Evelyn Lozada is Returning to Television + Gives Update on New Season of ‘Basketball Wives’

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Evelyn Lozada and OG had a very controversial feud.

Basketball Wives” fans have been waiting for a new season. A lot has changed since the previous one. In fact, the cast has been shaken up. Evelyn Lozada is out. After her very messy feud with OG, it’s been confirmed that both women have departed the show. Evelyn said she decided to walk away because things had gotten so toxic between her and OG. In fact, OG accused Evelyn of being racist. This occurred after Evelyn used a laughing monkey emoji on what some believed was a shady post about OG. OG thought this as well. So she called out Evelyn on Instagram. In response to this, Evelyn hit OG with a defamation lawsuit. OG decided to countersue for emotional distress. Last season, the women didn’t even film one scene together.

While a couple of the cast members did attempt to talk to OG about her perspective, she said the whole cast had a “colorism issue.” She believed she was treated differently because she is a dark-skinned woman. And she was unfairly labeled as too violent to film with even though she never got into a physical altercation on the show. As accusations continued to pile up, Evelyn said she wasn’t going to film with OG. She didn’t think a conversation would make things better between them. Plus, she vehemently denied being racist or colorist.

A new season is right around the corner?

Regardless of all the drama resulting in many conversations on social media, producers have decided to bring back several of the “Basketball Wives LA” cast members. Rumor has it that Malaysia Pargo has had a difficult time adjusting because she’s at odds with the majority of the ladies who returned. So it’s been alleged that a couple of altercations took place.

The cast has been filming the show for a good minute now. In fact, it was recently rumored they had to go back to filming recently because there was a shakeup with the producers.

Interestingly enough, Evelyn recently gave fans an update on the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives.” Plus, she had something to say to someone who wondered if she’ll return to television.

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  1. She will be back. It’s funny when those without education or marketable skills want to act like they are above the nonsense they helped create

  2. I think she’ll come back too. I don’t mind it because Evelyn will always do her job and bring the drama. She just needs to tone it down. She’s way too violent.

  3. *Shoulder Shrug*
    Do I care? ????
    I don’t think this show grabs me anymore. It just started turning me off with the she said she said especially with Jennifer.

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