‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Duffey Apologizes to Brandi + Jackie & Jennifer’s Feud Escalates

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jackie and Doug’s Sacramento trip continues to be messy. Jackie and Jennifer just can’t get on the same page. Jennifer is convinced Jackie booked her a deluxe hotel room out of spite. So she confronts Jackie for what she believes was intentional shade. And this only rubs Jackie the wrong way because she feels Jennifer is bringing drama to a place near and dear to her and Doug. So she tells Jennifer to go back to LA. Jennifer is happy to make her exit. 

Duffey’s comment about not believing she needs to be loyal to Brandi comes back up. She attempts to make things right by apologizing to Brandi. However, Brandi is really hurt by what was said. She’s willing to forgive Duffey since they have been friends for so many years. However, she confirms she won’t be forgetting what was said anytime soon. 

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 21.”

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  1. Does Brandi ever apologize for her SHE-nanigans? Is she loyal? Why are the others inserting themselves into an 🅰️🅱️ conversation?
    For the first time in BW history, I have sided with Jackie Christie. Jennifer is an ungrateful heifer!!! Jackie just tested the water with Jennifer to see if she was going to pop off and she did 😂. The call Jennifer made to Jackie was because she had an audience. Did she ACT like a BASIC BASEMENT B••••H? Yes she did and Jackie checked her.
    It was so high school. Jennifer can’t sit at the cool table anymore.

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