on….trying to insinuate she had no clothes on underneath. Come on now they had just walked in the room so she definitely had on clothes…. Can you see why she would be uncomfortable. You see where that narrative could go putting her in a bad light just from his lies. I’m pretty sure Candiace and him had all that aggression towards Gizelle planned to keep the focus off his shady behavior.

      1. Niki,

        1. It’s definitely not colorism. Gizelle has three beautiful daughters that are brown skinned like Candiace that’s probably why she set there like this is bs, because all that was nonsense. Candiace has been the least liked on the show since she came on and almost got fired.

        It definitely IS colorism. Your wall of text won’t change that. You sound very uneducated insinuating that a woman with dark skinned children can’t be colorist. It happens all the time. In fact, these mothers treat their light skinned children better than the dark skin children. You could easily read about this or research studies that have been done. Or even listen to accounts of black people who endured this personally. Also, Candiace was never almost fired. Gizelle and Robyn are rightfully the most hated followed by Ashley. This is why Candiace receives more opportunities outside of the show than all 3.

        2. If you think he should sue from the rubbing comment, Gizelle, Mia, and Robyn all had something to say about what they thought they heard from Ashley’s mouth. Since when is repeating something that you thought you heard a crime???? Gizelle gets attacked the most out of all these ladies, even about Jamal who’s not even on the show but she keeps her composure and stays unbothered.

        I guess you missed the time when Porsha was nearly fired for repeating Phaedra’s lie. And once Phaedra was exposed as the source, she was fired. The law doesn’t protect people who spread incriminating lies. Look it up. Gizelle does not remain unbothered either. What’s actually happening is the scenes of her having meltdowns and tantrums are edited out of the episodes. Gizelle has said this herself.

        Gizelle is a black karen who thinks every man wants her. I’m not sure why you think Chris is the problem there.

        1. Miss Morgan,

          Very well educated but Im not about to get into that with you. I understand some women do treat their light skinned child differently than their darker skinned child but this is not the case here. None of the ladies on this show have displayed any signs of colorism. If Candiace’s colorism issue is with how she feels she is being portrayed by Bravo, they’re not telling how to act or what to say. Candiace is doing a great job at giving them footage, and at the end of the day she can quit. If the colorism comes from the shows fans, she is never at a lost for words. To not put it all on Candiace, Bravo should address whatever problem she’s dealing with but we know they won’t. Candiace should not have brought it to her cast mates like they were the problem. Separate issue, in regards to the Gizelle & Chris, Chris is part of the problem. Everyone is looking at the end of problem but not how it began. In the end of when it comes down to it………I said what I said and I will continue saying it……NO MARRIED man should be asking a women if he could talk to her in her room or dm’ing any women. Chris could have pulled Gizelle to the side and said whatever he had to say wherever they were at. Once again, all that aggression Candiace & Chris had for Gizelle was to deflect from his sneaky ways, period.

          1. Wow, Ms Morgan!

            Now, you know I am mostly in agreement with you but it is truly okay to agree to disagree.
            I can receive your comment about Chris going into Gizelle’s dressing room. However, sometimes friends cross the line and do things that some other’s find strange. The kind of friends that I have would be like get your as_ out of here when they know the wife has insecurities. I’ve been married and my ex-husband and I shared male and female friends.
            It was never that doubt and it truly wasn’t the reason why I’m divorced. Gizelle also could have said, Chris I am uncomfortable with your being in my dressing room without Candiace.
            I believe because they have been to his house, spoken to him like he was a gossiping girlfriend, he thought it was okay with no harm intended. Every clip they show of him interacting with the women is genuine and sociable. Now, it’s going to be just like Wendy said. The men cannot socialize with the women because of Michael Darby, not Chris Bassett.

            In any case, let’s pray that we all take a look at how we see colorism. I’m not pointing the fingers at any of the women but Andy Cohen and his producers knows exactly what they are doing. At some point, something ugly is going to happen and it’s going to be a big lawsuit. So, Andy Cohen better be saying his coins because he’s slipping.

          2. “Very well educated but Im not about to get into that with you.”

            And that Niki is the issue. You are willfully and purposely trying to interfere with people attempting to have a productive conversation about colorism. You don’t see colorism because you simply do not want to.

            For those who do want to understand Candiace’s points since Niki is not that person:

            1. Ashley called Wendy ferocious for being upset about not being told she could bring her newborn on a cast trip. But Ashley did not call Robyn ferocious when Robyn tried to fight her at Oz and threatened to beat her up at the reunion.

            2. During season 1, Ashley said Gizelle and Robyn have “European features” and don’t embrace their blackness enough because they wear blonde and straight hair. Fast forward to now, Candiace says Gizelle looks like a white woman. And has privilege because of it. Ashley flips the script and said Candiace went too far. So Ashley can discuss passing, colorism, and privilege. But the dark skinned woman cannot.

            3. Mia physically attacked Wendy twice for her mouth (Mia’s words), but Mia had no desire to be violent when Gizelle said she was embezzling in her family business and faked having cancer for attention.

            4. Gizelle and Robyn referred to a dark skinned black man (James Harden) as looking dirty like he has fried chicken and watermelon in his beard. None of that was allowed to be discussed on the show by the way.

            5. Gizelle needed “security” because she was scared for her safety when Chris Samuels and Monique had a problem with her lies. But not once has Gizelle ever been uncomfortable of Michael Darby despite his record of assault and harassment. And at the last reunion, Gizelle even defended Michael right along with Ashley. They lied and said Gordon, the dark skinned man, is more inappropriate than Michael.

            I have more. You all do your brothers and sisters a disservice when you try to shut down colorism conversations. Colorism is deeply rooted into our society. Most people don’t intend to be colorist. It’s subconscious. Karen nailed it when she explained it at the reunion.

        2. Yes, Miss Morgan!

          I too am very well educated and proud of it. And, I’m proud to hear about other people of color speak on their education. Koodos to you, Miss Morgan! You said it and I concur!

          Niki, let’s agree to disagree. Name calling isn’t the answer.

          Well written and understood.

          Thank you!

      2. What does the color of Gizelle’s daughters’ skin have to do with the show displaying colorism? Also, what does whether you like or dislike a person have to do with colorism. In my opinion, they all have issues. It isn’t that the ladies display colorism, it’s the people around them that displays colorism (Bravo). Let’s be candid! I’m not sure how old you are or the complexion of your skin but historically, light skinned Black women have always been attracted to dark skinned Black Men and vice versa. This is not my take on it, this is the reality of our race.

        So, please, please, please leave Gizelle’s and anyone else’s children out of this colorism issue.

        We are doing just what Urban Belle, Bravo, Producers, Editors and the Companies who advertise during the show wants us to do. We are talking (writing) about it and continually watching it.

        If I had my way, I would revamp the entire housewives/reality tv shows across the board. One problem is that can’t come up with anything to pitch that would make investors and advertisers contribute to a show that people will not watch. PEOPLE UNFORTUNATELY, LIKE DRAMA & MESSINESS!

        Thanks for sharing & Best Wishes!


        1. I disagree! He has cooked for them and Chris has had conversations without Candiace and/or Wendy being present in the past. I have been married and I wasn’t skeptical when my husband talked to my friends nor was he when I talked to his friends. You have to determine what kind of relationship you have and if that doesn’t work for you, that’s okay too.

          Gizelle could have said Chris, I’m not comfortable with you coming into my room without Candiace. Simple! She says everything else out of her mouth including repeating what Candiace said “Chris has a big brown D_ck. So, please take the like and dislike out of the equation because this is a serious issue that should be discussed.

    1. I just dont see colorism. They all have their haters and seldom due to color. Ive experienced colorism. But when im an a hole im an a hole. Not because im dark

      1. There is absolutely a colorism issue. Twirl broke it down perfectly on the recap post. Kenya was fired and docked in pay upon her rehiring for not getting married on RHOA. Robyn won’t lose her job and was asked to appear on WWHL for damage control. Phaedra accused Kandi of planning to rape Porsha and was fired. Gizelle did the same to Chris and nothing happens to her. But people are saying Candiace is the problem and the worst person in the group. Then you have Mia who physically attacked Wendy for having a smart mouth but she didn’t attack Gizelle for saying she embezzled and faked cancer. There’s plenty more instances like Robyn actually tried to fight Ashley and Ashley never called her ferocious. But she called Wendy ferocious when she wasn’t even violent. All that is colorism. You experiencing colorism in the past doesn’t mean you’ll always be honest when it’s occurring to someone you don’t like.

  4. LaQuetta, I respect your opinion but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    They all go low and they all have hit each other below the belt. I’ve lost respect for all of them, not just one of them. And, that’s across the housewive’s franchise.

  5. I agree. As a dark skinned woman, I don’t stan Candiace because of her mouth. There are dark skinned people that I have met that I couldn’t tolerate and there are some that I love to death so I am not a colorist, I just believe people when they show me who they are and people are more than their skin color. I have also met light skinned people that I could not tolerate and some that I love to death so it’s possible that the GEB’s click just like each other regardless of their skin color. It’s not feasible for everyone to like everyone RHOP fans need to grow up.

    1. Grow up,

      I try and choose my responses carefully. I’m amazed at those of us who have a different opinion who tell others to grow up, I’ve read where other’s called people names who didn’t agree with their opinion. It’s all the same. It’s like picking and choosing what you deem to be right when it is all of our perception based on what we’re seeing. In my opinion, colorism exists as surely as slavery did.

      Have we made progress? yes! Do we as Black people still discriminate against each other? YES! Just maybe and I pray that none of those ladies suffer from colorism because they too have to live with all of this backlash from this Pandora’s Box. It’s real! You can’t deny someone’s feelings no matter what you think of them personally. Just like we can’t say that Chris Bassett didn’t make Gizelle feel uncomfortable but because Gizelle talks about what she likes in a man, a big D_ck and she has repeated what Candiace said about Chris having a big brown D_ck, she is suspect. And, because Gizelle is trying to continue her paycheck, she has been vicious this year. She was vicious with Monique and I didn’t like Monique’s actions but I didn’t like the way Gizelle treated her in the end, NO!
      Gizelle throws rocks and hide her hands.

      I respect your opinion Grow up but Woman to Woman and Color to Color (I am a medium dark skinned Black Woman), telling others to grow up isn’t any different than Gizelle’s words in my opinion.
      Be Well!

  6. I never comment on anything regarding these reality TV shows. But, today is the day!!!!! I agree with the comment that everyone has hit below the belt. But with that said, Candiace had/has a privileged life, she is a former beauty queen with a law degree but still spews out the most negative and disgusting comments towards all the women.
    If she were a man and saying these things she would be labeled a misogynist. When I see her doing her interviews, I have to run my daughter out the room because I know she is going to say something foul and crazy!

    Colorism exists. I do not deny that. But, that had NOTHING to do with Gizelle and Chris’ situation. A black woman making a claim against a white man…sorry it doesn’t stick. Candiace needs some therapy.

    1. Gizelle lied about Chris assaulting Ashley’s friend and all that happened is Mia and Ashley said it wasn’t a big deal. But they were outraged when Candiace said that Gizelle weaponizes her light skin privilege. Sis, that is colorism. You saying Candiace needs therapy, but not Gizelle who seems to think every man wants and is attracted to her to the point of lying about harassment and assault isn’t a good look for you personally.

      1. So let us reflect on why Phaedra Parks was terminated from RHOA. Wasn’t she let go because she made vicious rumors about Candice and Todd? Saying Chris assaulted someone or was being a “sneaky link” is the same thing, it’s a lie….. make it make sense. What they hatched up was defaming to his character.

        If you step back, you can ask yourself is it favoritism, colorism, or both? Does Gizelle get away with things because of favoritism by Bravo and public? Is she the favorite due to colorism? The biggest issue is that no cast member is held to the same standard.

        We argue and disagree on social media platforms and truth is that is what BRAVO wants to elicit, conversation, and interests in the show both negative and positive. If the public is t talking they can’t count those silent nights and jingle bells (coins)

        Want to see a change, be a change? stop watching, I bet Bravo will listen !!!!

  7. My question is why do candiace think she gets a pass on saying and doing whatever she feels like because her skin is darker. Heck mines is also but also my parents taught me to think before I speak. So Mrs.Candiace , your tongue is a mighty sword and you love cutting people with it, just remember on the other side you can’t handle it and you love to cry foul.

  8. The bad part about it is the justification of Candice and Criss’ actions. There ain’t too many men out here gonna let him talk to their woman like that. Secondly, they probably practiced what they were going to say because you can’t tell the world they thought they accomplished anything or thought they made a positive impact. Also, he is a white guy. What color does Candice think her baby will be. GROW UP!!

  9. I am flabbergasted at Candice. She has no clue she is doing exactly what she is “ bringing to light”. She is fowl with her mouth and a poor choice for bravo to talk about colorism. I will never watch RHW of Atlanta again. I will not promote her one side narrative.

    1. The fact that you’re more outraged at Candiace than Gizelle who lied about sexual assault and sexual inappropriateness as well as Robyn who said a victim of sexual harassment lied on Juan is exactly what we mean we say there is a colorism issue.You feel compelled to ignore everything the light skinned women do that is equally horrible or worst.

  10. Candice is obsessed with colorism and always wants to talk about how she gets treated because her skin is dark, I don’t think it’s all together her skin tone I believe it’s her attitude, and then she makes an insulting remark about Giselle skin tone, if Gizelle had made an insulting remark about Candice skintone, he’ll would break loose all over the place. Candice mouth is going to be the undoing of her.

    1. I was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to ignorantly suggest the dark skinned woman is jealous and only talking about colorism because she hates herself. It’s the same tactic racists use when black people point out racism. Just like black people aren’t self loathing for calling out racism, dark skinned people aren’t self loathing for pointing out colorism.

  11. I have seen black people get on here and defend Michael Darby while dragging Candiace. Meanwhile, Michael is doing dirty sh-t in Africa. So people are literally defending a colonizer over a dark skinned woman. And they are always more outraged by what Candiace has done. The colorism is undeniable..

  12. Gizelle is DELUSIONAL.
    Every man or husband DOES NOT WANT GIZELLE.


    1. Candice herself said Chris was attracted to Gizelle, when Karen had a lunch with the women at her home and their husbands, they were playing games, Ashley asked them if they were attracted to one of the other housewives, Ray said he was attracted to Katie and Chris said he was attracted to Gizelle. So that’s not true!

  13. If we are saying Giselle’s proximity to whiteness would make her perceived to be more credible, we must also acknowledge that Chris is white 🤷🏾‍♀️. Meaning if it’s Chris against Gizelle, he still has the advantage. I agree with Candiace about everything she said in defense of her husband but you can’t debate colorism and make a statement about a black women being “white looking”.

    1. …but you can’t debate colorism and make a statement about a black women being “white looking”

      Umm, she absolutely can. Colorism is the subconscious and conscious prejudice of darker skinned people in relation to the superior treatment of light skin people. Candiace pointing out that Gizelle’s lies were taken more seriously due to her complexion plays into the colorism conversation. Statistically, lighter women are believed more so than darker skinned women.

  14. I totally support Candice lighting Gizzards a-s up. This chicken neck says anything she wants about evvverree one on the show each season and goes unchecked, gets stupid Robert Dixon to throw rocks for her and prances around every season with a new man. ….cause errrbody wants her cold box. NOT. Her own Daddy refused to go to her wedding and walked off the show refusing to participate in her last lady shenanigans with pastor Holy Wh-re. Gizelle has some deep insecurities and is a classic Mean Old lady.. Candice has just as much right to how she feels when someone LIES on her husband with such a hurtful accusation. You may not like what or how she Saud it..but Giselle needed that lesson..

  15. I agree with most of you that the show has gone low. Gizelle did NOT accuse Chris of sexual assault. She said how he made her feel. Watching a white man, any man adress a woman that way is disgusting. Ironic, how Candiace claims that Gizelle’s proximity to whiteness makes her more believable. Well, her husband’s whiteness makes him more prone to be believed, period! Had Gizelle made a comment about her darker skin, she would have been accused of colorism. Her issue with her dark skin is her own insecurity, not theirs. Monique assaulted her physically after her verbal assault, but then she cried. Obviously insecure immature women lash out. Grown women don’t. She sat there and accepted that her husband yells like a lunatic!

    She goes on a live platform to bash a the othet women, but blames Robyn for playing her own words from a live platform, on her LIVE PLATFORM! Comical

    Candiace is a nasty bully. There’s throwing shade, then there”s plain vile. Making fun of another woman’s female medical issues, when she doesn’t even know what’s waiting for her. How ignorant! Uteran fibroids are unfortunately more common in Black women. “Dwindling uterus?” What grown educated woman speaks that way? Candiace should be ashamed of herself. I am glad that Gizelle remained composed!

    1. Gizelle did accuse Chris of sexual assault and this is what Candiace means when she says there is a colorism issue. You just said Gizelle didn’t accuse Chris of sexual assault like you didn’t see her say that man groped Ashley’s friend Deborah on the show. Lady groping is sexual assault. Why do you all keep downplaying what Gizelle does but amplify everything Candiace does? And you’re pulling the same move white racists make when they tell black people that we are racist for pointing out racism. Telling a light skinned woman she has privileges due to her proximity to whiteness is not colorism. That’s like saying a black person is racist for telling a white person they have privileges during encounters with police officers.

      1. In the eye of white ppl that indoctrinated black people into colorism; we all black. And while they will tolerate lighter skin, when it comes to white vs black (light or dark) it’s always them. So Chris sat behind Candace and allowed the two blacks to go at it…which is the goal of colorism. I don’t understand why we bash one another when the problem is the systematic division of a great population.

        1. We are not “all black” to white people. If that was actually true, white people wouldn’t have had dark skinned slaves in the fields and light skinned slaves in the house. Even today, light skinned people receive less harsher sentencing than dark skinned people in our criminal justice system. It’s a product of systemic racism.

          1. I don’t negate the systemic racism, nor colorism. I definitely said “white vs. black” and don’t understand why black people take it out on one another like it wasn’t implemented to do exactly that…divide. White ppl created it and put it into place, but light skin ppl have to take the blame for it.

          2. No, what light skinned people have to do is acknowledge colorism and light skin privilege. It’s not helpful to gaslight.

    2. Thank you Gigi for this. You are on point with everything you said. People would be going crazy had Gizelle sat there and told Candiace “you sit over there with your black a*s”

      1. And she should ignorance and stupidity don’t have a color it just need a mouth piece so Thk Candy Dumb!!!!

  16. Candiace is just nasty, period. She is an ignorate educated fool, who believes that she has arrived, because of her degrees, business, music, and WHITE husband.
    She is vicious and insecure, engages in the same behaviors she accuses others of, and it always trying to body shame and/or humilate women she feels inferior to. Although she has jumped on the colorism band wagon, which certainly exists, she fails to see how her insecurities causes her to operating from the spectrum of name calling…..
    Why the hate for Giselle, who isn’t doing anything but her job, keeping up drama is a very deep issue at the core of Candiace that she needs to address. They all talk crap about each other, wait until the cameras are rolling to spill tea, and more often than not repeat unfounded rumours, leave out information, spend tales, etc., But her anger and hatred towards Gizelle as more to do with her own issues of skin.

  17. Candiace is just nasty, period. She is an ignorate, educated fool, who believes that she has arrived because of her degrees, business, music, and WHITE husband.
    She is vicious and insecure, engages in the same behaviors she accuses others of, and it always trying to body shame and/or humilate women she feels inferior to. She has jumped on the colorism band wagon, which certainly exists, but fails to see how her insecurities causes her to operating from the darkness of hurtful name calling…..
    Why the hate for Giselle, who isn’t doing anything but her job – keeping up drama, is a very deep rooted issue at the core of how Candiace sees herself compared to lighter
    skin women. They all talk crap about each other, wait until the cameras are rolling to spill tea, and more often than not repeat unfounded rumours, leave out or add information to add interest to a rumour, spend tales, etc.
    Although she was defending her husband, some of the things coming out of her mouth was disgusting. What was even more disgusting was to watch these so called refined, upstanding men of color sit there and allow Chris to scream, attempt to intimidate, and disrespect a women without intervening.

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