Fans Call out Ashley Darby & Gizelle Bryant After Clip of Past RHOP Reunion Goes Viral

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Candiace Dillard Bassett took issue with the accusations made about Chris Bassett.

Real Housewives of Potomac” couple Candiace Dillard Bassett and Chris Bassett are currently hot topics on social media. Part 3 of the reunion was full of more dramatic moments. Both are upset that Chris has been accused of being flirty with Ashley Darby‘s friend. Producers weren’t necessarily able to back this up with any footage though. So Ashley admitted that the footage made it seem as if her friend may not have been truthful. Interestingly enough, Ashley wasn’t the only one who made accusations about Chris. Gizelle Bryant said that Chris made her feel uncomfortable during the previous season’s reunion. She and Chris have different versions of events.

Gizelle alleged that Chris asked her if they could talk. She obliged. But Gizelle didn’t like that she spoke to a married man alone in her dressing room. She later said that it seemed like Chris was trying to be a “sneaky link.” And she suspected that Chris was trying to see if she was “with it.” This is something she apologized for saying at the reunion. Chris tried to be receptive, however, Candiace was unmoved. She and Chris also think that Gizelle made matters much worse because also accused Chris of groping Ashley’s friend as well just to later say she misheard.

It was hard for Candiace to remain calm as Gizelle failed to understand her and Chris’ points on the matter. They wanted her to recognize that how she uses her words is very important. So suggesting that Chris did anything to make her uncomfortable isn’t honest. And while she’s free to feel how she wants, it’s not okay to say that Chris did something malicious.

Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard Bassett’s controversial fallout led to a conversation about colorism.

At the height of the tension, Candiace called Gizelle out on her light skin privilege. She said that Gizelle’s “proximity to whiteness” made her feel as if she can say whatever she pleases with no consequences. Ashley and Mia Thornton told Candiace she went “too far” by suggesting that Gizelle looks like a white woman and has privilege. As for Ashley, she even told Candiace that she has never said anything about anyone else’s skin color.

While some people have been calling Candiace out for her words during the segment on social media, other RHOP fans are being critical of Ashley and Gizelle. In the process, a clip from a past reunion from seasons ago went viral.

The video was taken from the Season 1 reunion. Andy Cohen brought up the arguments Robyn Dixon and Gizelle were having with Katie Rost about race. Gizelle and Robyn had accused Katie of not embracing her blackness enough.

In response, Katie told them they may be more multiracial than Black themselves. This offended Robyn and Gizelle.

During the segment, Katie even told Gizelle that she could pass for a white woman, “Now you…maybe, could get away with being Caucasian.” Gizelle agreed, “I could but I don’t because I’m proud to say I’m Black.

Andy wanted Ashley to join the conversation, “Okay. I want to ask Ashley your opinion. You’re biracial. What was your reaction to all this?”

And Ashley said, “I was just really surprised because the two women who have the most European features seem to make the biggest deal of race. When most of us embrace our naturalness, for some reason, they don’t.”

She added, “Coloring your hair blonde and straightening it is European. That is a very European thing.”

Well, Chris caught wind of the throwback reunion clip. He retweeted it and wrote, “Well ain’t this some ****…now please let me see your outrage here….all while one even acknowledges it 😂😂😂 it’s the hypocrisy for me 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️.”

Check out the clip here.


  1. Ashley did acknowledge that she is privileged because is light skinned. She was the only one to so. She was also correct about the Bandits.

    1. I think his point is Ashley lied when she said she never talked about anyone’s skin color. Well she has. And she seemed to understand colorism a lot better back then. Ashley said Gizelle and Robyn have very European features. But she said Candiace was wrong to say that Gizelle looks like a white woman and is privileged because of that. It’s unfair to Candiace. Why can Ashley say Gizelle looks European but Candiace can’t?

      1. Great point! People who hate Candace will not think rationally about what she said . Candaice was right.

        1. No she wasn’t black educated women should find better ways to express their views! If you never experienced racism you may have a Candumb way of thinking she most fake of them all when it comes to these storylines she really needs to move on from Gizelle and Ashley it’s very old but she need them to make her look important

      2. This right here !! This is exactly Candiace’s point. She can say the same thing or do the same things as them but it won’t get the same criticism or feedback as them.

      3. I feel she only feels like Candiace isn’t facing prejudice because she doesn’t like Candiace, Season 1 Ashley was who Robyn & Gizelle were picking on, now that shes apart of the picking she sees no wrong in doing what they did to her to Candiace, sh-ts always funnier when its always on someone else’s foot.

  2. And Chris is absolutely right. This flashback should have been shown but maybe during season 8 it will be. Production..take notes.


    It’s Real and it needs to be said. Thanks for the old footage. Now, Andy Cohen what are you going to do? Candiace and Chris, since Michael D wants to file a lawsuit, so should you on the basis of HYPOCRISY!

    1. Does it matter! If she likes/love him, that’s her business. From the voice of Kandi Buruss, “if I want to take care of everybody around me, I could”. Not an exact quote!

      It’s not my decision about who and what people choose to love and take care of. I’m taking care of me because that’s all I can afford to take care of.


      1. Does anything we say on here matter? I can ask what I’d like to ask just like you can comment the way you want to comment.
        The question was in regard to him having a lot of time on his hand. Obviously we both do as well

  4. It just goes to show you that the cast and fans just don’t want to receive the colorism conversation if it’s coming from a dark skinned person.

    1. Maybe, Andy Cohen or Oprah Winfrey should do a forum on colorism.

      It’s Real and It’s Serious. I’m glad it was brought out.

      1. Gizelle is a hypocrite because she understood what colorism was in season 1 when she was talking to Katie but she played stupid this season when it was Candiace bringing it up. Why make the face like Candiace said something so offensive when she recognized back then she looks white?

      2. Gizelle can be proud to be black AND be a colorist. It’s about skin privilege…the closer to white, the closer to right.

  5. There is always a clip, a screenshot, an interview, a podcast that highlights the hypocrisy of this group. It’s really time for a cast shakeup.

  6. So Ashley just doesn’t like Candiace and hijacked an important conversation for selfish reasons. Yeah, I don’t care for her anymore.

    1. I never did care for Ashley, shes a flip flopper she blows whatever way the wind blows fake as shit

  7. My problem is with Karen. She sits there, yawning and filing her nails, while the ladies are talking. She is so pathetic with her “holier than thou” attitude. She can throw stones at people, but pulls her Gran Dame act when it comes to someone calling her out. She thinks she is above everyone, but forgets where she came from. She is rude, ignorant and two faced.

    1. Be that as it may, Karen was the only light skinned woman on that stage that intelligently broke down what colorism is. She gets respect from me.

      1. Well it was easy to get away w/ being like that this season w/ Gizelle & Robyn propping up Cherrisse to get her back on the show fulltime! The thing is Cherrisse has nothing to offer but lies, gossip & insults! She wants to get back together w/ Karen so bad, but when snubbed she loses her mind making up stories and lies about Karen being wild and out of control! The b!tch needs some serious theraputic help! 😉

    2. I think it’s time for Karen to go. I don’t like the fact, she steals ideas from the other women and make it seem like something she’s been working on all along.

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