LAMH Recap: Stormi’s Mom Stands Firm in Her Dislike of Melody + Kimmi Shares Good News

LAMH Season 6 Episode 1
Photo Credit: OWN

The season premiere of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” is here!

During the season premiere, Stormi and Melody are in focus. First, Stormi reveals to Courtney that she wants another baby. However, she’s met with resistance from Courtney. Apparently, complications during Stormi’s last pregnancy concerned him.

Next, Stormi’s mom Bettie makes an appearance. She stands firm in her comments made on social media about Melody. She’s not a fan.

Speaking of Melody, Kimmi enlists her to plan an event to celebrate her cancer remission and treatment. Melody becomes the ultimate professional when she has to invite both LaTisha and Martell to the event over the phone.

Lastly, Martell and Melody do all they can to avoid conflict with one another in light of their latest tension and interaction during last season’s reunion taping. This is a struggle when Martell tries to talk to Melody about a prayer.

Here’s the recap for, “A Holt and a Prayer.”

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  1. It’s so funny to the point where it pathetic….Why do they think Melody owe them something?!?!…. And the Betty character….I understand that’s Stormi mother…and she wants to protect her daughter….but at this point…Just go SAT DOWN somewhere!!!

  2. Happy that Kimmi’s doing well. It’s looking like what people have said about how Melody treats people is true. First it was Tisha, then Destiny and now Stormi. Very interesting.🤔. It’s clear that Melody’s definition of “friend” is different than theirs. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Nah. It’s just the Mariah/Married 2 Med situation all over again. Back then people swore Mariah was the problem and well, the cast showed us they can’t stand each other either once she left. None of these people are real friends. It’s just a job. No need to hold Melody to a higher standard. They all dog each other out each season.

      1. Thank you. It’s exactly that considering all 3 of those people were put on the show BY Melody and all 3 of those people switched up because they didn’t get a phone call for two months. I’m so grateful my girlfriends aren’t needy drama queens. We go months without talking and no one is mad about it.

    2. I agree, Mel definitely defines friendship very differently. I get it though, they ganged up against her at the reunion and Stormi did not try to defend her, so, was Stormi really her friend? Mel is also very quick to cut off people that cross her which I also understand (probably because I do the same thing). Life is too short to keep rehashing battles.

  3. Latisha and Destiny think they should have access to their friends every day. Melody believes friends should be able to not speak for months and pick right back up where they left off when they do. I’m the same way and some people are like Destiny and Latisha. Meanwhile, Kimmi and Tiffany don’t seem to mind how Melody moves. Different strokes for different folks. Nonissue and boring a-s storyline that doesn’t make sense for a show with cast members in their late 30s/40s. Stormi is a millionaire with a kid and husband mad that a single mother of 4 didn’t call for several weeks. It’s weird and I want her to get another storyline.

  4. It’s ridiculous that these mother/grandmothers who feel they need to use this show as a platform and “protect” their grown daughters. Its an opportunistic move and self serving. Mel doesn’t have a deep friend history with Destiny nor Stormi. Tisha yes. But the other two, no. This reality show is a job, and like most people, when we’re off work, we don’t hang with our co-workers day and day out. I’m with the rest of the people on this…its getting too juvenile and petty.

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