LAMH Fans Call out Marsau Scott for Comments He Made to LaTisha Scott on Social Media

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LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott’s marriage has received criticism from LAMH fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott prides himself on being the provider of his household. However, he’s been the target of criticism from fans of the show. Sometimes they feel as if Marsau isn’t always considerate of LaTisha’s feelings and dreams. They have taken issue with some of the past conversations they had on the show. In fact, LaTisha and Marsau have clashed about her going back to work after being a stay-at-home mom. LaTisha wanted to have a real estate career of her own. But Marsau wanted her to stay home and let him make the money. And he didn’t see the need for LaTisha to go back into the workforce.

Interestingly enough, LaTisha opened up about what life was like before she married Marsau on Instagram Live. She said that she was focused on her career at the time and she wanted to move to Texas. However, Marsau proposed to her. She accepted. They got married. And she went on to focus on being a stay-at-home mother.

Apparently, Marsau didn’t appreciate LaTisha telling her followers that he got in the way of her plans to relocate to Texas and work. This led to a controversial exchange that had LAMH fans talking on social media.

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  1. I think Marsau struggles with needing to be right all the time. Everything doesn’t require a debate. Let LaTisha have her views. My goodness.

    1. I agree sis. He can be so mean to her for absolutely no reason. Nothing she said required this response. He can be so condescending.

    1. Totally agree with you. However, she lets him throw that stank personality of his around. LaTisha, you are “WOMEN”, EDUCATED, BEAUTIFUL ROAR & Stand Up. We’re getting ready to VOTE TO KEEP OUR RIGHTS.✅💖

      1. They need a new story line!! What they are talking about is old and they are trying to give it new light for a new story line. They used her mom for a story line untill it’s played out. If Mrs Scott is that weak to let her hu

    1. I think they are so weird. My husband isn’t going to argue with me on social media. The Scott’s need to engage a social media staffer to manage their content because they just look silly. And the antithesis of bosses.

  2. It’s sad…. Marsau will forever make this woman look like a fool!!! He has this EGO that’s just 🤢🤢…And he always downplay her like he’s given her this GLAMOROUS life and that she wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for him marrying her!!!! Sometimes I just feel sorry for lil Tink-Tink..Seems like she has no identity outside of him… Somewhat how Maurice wants Kimmi to be…but it’s not happening!!!

  3. LaTisha continues to not see the forest for the trees. I was hoping Dr. Francis would help her see how she’s aiding & abetting the crimes of her husband and mother.

  4. I normally don’t comment, but Marsau irritates me. LaTisha really doesn’t know her worth and continues to let him put her down. I believe that once LaTisha really discovers her worth, a lot will change in her life.

    1. I absolutely agree, I think slowly she’s coming out and getting more confident in herself. I can’t wait to see her when she is strong enough to really stand up to him, and stand her ground.

    2. Sad but true, she seems to have the deer seeing the headlights stare when he talks down to her. Did she have a father figure as a young girl? I think he wanted someone who’s a puppet. Who allows their husband a pass to go to Africa by themselves? He was living his best single life. Seems like they have an open marriage but she wasn’t notified.

  5. I don’t care what he says to her she is a weak woman but if she wants to pretend that she’s happy and then she doesn’t care that he hurts her feelings or puts her down or makes her feel less than go for it you’re happy

  6. LaTisha is an idiot in Marsau eyes, because she can see a picture of him doing dirt (in bed with another woman)and he will convince her that he was washing dishes and the picture wasn’t him 🙄 😒

  7. Unfortunately, Latisha contradicts herself often, has no backbone and makes attempts at being gard. She cant keep her mama in line, so how is she gonna handle Marsau’s controlling, yet intelligent self? Lusten to how she saying let him lead, but she wants to work. Girl, shut up

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