LAMH Drama: Tiffany Whitlow Offends Sheree Whitfield + Martell Holt Calls Her Out

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Tiffany Whitlow rubbed Sheree Whitfield the wrong way.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” returns on April 8. However, Carlos King managed to get LAMH fans excited when he spoke on what to expect from the upcoming season. Not only did Carlos confirm “Real Housewives of Atlanta” OG Sheree Whitfield filmed scenes due to her romance with Martell Holt. But Carlos also revealed that Sheree’s presence caused some drama within the group. While he didn’t want to reveal too much, he confirmed that Sheree clashed with one of the female cast members. And the situation led to Martell clashing with someone else. Carlos even said that things got so heated that people had to be restrained after a conversation turned left.

Well, the trailer for the new season just hit social media. It’s now been confirmed that Tiffany Whitlow was the person Sheree had a moment with. In the video, Tiffany asks Sheree how her romance with Martell is going. And she’s wondering if his reputation and cheating past made things challenging.

“What is it like dating…I mean he has a reputation for being a cheater.”

Martell later tells Tiffany it was outrageous for her to say what she did, “As educated as you are, she actually asked that.”

Marsau Scott adds, “Were you drunk?”

Kimmi Scott has good news to share.

Martell ends up going to Louis Whitlow to vent his frustrations, “She messing up what I got with Sheree!” And Louis isn’t feeling the energy.

Tiffany and Louis are currently expecting.

There were other highlights as well. Kimmi Scott blessed her family with good news about her breast cancer journey.

“We went to the doctor Friday. They don’t see anything.”

LaTisha Scott is wanting Marsau to do a better job of including her in the business decisions, “Nobody should come to me and provide me with information about the company ahead of time.”

Maurice Scott thinks Marsau is being disrespectful, “She builds your business up to a multimillion-dollar business and then you kick her out.”

Martell agrees, “You don’t respect her.”

Tiffany and LaTisha’s cousin Keke Jabbar have a tense moment as well. Keke says, “That just irritated me.” And Tiffany goes on to say, “Absolutely ******* not.”


  1. Well… Tiffany is a bit petty and messy…but she did ask the question we want to know the answer to….My opinion!! I would love to know the answer to the question…

  2. There was nothing wrong with Tiffany’s question especially since Sheree didn’t mind it when Andy, Kandi, and Kenya asked the same thing. It’s ridiculous to be more offended by Tiffany’s question than Martell’s deplorable behavior.

    1. Exactly!!! And Martell shouldn’t feel no type of way… He’s the one who stepped out in his marriage that caused it to fall apart…Sheree and Martell needs to go SAT DOWN somewhere!!😂

    2. Hi Queen!
      I totally agree with you. Now I know Sheree, the OG of reality TV AND “the bone catcher” isn’t upset about the same type of questions she asks on RHOA! I can’t believe she thought she was just going to come on the show and be fabulous. Tiffany didn’t do anything wrong. Before the season is over worse questions will be asked!

    3. Because it wasn’t her business! That’s been years ago and to my knowledge he only cheated on Mel! Some stuff you just need to stay out of! She doesn’t know if her husband is cheating or will cheat on her.

      1. It’s wasn’t Andy’s business, it wasn’t Kenya’s business, it wasn’t Kandi’s business and YET Sheree had no problem answering the same exact question when they asked. So spare me with the fake outrage. Martell is currently sleeping with Arionne. So you were saying? Martell has done messier things than we’ve ever seen from Tiffany. Don’t mind if I’m not moved by your Martell fan girling. You all would NEVER have this kind of empathy and compassion if it was a woman on the show with Martell’s track record. Look how much more criticism you have for Tiffany but not Martell, a serial cheater, criminal, abuser, homophobe, and destroyer of a black family. Girl PLEASE.

      2. So Martell can speak on Marsau and Latisha’s marriage, Maurice and Kimmi’s relationship (he told Kimmi she was the side chick), he can lie on Instagram about Louis cheating on Tiffany, he can tell Destiny her husband left her because she has too much mouth, he can shade Kenya about her marriage failing, but you think no one can have an opinion or question about his relationship. This isn’t hypocritical at all 😂.

      3. No disrespect but you all look ridiculous clutching your pearls about Tiffany’s question when this is clearly a fake relationship so RHOA and LAMH can have a crossover storyline. Martell is still f-cking Arionne and she might be pregnant. Find something legit to be offended by please. Tiffany made this boring a-s trailer decent. Let’s be grateful. Martell is not someone you need to be offended for. He’s done much worse to Tiffany and Louis behind the scenes.

    4. The first part was cool. But the second part was out of line for a person that you’re just meeting and don’t have a repoire with. She should get to know her first and build a friendship before asking that type of question. Now if she would have asked Martell that then I would be cool bcuz they know eachother but that’s just my opinion.

      1. It wasn’t out of line. Sheree is a reality television star. She is paid handsomely to share her business and get in her coworkers business because they’re supposed to entertain us on a reality show. She knows the game well. If she wants to go back to privacy, she can can go away like she did a decade ago. Martell doesn’t filter himself for anyone so why does Tiffany need to? I think it’s just popular to jump on Tiffany when she’s nowhere near as mean, messy, and rude as Martell. This fan base will drag every woman on this cast for every little thing but they make so many excuses for Martell. I’m over it. He’s the worst person on this cast but gets a pass because he’s a man.

        1. They give Martell a pass because he’s a STRAIGHT man they probably would sleep with if he ever showed up in their DMs. Love ya Queen!

  3. Now see I forgot how good the show is when Tiffany clocks in. I love her because she’ll speak the truth when no one else will.

  4. I can’t wait for this season to start. Tiffany is on point with her questioning, Kimmi is good with her health and Marsau is being an ass. This is season is going to be hotter than July and I’m all for it.

  5. Well since Martell’s Most excited contribution to the show is whoever he’s sleeping with…why not ask. It’s not like he’s got anything else interesting going on. He’s now Mr Whitfield who probably still hasn’t obtained his license 😩

  6. OK with the Martel, gezzz, HE IS DIVORCED, Leave it there, who cares who he is with, HE IS SINGLE,..TIFFANY your Messy, Marrsau, is messy, Martel is messy, LOL..AND THE BAND PLAYS ON…LETS SEE WHO CAN BE MORE MESSY THIS SEASON…

  7. Look I refuse to feel sorry for anyone, who divorced her husband due to cheating on them/ abusing them then a few years later you hook up with a felon and on national TV stood you up outside in the cold crying. Then I guess you didn’t learn your lesson you decided to align yourself with a liar, cheat, adulterer, weak, opportunist, tight clothes wearing, egotistical narcissist. I have no sympathy for you sis. You reap what you sow

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