Sheree Whitfield Nearly Causes An Altercation While Filming ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

Photo Credit: Bravo

Carlos King said there will be new stories and dynamics on the upcoming season of LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” returns in April. Amid the hiatus, there have been a lot of rumors spreading around on social media. People are questioning if there were any changes made to the cast. In particular, it’s been rumored that Miss Wanda and Destiny Payton were fired from the show. Wanda denied that she was fired. However, she did confirm that she hasn’t filmed any scenes as of yet. As for Destiny, fans noticed quickly that she wasn’t included in the promotional photos that have been shared on social media. She was also called out at last season’s reunion by Carlos King and Kimmi Scott for not sharing much about her life on the show.

Interestingly enough, the rumors didn’t stop at cast shakeups. Fans have also been wondering if Sheree Whitfield will make a guest appearance on the upcoming season of LAMH. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” OG is dating Martell Holt.

Well, Carlos opened up about the new season during a chat with DJ Richie Skye. He said, “This season is not a regurgitation of last season. You are about to experience some new dynamics. Expect the unexpected, new friendships, new alliances, new beefs, and yes, you will see Sheree.”

Sheree Whitfield clashed with a cast member while filming LAMH.

Carlos also said that Sheree caused some drama between cast members, too.

“And I’ma tease you with this. Sheree Whitfield makes an appearance. And the only thing I will say is Sheree gets into a nice nasty conversation with a cast member that’s a female. It’s unexpected, it’s nice nasty…it’s so nice nasty that it has a domino effect that involves Martell.”

He continued, “That domino effect got so heated that some people got into a heated disagreement that had to be separated. All thanks to Sheree.”

When it comes to Sheree’s shady moment, Carlos also said, “All I’ll say is when this female was talking to Sheree, Sheree put her drink down and said, ‘Look, honey…’

Destiny was discussed. Richie asked Carlos what happened to Destiny because she wasn’t included in the show’s official press release.

Carlos responded, “I think that’s Destiny’s story to tell.”

He also said that he had nothing to do with who was selected to be in the official cast photos.

“I like to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to express themselves and to…express themselves. So yeah it’s not my story to tell. Obviously, that was a big question people started asking when I posted the picture yesterday of the cast. People like to call them the core 6…they are. Listen, ’cause you know people like to throw me shade. I had nothing to do with who was in or not in the pic…listen chile, I produce the show and I go home with my African and our dog…I leave it at the table, honey.”

Carlos added, “But again, I want to make sure to respect people’s boundaries. And yeah, so we’ll see.”

You can watch Carlos and Richie’s full conversation below.


      1. Sheree rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way because she was always up Kim’s a-s. And she’s always on the wrong team.

      1. I totally agree! I enjoyed last season, only one had a positive storyline was Mrs Kimmi Scott, thanks 🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 for sharing your journey with us regarding your health. Let’s all be real no other cast members had a storyline. I’m tired of Melody & Martell, with the SAME STORYLINES “Nothing “…..

        1. But you’re not being real yourself. Melody and Martell’s storyline was their coparenting and custody issue which is now playing out in court and has been covered by the blogs for months. LaTisha and Marsau’s storyline was their family drama with Keke. Tiffany and Louis were having marriage issues and now are having a baby. Even Stormi had a good storyline where she had to learn the group on her own and confront why being called ghetto hurt her so much (turned out she was bullied as a child). What show were you actually watching last season? This fan base is so annoying. Y’all don’t actually pay attention, y’all don’t actually watch this show, and only come on here, other blogs, and facebook groups just to write inflammatory comments because y’all low key like arguing. Let me go back to lurking.

        2. In what world is having cancer a “positive storyline”? Kimmi having cancer is not a storyline. It’s her reality and it’s nothing positive about anyone having cancer. It’s awful. It’s weird to see you all weaponize such a serious journey she’s going through to put down other cast members who shared their lives for your entertainment. You could never be as brave as everyone on this show to be that transparent.

          1. You misunderstood “Positive versus Reality”………Mrs Kimmi Scott, didn’t have to shared her Health Information, she chose to do this that it could helped other women going through the same issues as well. It’s Not Reality Her Battle With Breast Cancer. Thanks Kimmi, for sharing your story with the world.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

          2. I didn’t misunderstand anything, Sweetie. There is nothing positive about cancer. It’s not a storyline. It’s her reality. Some of the things people like you say about those who are going through cancer are insensitive even if you had good intentions. And it’s gross that you tried to use Kimmi’s cancer journey as a way to put down her friends, family members, and coworkers. I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate that.

          3. When she gave her INTERVIEW to the magazine she stated the reason for her sharing her Story to her coworkers and the world to helped someone that might be going through the same as her, positive message and her coworkers agreed with her. Her magazine article was to lift up other Black Women who’s struggling with Breast Cancer. We lived here, so her coworkers stand behind her 100% and they were happy she shared her journey, with them because of other things that were going on within the group, so with all that said everyone just have to wait for the next Season.

          4. Kimmi’s cancer journey is NOT a STORYLINE. It’s her reality. It’s nothing positive about anyone having cancer. The fact that you’re not even acknowledging that in that same INTERVIEW Kimmi said she has a lot of bad days and cries a lot because she’s so scared is exactly what I’m saying. It’s like you don’t understand nuance or something. I think you and others should stop using Kimmi’s cancer journey to put down her friends and coworkers. That’s messy on your part. And you know she wouldn’t appreciate that because she doesn’t move like that herself. On top of that, you completely lied. Multiple personal accounts and experiences were shared last season. Calling someone’s cancer battle a “storyline” is insensitive too.

          5. Soul to Soul,

            Sweetie typing “Let’s all be real no other cast members had a storyline. I’m tired of Melody & Martell, with the SAME STORYLINES “Nothing “…..” is certainly putting the other cast members down and they certainly don’t appreciate it. Latisha just talked about this. This fan base is constantly negative and pits the cast members against each other with ignorant comments. Weaponizing Kimmi’s cancer to downplay the others is gross.

      2. She by Sheree can take several seats Fashion Show with No Fashion How Dreadful….She By Sheree Clothing Line With No Clothes…Sit Down ShutUp and Shut Down…

    1. So true sheree knows her ex bob embarrass her on national doing the same things martel doing to his ex yet she still defend that bomb a…s man said to throw your dignity aside for a check

  1. I’m not a Destiny fan by any stretch but I don’t think the executive producer should laugh about an employee losing their job. That’s very unprofessional.

  2. Idk I think it’s pretty obvious that Martell and Sheree’s relationship is just for TV. I’m not sure it’s going to be the ratings draw Carlos thinks but we’ll see.


  3. I don’t think this show needs new beefs, fake relationships, and more almost/kind of altercations. Carlos just doesn’t get it. The show is too negative. I understand he believes mess is what makes reality shows successful. But the best ones always had balance. This show peaked season 2. And that is not good.

      1. These ladies are truly missing why Kimmi Scott, chose to share her personal life story with them and the world. We here enjoyed her life journey and her coworkers as well here. And for the other lady suggested it was a put down to the others, it wasn’t believed were here and we know just how all of them feel. So ladies just chilled.

      1. Why is it called the number one show on OWN Network? Where are you guys getting your information?

        1. If that’s the case why were the Ratings low last season? I’m trying to find that information so far we can’t find anything showing it’s #1

        2. Sinister Carlos claims he’s “the creator” of the #1 show on OWN. Yet, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to create hostility amongst the women.

  4. I agree with all the above comments. The negativity got to be too much, as it did with a lot of the shows last season. I used to enjoy reality TV. A few bumps in the road is expected, but last season for a lot/most of them, will be my last. Sheree is a female pimp for money, ratings, whoever can foot the bill, etc. Martell has an ego the size of Texas (why I’ll never know). Glad Melody went on with her life because he was sure trying to drag her to the gutter with him. If I never see Wanda again, it will be too soon. Her poor daughter …………………

  5. Sheree is a hot mess any way she stayed in mess on real housewives of Atlanta I didn’t like her than and I still don’t Carlos don’t bring her to the show she’s way to messy and as for Destiny she should be gone she’s boring using Mel for an storyline because she sure doesn’t bring anything to the table with her secretive a** who is she forreal because we really haven’t seen that much about her at all so so long Ms. Secretive that’s what I call her

  6. I’m concerned this Sheree and Martell thing is going to mess up the show and make it fake. I hope I’m wrong. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the new season. Loved the core 6 since season 1. I miss the days when we all did. It was less arguments on here.

  7. Destiny deserves the same chance as Stormi, who I didn’t even know was married. Please keep Destiny, she is a hard working single mom whose man was a snake. He left her to deal with her new baby alone, now that’s what I call a snake in the grass. If anybody needs to go, it’s Melody the troublemaker. And I’m sorry but MIss Wanda was in too many peoples business, but it made the show! She needs to stay to make the excitement the rest needs at this point.

    1. The only story line Destiny had was Melody and Martel she ran and told him everything. Didn’t hear anything about her baby or anything about her life other than the store she open back up. So why do she need to be their to report to Martel and the other’s who would listen.

  8. At this point, I’ve gotta ask….is Sheree reality show desperate? Is it important for her to be seen? I wasn’t feeling her on RHOA and I’m not too fond of her being on LMH! I guess she needs to market that fake SHEIN clothing line somehow 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Yes, she is, and yes, I feel she is desperate to be seen. To take up with a serial cheater like Martell, says a lot. I guess Tyrone wasn’t enough for her.,

  10. Melody brings the show down. She has an issue with everyone. They should remove her. Miss Wanda is ghetto remove her. They both are toxic and messy. Let us just see the lives of the others.

  11. Just tell me how Melody brings the show down??????? Because she has dignity? She did not tuck her tail, and stay with a serial CHEATER? Girl, every woman does not want to be dragged and humiliated. SOME OF HAS HAVE MORALS AND RESPECT FOR OUR SELVES. THIS IS 2023, NOT 1900 WOMEN HAVE EVOLVED AND HAVE SELF RESPECT, AND DO NOT HAVE TO DEPEND ON AMAN THAT IS A SERIAL CHEATER

    1. She doesn’t. Melody is one of the reasons the show is a success. What I’ve noticed is the majority of the Melody haters just like to troll and antagonize. Queen pointed it out once and I definitely see it now. They write inflammatory comments because they want to bait one of you into arguing with them. They don’t even believe most of the mess they type on here. Just ignore them Mimsy.

  12. You want WIN with Mimsy!!!!!!!!! We all know that Melody & Martell, not doing good with co-parenting, of course it will the TOPIC on this coming season again as well with Sheree, prayerfully Martell, get his S- – – together focus on his kids. It’s all on “Social Media” 2 weeks ago regarding their children.

    1. Can someone please help shed some light on an issue I’ve had with the ladies on this show? I watch the show regularly and I know much of what we see isn’t unplanned. As a Black women thoygh, it bothers me to see that the ladies are always dressed provocatively, even when simple activities like picnics and luncheons. Why are their breasts and other body parts always on display? Black women, like other women, dress for the occasion. We don’t go to work, classes, our kids’ schools, on play dates for our kids, to the grocery store, etc, with massive cleavage. The men are dressed normally, but what is the message that the producers are sending by this practice? Are Black women forever destined to be objectified as s-x symbols, even by Black producers?? Even Kimmi’s heartbreaking struggle with breast cancer is used as an opportunity to show her breasts on tv. Surely, she and the other women don’t actually want that, do they???

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