Evelyn Lozada is Engaged + Details About Her Man Are Revealed

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After a controversial “Basketball Wives” exit, Evelyn Lozada is back on television.

Evelyn Lozada had a controversial departure from “Basketball Wives.” She clashed something serious with OG. After some shady exchanges that occurred between them on social media, OG said that Evelyn crossed the line. She accused Evelyn of racism. And she suspected that Evelyn’s decision to use a laughing monkey emoji on Instagram was a racist reference made about her amid their feud. Evelyn denied that she used the emoji to refer to OG. But some fans sided with OG when it came to the situation. They took to social media to call out Evelyn.

In response to the accusations, Evelyn hit OG with a defamation lawsuit. And OG countersued for emotional distress. Eventually, things became so contentious that the women would no longer film scenes together. Evelyn went on to announce that she was walking away from “Basketball Wives.” In her opinion, the show had become too negative. So she didn’t think it was something she needed to continue to be a part of. Plus, she felt like the accusations made by OG were completely unfair and damaging to her image.

Well, Evelyn has made her official return to television. She’s starring on Peacock’s new show, “Queens Court” with Tamar Braxton and Nivea.

Evelyn Lozada is getting married.

Apparently, Evelyn agreed to look for love on the show. And well, she not only succeeded. But she’s now engaged.

Evelyn and her boo broke the news to People Magazine. YouTuber DJ Richie Skye reported, “She is engaged to a man named Lavon Lewis who she actually met on Peacock’s Queens Court. Now this is what People is exclusively revealing. Now Louis is 42. He popped the question on Evelyn’s birthday back in December at a small gathering with friends and family in Los Angeles.”

Richie continued, “Apparently, this man is a marketing firm co-founder. So I would assume he got the coin.”

You can check out the photos from Evelyn and Louis’ romantic moment in the video below.


  1. Good for her. Seems like she’s still working and growing. A person is not always for everyone. That’s life. Queens should be good with that unique group of women.

    1. I Love them all,they are there own person, just keep it real with each other,, don’t let none of this mess get the best of you Ladies, cause you all are know better than the other,,but respect your self enough to walk away from drumma, don’t go low,stay hi Queen’s Remember where you truly ,, truly come from,we are the best no one can take that from you,, know one but your self,So truly get things right with your sister’s, behind the camera give them fun for the check,if that’s what they want,but not your true soul, don’t sell your soul,, Remember where you come from,, Make your parents proud,, Don’t let them down cause remember they have raised some true Queen’s, Remember others have fought hard for you all,,,, All Love you all,hit me back if I’m wrong,,L D C

  2. I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke men. Evilene always getting the man who has that 🎒, the problem is she just can’t seem to keep him. How is the kid by the baseball player? Does she have time to pop out another kid? First one pro basketball player when she was almost child support out , one by the baseball player.

  3. I would love to check out Queen’s Court, but a little hesitant because of Evelyn on this show. She left such a bad impression from Basketball Wives, being such a meanie, that I am reluctant to watch. I see she still has that Gold Digging status.

  4. She is a Beautiful woman you can’t take that from her,but it comes with prayers, stop the mess she can’t help it that a lot of it jealous,but you have to take that up with God cause she had nothing to do with that part of her,, but the other prayers don’t put down,,,all love,,🙏🙏

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