‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Duffey Apologizes to Brandi + Jackie & Jennifer’s Feud Escalates

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Jennifer and Jackie just can’t get it right.

Jackie comes to Jennifer’s deluxe room to confront her. She doesn’t like the fact that Jennifer felt like she was being petty by booking the deluxe hotel room. Jackie is offended by this. And she tells Jennifer that she can leave because the negative energy isn’t something she wants anywhere near Doug’s Sacramento Kings coaching job. So Jackie tells Jennifer she isn’t invited to the team’s tour of the stadium. 

In a green screen interview, the ladies say they are starting to understand that Sacramento is a really special place to Jackie and Doug. And Jennifer may have jumped the gun by causing drama about the hotel room. 

Duffey is feeling the tension in Sacramento. 

Jennifer later tells the ladies that she wants to cut her time in Sacramento short because she’s had enough of Jackie’s behavior. But Jackie isn’t sad to see Jennifer go. And she tells all the other ladies that Jennifer can kiss her ***. She’s done with Jennifer.

Duffey talks about how helpful counseling has been for her. Brooke interrupts to ask her if she’s been talking about loyalty with her counselor. In a green screen interview, Brooke talks about her comment to Duffey. She says going through a divorce makes her appreciate loyalty even more. As for Duffey, she now sees Brandi was informed that she said she doesn’t owe Brandi any loyalty.  

It’s the end of a chapter for Brooke.

Brooke has an emotional moment after she confirms she officially filed for divorce. She feels weak for spending so much time with her estranged husband lately. Brandi understands since she was separated from Jason for two years. In her opinion, Brooke needs to just do what she feels is right for her. The opinions of others can’t matter more than her happiness.

Angel has to leave the trip early after she finds out her newborn has rashes and needs to be taken to the doctor. 

Brandi won’t forget what Duffey said. 

Brittish notices the tension between Duffey and Brandi is only worsening. So she brings up Duffey’s comment about not needing to be loyal to Brandi. Duffey apologizes. She confirms she wasn’t in a good head space when she said what she said. But she was just hurt by some of the comments Brandi made including calling her a weirdo and shading her counseling sessions. Regardless, Brandi says she will forgive Duffey. But she won’t forget what was said. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. Does Brandi ever apologize for her SHE-nanigans? Is she loyal? Why are the others inserting themselves into an 🅰️🅱️ conversation?
    For the first time in BW history, I have sided with Jackie Christie. Jennifer is an ungrateful heifer!!! Jackie just tested the water with Jennifer to see if she was going to pop off and she did 😂. The call Jennifer made to Jackie was because she had an audience. Did she ACT like a BASIC BASEMENT B••••H? Yes she did and Jackie checked her.
    It was so high school. Jennifer can’t sit at the cool table anymore.

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